She's celebrating her 100th birthday party

She's celebrating her 100th birthday party

I have a strong feeling that this woman is no where near 100 years old. Anyone find any actual proof to support this claim?

She is the spitting image of my 90 year old grandmother, except black. It's so uncanny it's a bit unsettling.

Black don't crack

Imagine hitting 60 and having 48 years more years of life

Lol. Maybe she just drives around looking for birthday parties to crash?

My great grandmother looked like her except more hunchback at 100 she's 108 now and looks probably 100

Is it just me or has /sub/pics long since become a glorified Facebook, except the images that people post aren't even from their actual lives?

That's depressing to me. I hate that there's even a tomorrow.

If you both live in the South and one of your ancestors had the same last name you probably are related.

Came here to read this.

If that's the case, those are amateur numbers.

While 90% of the women are trying to say they are younger than they are, I'll say I'm older and then everyone will think I have the secret to looking young!!!

Wish her a Happy Birthday! She looks amazing and happy!

Wow. She looks like she could be mid 70's.

Black don't crack. (Whitney Houston)

Holy shit 108 years old?????

U ok bud?

It's that gallowboob guy again, god dude get a fucking life..

Asian people always look super young. Until the day they don't. Then they look like Yoda

what if your 50s was only halfway through your life? That would totally give me a mid-life crisis... oh, wait.

Both sides of my family and my in-laws love genealogy. This is true. Anyone with my uncommon last name is related regardless of race. Anyone with my fiance's last name, MIL's last name, etc.

We're all from different parts of the south, back 6-10 generations.

Yeah, yeah, I'd fuck her too.

Black don't crack?

I've had a 107 year old patient who looked just as good as her, able to walk and speak in clear coherent sentences, as well as literally having no medical conditions and on no medication. I wouldn't doubt this woman is 100 =). Could still be a fake title, though.

Will Smith is nearly 50 and doesn't look a day over 30... Black don't crack.

And that our physical peak is so fucking early in our lifespans. Why do we have to spend 2/3 or more of our lives getting physically worse?

This is his life. He reddits.

Came here to read that someone came here to read that

White don't....awww fuck that's right we age horribly

I mean in this case it's GallowBoob who 100% trolls the internet for things he can get karma off of for Reddit. I often wonder what the end game is...

Except for the 80 year old Black people who look like yoda

Great story, and I respect it. However, I have a problem with posts like this and others. No credit is given in the original post, no attribution, nothing. This guy got a job because he was good at stealing other people's original work and sharing it as his own. It breaks every journalistic standard and I can't stand it. But, the Internet.

Make me a bicycle, clown!

Being rich and getting paid to work out goes a long way too

That wig is throwing you off.

Doesn't look a day over 95

wtf is this absolutely massive shitpost?

My wife is Filipino with a large family. I've probably been to 100 birthday parties in the last year alone.

Modern science. It wasn't 2/3 of your life back when a saber tooth cat would pick you out of the back of the troop. So which do you want?

Mmm dying early

They didnt use enough lotion.

It's almost like everyone is different and generalizations are dumb!

It's literally his job

My wife is Mexican, EVERY WEEKEND there is a family or family friend's birthday party somewhere. We don't go to all of them and we're considered rude.

this looks fake as i know for a fact that women over 95 stop smiling

Me too thanks

Add Halle Berry and Montell Jordan to that freaky list.

Like I'm gonna sit inside not smoking all day.

Well yeah, how else would he have gotten a picture? /ssssssssss

Buy yourself something you really like, for delivery tomorrow. And do a bunch of shit you dislike today. You'll be happy for tomorrow once it gets here.

One day at a time. Things can be better.

That's been my plan for years! Brilliant! 🤓👍

Or it is just some more /u/gallowboob shenanigans

I'll need to see more proof than a title.

This has to be the first 100 year old I've seen that can stand straight without support.

Need more cocobutta

My 96 year old grandma looks as good as this lady, I believe it.

Having high quality subtle cosmetic surgery helps too.

We generally associate cosmetic surgery with people whove had stuff done that's really dodgy and obvious. Good surgery looks real.

I would say she's surely in her 90's at least. It's definitely rare to be standing up this straight, but you can tell by her eyes that she's incredibly old.

I am close to 60 and swear I don't feel physically different than I did at 20. Of course I am very different but I can't feel it. (I don't play tackle football in the yard with a bunch of young people, if I did I would know instantly.)

But I do workout hard at gym and do long hours of hard physical labor outside on my (hobby) farm. Most people 35 years younger get tired before I do.

I have been lucky, never spent a night in a hospital or had a stitch since being an adult. (I constantly have a muscle strain somewhere, but that has always been true, I seem to heal as quickly as ever.)

The key is consistently pushing yourself and 60 is easy.

Moisturize! Cocoa butter is your friend

Maybe that's her 100th birthday of the day. That would be expert level numbers

Maybe the title of the post has changed, but it does say she is celebrating (at) her 100th birthday party.

he's doing just fine:

original, sense op doesnt want to link source

original, sense op doesnt want to link source

Or just dying as a child and not even hitting your prime at all.

Black don't crack, Asian don't raisin

But Asian people always look young? Let's just face the reality that white people just age faster.

Stay out of the sun. Don't smoke.

No it's because black people tend to moisturize a fuck ton so they don't get ashy. ever since I heard about that I've started to love cocoa butter, I smell great and my skin looks good


What the fuck, did you count the rings?

Then there's the Japanese, who don't age at all until about 60, at which point they immediately evolve Pokemon-style into a 90 year old grandma.

Rumspringa is just hard on him. You get it.

He's not a journalist. Posting on Reddit certainly isn't journalism (thank God).

It's GallowBoob. You think he'd actually link to the OC?

Shut your whore mouth.

Sorry, am 40.

GallowBoob is shit.

Not necessarily true. A lot of freed slaves took the last names of their former owners upon abolition. This can make for some interesting interactions in small Southern towns.

It looks like she trained on one of these.

It looks like she trained on one of .

Sorry, I'm spending the year dead for tax reasons and can not comply.

Any US citizen 80 or older could request a birthday greeting from the Office of the President 6 weeks in advance. The Trump administration has not as yet restored this service. sauce

tl:dr Trump said fuck you to all octogenarians and above because MAGA.

Why are you yelling?

Fake own death. Its for the best.

As long as it's not a picture of text.

Well, the title says she's celebrating her 100th birthday party, not her 100th birthday.

Do you live in the US, also if so is it true when you turn 100 the POTUS sends you a letter personally?

Nah man. She could be 100. I think there is some truth to the phrase black don't crack, because of melanin or something. That said I have no science to back it up or will to research via google. I just have black relatives who aged well.

Everything allright friendo? If you need a chat, just send me a PM!

I got tired just reading that.

Darker skin hides wrinkles better.

I wouldn't mind if age 50 was indeed halfway through life. With the way I eat, and exercise. My halfway point might be 40 if I'm lucky.

Cause this shit's his job.

Hell, Sam Jackson is almost 70 and if I didn't know better I'd probably buy it if you told me he was 40 in the Avengers movies.

GallowBoob /sub/pics

This is one of the top posts in /sub/blackpeopletwitter. OP went to the actual Twitter profile and snagged the pic from there and posted here. Original BPT post has a screencap of the tweet as well as the picture. But then again, not sure what you expect from /u/GallowBoob.

My great-grandmother died at 106 a few years ago. She had been a pack a day smoker since just before World War 1 started.

This is low effort even for you Gallowboob

In what world would dentures in be preferable?

Like AIDS in late 80's

Haha yeah he's such a loser I bet he gets mad at other people for posting online a lot.

That's pretty funny. Or maybe she's attending her 100th birthday party, but this isn't a picture of it.

Wow! She looks great for 100. I would have guessed she was in her 70s.

Edit: typo


Edit: my god you guys, I understand sex between whomever is okay as long as it’s consensual, ffs I just found it funny that OPs first thought was “yeah I’d fuck her too”. Calm down reddit

Gallowboob steals other people's content from other subreddits and takes credit for them. That's why he's so hated