Shaktar 2-[1] Napoli - Arkadiusz Milik penalty

Shaktar 2-[1] Napoli - Arkadiusz Milik penalty

Penalty call

That tackle was real violent one.

that was a horrific challenge by Stepanenko ... should have been sent off

What a stupid and dangerous challenge that was.

I wasn't really talking about that more the stretched out leg with studs up. Still reckless from the Shaktar defender, don't get me wrong.



Am I missing something here? The shaktar player looks like he gets the ball with the side of his foot, and takes a studs up challenge to the shin/butt from the Napoli player.

Not saying it wasn't a penalty, but the Napoli player's tackle looks way worse to me.

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yeah I wish he would stop exaggerating, he does it too often

plz shaktar

I hope someone gets the chance to post more about the incident that led to the penalty