Shaktar [2]-0 Napoli - Facundo Ferreyra

Shaktar [2]-0 Napoli - Facundo Ferreyra

you'd think a Liverpool fan would know

it's Pepe Reina fyi

keeper bottled that

Napoli bringing shame to Italy

Last season they have won their group and were only knocked out by the latter champion tbf.

Napoli exposed

ffs Napoli, you just have to shit all over my bet.

It's only been 58 minutes jesus christ you'd think they lost all 6 games

The fuck are you doing Napoli?

This is a great showcase of why they are not yet a truly top notch team.

"full strength" Mertens, Allan, Jorginho all started on the bench

I mean, we're not really in a position to talk after yesterday's shitshow...

newcastle legend