Seems legit

Seems legit


"Seems legit"?

Jesus Christ, OP. How long did it take you to come up with that? You must have spent hours picking out the perfect title.

Make funny meme.

That's quite cool of you actua...

Put ifunny watermark.

I'd rather resign and be in charge of hell.

hell is created

Thought I was in /sub/comedycemetery for a second there.

It's /sub/funny. None of the content is actually funny. Titles don't mean shit.


Better to reign in hell than use iFunny in heaven.

That doesn't sound right, but I don't know enough about early evolutionary biology to dispute it.

Kind of, we are in their sister sub /sub/funny

"I'm gonna want all of these back at some point"

I'm laughing, but these tears aren't from laughter. My emotions are confused.

As much as I hate ifunny and 2008 style memes this one got a good laugh outta me

Didn't even crop the iFunny watermark smh is this 2010??

I haven't seen this before. It looked like it was probably a repost of a repost of a repost but it was new to me

Take a cow and make it a bear. That's kinda funny. The rest was kinda meh

Despite the watermark, the kitten one is actually false.

Kittens, or more specifically cats didn't have claws early on in their evolution.

Believe it or not there's proof that kittens originally had octopus-like suction cups where the pads on their feet are now. They could climb the smooth igneous rock that was common in the early years of life on earth.

Only when trees became more common did evolution bestow claws on our favorite little animals.

I thought this was kinda funny tho...

welp, time to unsub from /sub/funny

17.5 million subscribers and no one in the comments seems to like this subreddit. Turns out /sub/funny is /sub/depressing.

Except he's clearly a guy with real facts

As we all know, middle schoolers don't use Reddit throughout the year.

The Praying Mantis is pretty interesting. The female doesn't kill the male all the time. When the male has problems finding enough food before mating, it will stick around after mating, presenting itself as food for the female. If the male is well fed it will leave the female after the act. The theory is that if the male has a food problem, the female has the problem too (not enough prey in that area). Giving themself up as food gives the female the energy she might need to produce the offspring.

It seems unusual, but there are actually many species where parents accept death to reproduce.


I had a good laugh at butt rope.

ITT: people angry because they didn't laugh but you did.

Then you are lost!

Psst, it's easy karma points to say /sub/summerreddit during the summer.

I think it's an All Dogs Go to Heaven reference

Not only is this terrible, but they're direct quotes lifted from the people who originally did this thread on twitter. Nothing worse than not citing who you stole the content from.

The instant i saw the ifunny watermark my grin faded

The rage is real. When I see posts like this I go to the comments JUST to read the snobbery and salt of why this isn't funny strictly because it is from a website Reddit hates. I, for one, found the jokes to be chuckle worthy. Not to mention I hadn't seen any of them before.


I never had a grin on my face

This was known as the Cattaceous period

It's a comedy app that's like the promising but now disappointing family member. Most the time it's fucking cancer but once in a while it does something mediocre.

Why do you let a watermark define your enjoyment of content? If it's funny to you laugh about it. Don't be a snob.

1000+ upvotes. The people have spoken. OP is genius.

More like /sub/comedycemetery

My lips turned up slightly for almost all of them. All in all I'd say it was a good morning.

So you're a regular here?

Is that not what /sub/funny is?


Aww the dog one is so adorable ... "I'm gonna want to get these all back at some point" ❤️❤️ rip all beautiful doggies ❤️❤️

Reign in Hell by Steven Brust is a pretty amazing book.

The holocaust

I would like to unsubscribe from shitty cat facts

Cow Bears got me.

I think that post just gave the moderators over at /sub/science a stroke.

Sands. I like put a duck head on whatever

That's kinda pathetic actually


I notice that god did not create cats, he only created kittens... they turn into cats when they stop respecting everyone, including god?

Touche haha

Basically me


he said "into a mirror"

Eh tumblr is just reddit without downvotes

This was much funnier when it was on Twitter and people were participating in it

yes, they used those tiny suction cups to latch onto prey and hold them down before drilling into their brains with the auger bits they had evolved on their foreheads.

That font though... I kept seeing IGOD

Hey I found someone on the internet that I agree with!

I like pretty much all of Brust's work




Oh sweet summer child.

Edit: So I don't sound like a dick. Dogs are amazing and he wants them back as soon as possible, by them dying so soon :(. Edit #2: it's an all dogs go to heaven reference.

Is this the new 9gag that we're all supposed to hate? I missed the meeting, but I'm totally on board. Direct me to the pitchforks.

You'll be back!

You mean the way Reddit does without putting a watermark on it?

Igneous rock isn't smooth.

I like the kitten one best. Best thing is my cat is lying on me right now and getting cranky cause I won't stop laughing (her bed keeps shaking). But she's using the daggers in her mouth to express her displeasure over the razors in her feet.

"Take a cow and make it a bear" and also "put a nutsack on its face" made me chuckle a bit

I hope not

Or you know op saw something funny and wanted to share their laughter? I don't see op claiming anywhere that they made this ?

Clearly cats evolved way before photosynthetic life.

Boom, the facts fall apart

OP trying to think of a title

This was not funny.

He's probably right about the evolution part, but I dispute the "favorite animals claim."

That's the unbelievable bit?

"All dogs go to heaven"

A tushy is nice too.

I ain't falling for that again

Stepping on a lego

TIL God and his creation dev team are a bunch of redditors.

OP also just took this from ifunny, which means it's taken from somewhere else.

What I'm trying to say, is that OP didn't put any effort into this, and just shared something they found funny for free karma.

Thats definitely not it. Its a reference to All Dogs go to Heaven.

I like the premise even though I've seen it before, but the execution was really horrendous.

Thank god somebody else understands where this came from. Somebody wrote people's tweets on pictures of the animals and gave them no credit.

Male seahorses doesnt give birth. They do however take over the eggs from the female until they hatch.

Must. Delete. Post.


it's not... in my... sub.


/sub/science mod, probably

No, you gotta say it 3 times into a mirror

From my perspective the Jedi are evil!

Don't make me kill you.

Comedy cemetery isn't about over-posted things. It's about humor that was once funny but now is not funny at all or very cringe to look at.

Like a furry octopus unicorn. im going to Google Octoporn, brb

EDIT: im back and have seen somethings ಠ_ಥ

some pleasing, some frightful; none involving cats, unicorns and octopi

I did the nose exhale for a couple of them, not so bad.

The Bible says a lot of crazy things. I think this might just be the craziest.

/sub/forwardsfromgrandma and as usual, grandma's got a good sense of humor! I chortled.

What a shit post fuck you op

Super low effort title and taken from I funny.

However I did enjoy the high resolution and didn't think the post itself was that bad, except I would have added something about the panda trying really really hard to become extinct.

All dogs go to heaven.

Actually it doesn't need to be photosynthetic life, just trees, which are actually at the end of plants evolutionary chain so they're somewhat recent on an evolutionary scale. The first photosynthetic life we know are algae, and there are records of fossilized algae back from over 1.5 billion years ago, while we believe trees started to appear about 350 million years ago or so.

That said, I don't know if cats came first, but i would guess they didn't, im too lazy to look it up right now :)

Yes, his name was Mike Smith from Kentucky with an Indian accent.

The one about dogs really hits home 😢

Did you email customer service?

Thing is watermark represents some kind of ownership or symbol to identify origin. Reddit is a multisharing website that doesn't really do that.

Yeah, fuck that guy.

CAT FACTS: Ginger cats are actually just tabby cats that have spent too long in the sun and faded.