Sir, perhaps we should re-evaluate our tactics.

Give him a break too. He just lost all his friends.

I can cut the second guy a break, but the third guy really had it coming.

You see Gordon Freeman has a set kill limit, so I just sent wave after wave of my own men until he reached his limit and shut off. Kif show them the medal I earned.

is that a giant floating spider holding a box carrying troops?

Yes! The Combine aliens were these amazing alien creatures that were like turned into mindless drones and implanted with cybernetics that enhanced them. So the dropships were these spider crab looking things that carried big cargo containers that were loaded with humans that the Combine implanted and turned into drones to serve them.

Such amazing character design.

God I miss half life. Playing through Hl2 for the first time was amazing


It's the first on my list of games I'm going to play through if this growth in my brain makes me get amnesia. I've actually written it down in a notebook titled: "in case you forget." 1. Half-Life 2 2. Bioshock 1, 2, and Infinite 3. Warcraft 3 4. Last of Us

Also have Brian Jacques Redwall books on the list for me to read since they are fantastic and I think amnesiac me would love them.

Edit: didn't expect this much feedback! Let me take this opportunity to say: If you get frequent reoccurring headaches, go to the doctor. Just be safe and get them checked out. It is most likely nothing but you should be safe. I thought I was just suffering from normal migraines for a long time. MRI's give you a good chance to nap also!

But the third guy, no excuse. Fuck him

Not to mention their leaders were giant flying beans with medical respirator masks

Fourth guy?

It would be extremely painful.

Can't really just play Half-Life 2. You gotta do the whole series.

Also, put the amnesia series on that list just for the irony.

Would it hurt to remove them?

Somebody should make a "Kif, show them the medal I earned" bot.

Basically the Combine travel to different dimensions, invading and taking over worlds, enslaving the inhabitants and using cybernetics to turn them into their own tools.

They use human/machine hybrids and these dropships, along with other enemies and vehicles are implied to be a modified alien species from some previously conquered world.

and thats why they wont make it... it would never live up to the hype

Smh spawn camper

No, amnesiac me will not appreciate the amnesia games. He might think it's poor taste. He will be angry and won't read the rest of the stuff I wrote for him. HL1 is actually on the list also with HL2. All these games are on my steam account and I've got all the details for that and my other logins on a thumb drive in my safe. Figured what's the use of having the list if new-me can't even access this stuff.

Makes me wish Half Life 3 was actually in development. Imagine what could be accomplished with what gaming has nowadays.

I just want it to blow me out of the water in every way imaginable.

For you.

They're big guys

It either kills me or it doesn't. I'm fine with dying, wouldn't mind it. Fine with losing my memories, except for my memories of my momma and grandfather which I've already written down. Best to joke and have fun about it than be sad and nervous.

... Okay. Shouldn't be too hard, and I can just write that presentation due for Tuesday later anyway!

It's actually a reference to One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest. In that book, a character believes that society/the mental institution he is in is run by "the Combine" who are a mysterious, possibly inhuman force who are "installing machinery inside of [mental] patients to keep them under control."

That's what "the Combine" literally are and do in HL2.

Edit: this isn't a fan theory, it was confirmed by the devs and is on the Wikipedia page

I know!! Lock it in the safe so its safely in the safe for safekeeping!

Man I remember when that game first came out and I was blown away by how realistic the world looked and felt.

It still holds up astonishingly well for a 15-year-old game.

Terrible reason imo. The story is unfished.

I had no faith in that guy. The fourth guy though? He's different.

God I love Half-Life 2.

So good. My personal favorite is the VTOL Whale Gunship.

The gunship fights were legendary. Using the laser guided missile launcher and steering the munitions in while the gunship tried to defend itself was just incredible.

I mean... Is that an option?

Yes, my grandfather told me all about how his giant metal cereal box full of troops was dropped off on the beach by a huge, four legged flying spider. He still has trouble talking about those silent German soldiers wearing thick black glasses and orange hazardous material suits, mowing down his squad as they disembarked, single file into the fray.

I'll start the /sub/gaming Bingo thread off.

What game is this?

Half life 2

yeah, he seems to like taking shots to the face

Yeah, you can see the minigun in front. It doesn't shoot when it's dropping off infantry.

It's their name - they 'Combine' native and alien tech and biotech.

You cannot imagine how much I enjoyed doing these kind of shits in the Garry's Mod. Most people play games like "Trouble in Terrorist Town" or "Prop Hunt". However, I liked just creating my stories, installing addons and playing together with my friends some sandbox.

Good times for gaming. Nowadays with so much information, sometimes, we lose the essence.

How about the code for the safe?

It really does. The animations are good even by today's standards. Hell, the facial animations look better than Mass Effect: Andromeda...

Ah shit. It's a key lock actually but where would I put the key?

is it ready yet? almost been an hour!!

You're still seeing this even now with Andromeda... and the game's not even out. People are so mad that the facial animations are not perfect occasionally in a 60+ hour experience of tremendous scale that they feel that it is acceptable to threaten and harass the devs. It's pretty sad.

When a franchise has such a rabid fanbase, it's a double-edged sword.

BRILLIANT. I was thinking maybe I should swallow it before the operation but your idea is better.

Wasn't there a gun on the outside?

For you.

Hello! Sorry, I had to drive for a while, and then I started working on it about an hour and a half ago! I haven't actually made a bot before so I was just getting used to how it works. It's not been deployed yet, hopefully gaming doesn't ban it immediately :(
Here's a screenshot from a test I did earlier over at r/KifPointBot though :D

Hello! Sorry, I had to drive for a while, and then I started working on it about an hour and a half ago! I haven't actually made a bot before so I was just getting used to how it works. It's not been deployed yet, hopefully gaming doesn't ban it immediately :( Here's a screenshot from a test I did earlier over at /sub/kifpointbot though

Normandy in a nutshell.

he rented it with his tax refund.

And while you were fighting it, you would hear these monstrous roars, but they would sound bionic. Such an imaginative game.

Not really. Take a look at the reaction ME3's ending had; the death threats and stuff. That didn't help. Now imagine the hype and excitement if word was spread that Valve was making HL3 and it didn't meet expectations? ME3's ending would be like a drip in a bucket compared to the rage and hate HL3's dev team would get. Better to be safe, than sorry

Ah, Half Life 2. If nobody has ever played this game before, I recomend you go on Steam and buy it. Especially with the two story add-ons. They. Are. Worth. It.

Brannigan was such an amazing character.

look better than Mass Effect: Andromeda...

to be fair, that's not really an accomplishment.

I love your attitude. I just wanna let you know I'll just be here cheering you on :)

TIL Bane is a flying bean. Like some kind of real human bean.

Futurama was better than we deserved

You seem pretty cheerful for someone with a brain tumor

I know I do!

The term you're looking for is vocal minority

The people who don't give a shit mostly dont comment as much, if at all.

See: tumblr. A lot of people think its all panqueer (sounds like a pokemon) transgender deskkin but there are a lot of accounts just to share pics and partake in fandoms and lots of porn.

The vocal minority is a scourge but it's how it is

It can actually fire it just has a really weird firing arc and i dont think it can depress alot which makes it kinda useless

Even if you cut out the middle guts, fitting a whole safe up there is a bit...

I feel like you're communicating with us from some far off future where you're the last person alive or something.

Kind of a shame they never fixed it, because if you never knew that gun was supposed to keep you from camping right outside the pod, this part of the game would seem very unpolished compared to the rest.

Went through his comment history for two minutes and realised that the guy either needs to write a book about his life or he's a compulsive liar. A few days ago he had a tumour and sepsis in his intestine. He's been stabbed, shot in the knee, broken his shoulder, has bipolar, was molested as a child and has a brain tumour. He's 24 years old, and that's 6 days of comments. Cba to keep reading but take it with a grain of salt.

The Cuckoo universe and the Half-Life universe are the same universe, confirmed!

Off to /sub/fantheories to write a 10,000 word post about this.

For some reason, this comment makes me feel old.

Might as well just cut out the middle-guts and hide it in your butt.

RemindMe! Next Tuesday

I remember clear as day pushing a swing and shooting at a wood pallet in an early level and just being amazed. Also recall shooting the explosive barrels when escaping on the boat and watching the bridges blow up and Combine ragdoll everywhere.

Standard stuff today but man, it was really something 13 years ago.

Still think they're going to do HL3 in VR when VR is ready and good enough.

To be honest. I think almost the entire gaming community is rabid. People that play COD can often be found playing Battlefield, R6, GTA, sports games, so on and so on. It's not just one community it's the entire thing

Not now, not for a little bit. I take immunosuppressants, steroids and beta-blockers and that causes issues with regular surgeries let alone a brain one. It's not a super pressing issue yet anyways. They are still monitoring it since its a new development but I decided to just prepare for memory loss just in case.

I like to be prepared for stuff. Lost the use of my right arm for a year once and god I wish I had been prepared for that.

I love the medic who comes around the corner just spraying bullets.

If this is for yourself with amnesia you are definitely missing out on some self trolling by putting Half-Life 3 on there.

What about a gravel gun? Shooting your enemies with small fragments of rock.

I'm 24!

Also, a combine is a piece of farm equipment that harvests lots of crops at a time. So like, they're harvesting lots of other species for resources/troops.

"Fool me once, shame on me, fool me twice... you ain't gone fool me again." - GW



m8 wot

I appreciate it. I got good medicine, birdhouses in my backyard with new residents moving in already and a sweet group of friends so that's all I'll ever need.

That game changed so much, I think it was the first game I HAD to upgrade to play, and I was happy to do it. It and half life 1, are probably the best games ever. Its definitely in my top 5, very near the top.

I really think it could.

HL2E2 was setting up a merger of Portal and Half life. This would (inevitably) give us a new weapon. Graval Gun (Grav-Portal). One portal sucks, the other blows. I could seriously write a script about how perfectly HL3 was set up, and how it's totally feasible to do.

Ah I thought so. It's been so long I dont remotely remember any of this.

So a shotgun?

First time I've seen someone mention Brian Jacques Redwall boosk. Absolutely fantastic and very well written.

It was risky, but the priiize

Me and my friend used to yell out "spawn hawk" and chuck a tomahawk across the map while starting a new match in mw2. We never hit anyone but it was still funny.


And those damn Kopfkrabben, just sneaking up on you when you're climbing through a vent.

Don't forget the Ospert-esque jet turbines on the tail... And the fact that they could take two shots from a rocket launcher without going down.

It's Mr Bean to you.

If you don't mind me asking, how old are you?

That's the verb definition. Combine is also a noun (according to Merriam-Webster): a combination especially of business or political interests

So...all the aliens "work together" for the "common good" know...against their will, for the creatures in charge.

Plus it's dirt cheap ($10 right now) and regularly goes on sale for like $2.

Pick Me Up

His cybernetics are acting up

Ah, sounds like life has recently been a rough ride for you. Wish you nothing but the best, man.

Apparently it became an issue after release due to a Source update.

Panqueer I choose you!

Tumblrina uses cis-gendered white male argument.

Panqueer is confused!

wearing a top hat and a monocle??

I literally got to this point two days ago and did the exact same thing in the exact same way. I lol'd

I'm watching this thinking why the fuck did this never occurred to me? I only tend to play through games one, maybe twice, though, so exploits don't really have time to develop.