Selfie with the cat

it's a pretty well known fact that table cats and sweater puppies don't get along

It's just not fair

(πŸ‘ ΝœΚ–πŸ‘)

Fully expected that cat to shit on her at first, I guess that's why they call this sub unexpected.......

He's just doing what we're all thinking.


Kitty vs. Titty

Man, those eyes creep me out.

impossible, i aint dead

In case anyone was wondering, she's wearing a virgin killer sweater.

ΰ² _ΰ² 


Brian being just a little rapey, wasn't he supposed to be the straight man/dog originally? How did that become Quagmire?

when they needed to do a joke about how cats get away with everything

I saw cat butt and got scared I was pleasantly surprised

You dropped this (πŸ‘_πŸ‘)぀\

Kitty bitty titty


A representive sent from our side.

Pop! Pop!

... and not /sub/catshit

On the back


. As it turns out, it's the first reason he gives for not liking him

Holy shit does that search return some weeeird results.

Holy shit does that search return some .

But they keep doing it with him and her. Like, it's weird and nobody ever really says "that's really not okay" they seem to have more a problem with the fact that she's married to Peter rather than, ya know, consent and whatnot.

Not sure if I should read that as "cat scat" or "cats cat". Maybe I'll ask the people at Pets Mart... Pet Smart? Fuck.

Something's going down here, but I'm not sure what...

Cat logic 1) use tail to measure distance 2) lightly tap with tail to offer victim opportunity to engage cat with attention. No attention given. Cat must discipline.


Itty bitty kitty bitey titty committey.

He made a right tit of himself

Looks like a mix of Arya and Sansa from game of thrones

Actually isn't there an episode where Quadmire goes on a huge rant in front of Brian where he brings that up?

(πŸ‘ ΝœΚ–πŸ‘)


ΰΌΌ ぀ πŸ‘_πŸ‘ ༽぀

┬──┬ γƒŽ( πŸ‘-πŸ‘ γƒŽ)

The cat has obviously done this before. Her facial expression shows that she's anticipating the bite and she moves her arm out of the way while propping up her breast for the cat.

No it's just a sleeveless. There's a back on it

Hmm I think I'd prefer /sub/catscat

I think because he's a dog and not a person, it blurs the line a bit (like a dog won't ask for consent before humping a leg) but I agree it's weird and awkward rather than funny. And obviously a human-like dog is more human than dog, so I think the consent thing should be considered too. Family Guy lost me a while ago because it felt like they had a format that worked, and then they did that thing where they go too far into the realm of making caricatures out of their own characters. It got too absurd and weird for my tastes.

Pop! Pop!



┬──┬◑ノ(Β° -Β°οΎ‰) calm down there buddy

Bite into the titty, kitty!

I feel like the armless one have become a meme of its own so i will not correct you.

Yeah she cringed when he turned around. She knew what was coming.

Basically just a sexy sweater.

Oh hey look its Bane.

You're doing God's work cat.

Kibbles n tits

"u/GallowBoob doesn't repost widely viewed stuff."

That rant always reminds me of what a jerk I am for being the sort of person who once loved Salinger and being snooty about using cloth diapers.

Is this all you do

Cat nip

It's not really an upgrade to become the sort of person whose worldview is shaped by family guy monologues

It's because dirty underwear gets stinky.


Family Guy

Pick one

can I get an explanation for this?

And this is only one reason why i love Jessica Nigri

And this is only one reason why i love Jessica Nigri


Β―\_(πŸ‘ΰ² _ΰ² πŸ‘')぀

She has a nice armpit.

Just the thing that a lizard person would say...

I just stopped watching it because it wasn't funny.

Man you guys will come up with a conspiracy theory for anything.

Risky click bub

There's a subreddit for everything.

Don't engage him

LOL this guy is trying to fap.

Lol tryna fap?

Nice side boob provided by /u/GallowBoob


Just like people, cats can be lactose intolerant. And although we tend to think that’s a problem, it’s actually completely normal. The only time animals are exposed to lactose is when they’re babies -- in their mother’s milk.

To digest lactose, a milk sugar, the human and feline digestive systems must contain the enzyme lactase. We have plenty of this enzyme in our systems at birth, and it helps us thrive on our mother’s milk.

But as we grow up, it’s normal for people and cats to begin producing less lactase. Less lactase means less ability to digest lactose. The result may eventually be lactose intolerance.

When a lactose-intolerant cat drinks milk, the undigested lactose passes through the intestinal tract, drawing water with it. Bacteria in the colon also ferment the undigested sugars, producing volatile fatty acids.

All that activity might lead to an upset tummy and induce vomiting. But the most common symptom of lactose intolerance in cats is diarrhea, usually within eight to 12 hours.



Yes. A tank in a sexy sweater. I'm sure that's porn to someone. I mean there's an entire subreddit dedicated to dragons fucking cars.

Pussy vs. Titty

Why does that matter?

Also this.



see, the problem is that they almost never treat him as a character of a dog. He interacts in English with everyone, he walks on 2 legs, he holds with opposable thumbs, he dates humans, drinks alcohol, smokes, drives, literally everything a human character does. He just so happens to be drawn as a dog, but is depicted with very human morals, so this is why the joke doesn't seem to go well as a "haha, he's a silly dog" joke and goes over more as "cool, Brian's a bit of a rapist now". Family Guy also lsot my attention for essentially the same reasons you mentioned as well, when I hear people talking down on the show as a whole, I always feel like they're speaking more on what it is now instead of what it was, which is unfortunate because in it's prime it was a solidly funny cartoon.

The fuck is that?

Sleeveless and backless sweater design that kinda exploded in popularity, mostly with Japan. Tons of fan art of it came out of it and quickly because a real thing.

See also: Cat Keyhole Lingerie, similar story.

All NSFW btw.

(Β° Ν‘ ͜ Ν‘Κ– Ν‘ Β°)

for those having trouble finishing, here it is with (adorable) sound

"Remember, Shoppe Smart, shop S-Mart."

No, he's no longer with us.

Why would there be upvotes? What does that comment mean? "They make us wear clean underwear."?

Plot twist. That he is a she.

No she isn't. It's got a back.

What's wrong with that?

No one cared who I was until I put on this mask.

I haven't seen it but there is a difference between having feelings for someone you shouldn't, or hitting openly on somebody you shouldn't.

There was an episode where he straight up sexually assaulted and tried to force himself on her. That's kind of a big thing to never come up again, even in a show with no episodic continuity.

issa tank

sweater puppies are my favorite animal.

Try anything on the lines of your username.

Fuck gallowboob

"How can you not like me?"

And that's when you need to grow some self awareness

Man the whole time I was thinking "I've never been into arm pits before now"


Looks even better highlighted

Why so many downvotes? Am I missing something here?

Or a Man Sman

You can see when she leans forward after getting her boob munched lol

Tit got bit by kit. FTFY

Oh sure, when I do it it's all

"Stop", "Who are you!", "How did you get in my house"

stupid cats