Scumbag YouTube app

Scumbag YouTube app

Use YouTube in the Firefox browser and you can view other tabs, use other apps, or shut off the screen, all while the audio plays.

Hence the entire reason they won't let you do it with the youtube app.

The thing I hate most about the youtube app is that, while it is loading, I am absolutely unable to just hit 'back' and exit the app. It will only allow me to go back (to, say, reddit), once it has begun loading or unless I quit the app. It is the only app that does this on my phone -- I am like 80% sure it is deliberate in the hope that once something starts playing I will say 'fuck it...might as well watch it now'.

I don't know if it is even possible for someone to get an app to not respond to the phone's buttons, nor if it happens to anyone else. But i hate it.

only good part about youtube red. you get the reverse of this since there are no ads and you get background playback

Even if you don't want to! (I found out the hard way)


adblocker, baby.

I agree with what you're saying in principle, but that doesn't change the fact that YouTube intentionally designed their app to deprive the user a feature that is desired, and it's not because of a programming limitation.

Edit: I only just learned of YouTube Red. The ability to play in the background now makes the regular YouTube "features" much more understandable.

It's this link that someone sent me.

Why is your dick out?

It's these boxers that someone sent me.

pretty much. luckily I get YT red free with Google Music.

More like, designed to make money.

I dislike ads as much as the next guy, but at the end of the day we're complaining about something we got and use for free.

Youtube app has had a background playback feature. It was removed some time ago and now only available for youtube red subscribers (=paywalled).

I specifically turned off as blocker for YouTube since watching an annoying ~15 second clip is what keeps content creators afloat. As a broke college student I don't have enough to pay for YouTube Red, but by watching those stupid ads it at least let's me support the channels I like without having to pay for content directly.

The reason that they do that is they're trying to sell YouTube Red, part of which includes a streaming music service.

When they first released red, I was like, "so stupid, never getting it". I was wrong, and Google music showed me that.

you just made .0003 cents

It happens to me all the time. So annoying.

Brb, gotta check that Redtube thing you are talking about.

As someone who has a super small channel, thank you for doing this.

Tyrande, please! Where are you my beloved?!

If you do this you can also use u block origin and block the ads altogether

YouTube red is awesome. I always forget how many ads there are until I see my girlfriend's YouTube account who doesn't have red.

I just hit the bottom left button on my S7 and close it. I forget what its called, the recent apps button I think

On iPhone you play your video, press home, (the video will stop), then you use control centre, press play, and the video plays again and you can lock the screen.

It was paywalled. Meaning, intentionally designed to annoy the user unless they pay up.

ITT google shills convincing people to pay money to avoid a theoretically free but intentionally broken service.

No in the firefox browser look up and intall the addon for mobile

I absolutely CANNOT FUCKING STAND all the YouTube annotations for recommended videos 10 GODDAMN SECONDS AFTER I STARTED WATCHING A VIDEO. Like seriously why the fuck would I want to click away from a video I just clicked on. I want to watch the video that I clicked on not some irrelevant ass video. But what really grinds my gears is that they keep coming back and they take up about 10-30% of my mobile screen! Seriously fucking hate that

Buy our product! It doesn't suck!

Use Youtube through Safari, not through the YouTube app.

You used to be able to do this. They took it away so they could charge for it. Scumbag indeed.

Except this used to be how the YouTube app worked many years ago. They remove background play from it. Then when third party apps popped up to allow you to do background play they changed their ToS to ban it and canned them all. And then couple of years later released YouTube red with the functionality.

Facebook? That is in no way a comparison to YouTube.

.0003 cents more than you

I go to my in-laws' house and get to see all of the funny commercials I don't pay to see. They look at me like I am crazy when I laugh at commercials they've seen a million times.

The whole chips commercial that involves Ms. Potato Head eating a chip then Mr. Potato Head comes in and says "But you're a potato!"

Great. A+.

If you get the F-Droid open source repository, you can get an app called New Pipe that can download just the audio track onto the phone and listen to it offline.


I don't think it's possible to just get Red. I think it always comes with Music.

I hate that it doesn't let me pause the video while it's first loading. If I know I'm on a slow connection and want it to buffer a little before I play it, I have to wait for it to at least START playing to tap pause. Then if I don't hit it in time before it loads again, I have to wait. It's pretty infuriating.

I hate that if you support anything, you are called a shill on this site.

How does one like and recommend a service without being a shill?

Never happened to me. On any Android phone I've had. Is it really that common?

This is why I hate clicking YouTube links on mobile and prefer gifs. Gifs load so much faster to begin with and then I don't have to deal with this bullshit if I accidentally click one


If you're on a rooted Android install Xposed and download the Youtube Background Playback Module. Youtube Swipe to seek and Youtube AdAway are other worthwhile Youtube modules.

Background play was available for everyone before YouTube Red.

I pay for the Play+Red subscription. I think it's worth it. Don't know why people pay for stuff like Spotify when the benefits bleed into YouTube also. Worth it.

But that costs money, is there not a way to listen to ads, thus supporting those I'm watching, whilest not having my screen turned on?

Wait what? I pay for Google music. Why don't I have this? It's cuz I'm fucking Canadian isn't it?

Thank you. OP didn't mention using it through a browser, so I thought it was a workaround using the YouTube app.

There is no point in getting YouTube red. Just get Google Play music (which is like better Spotify that no one uses) and it comes with YouTube red, and YouTube music I think. Neat app. I use it every day. Background play and offline videos are good for podcasts.

then you know my pain.

I'm sure red is worth the money but it bugs me to see it praised so highly. YouTube used to have little to no ads and it was great. They shove more and more ads down our throats and then offer us a subscription service to remove those same ads and everyone goes nuts. I get they need to make money but it feels like a slap in the face. Live long enough to become the villain I suppose.

Saw an ad the other day on a friend's tablet. My immediate reaction was "what the fuck is this shit". It was like watching TV. Yuck

I mean, if you get YouTube Red you get Google Play music as well. It's the same subscription, it just so happens that you can purchase it in two different places.

I love my subscription. I was thinking about getting Google Play for a while, and when they announced it would be bundled with YouTube Red I jumped on board as soon as possible. YouTube without ads is amazing.

Yeah. How do they make money if everyone ignores their ads and they can't charge?

Firefox mobile with the uBlock Origin addon is probably the best mobile Youtube experience.

And ads, what are ads good for if nobody would watch them-

Yes it is.

A natural mistake.

Install Firefox from the app market, and then ublock from the Firefox add-on site.

Fucking hell. If I see one more "water and exercise" shill try to tell me how to lose weight, I'm going to lose my fucking shit!

My favorite is when the ad plays, but your video doesn't.

Then you refresh, and have to watch the ad again.

Exactly, I refuse to pay for any functionality that was removed solely so that they could charge to have it enabled. Just use one of the many unofficial YouTube apps that still have this function by default.

I have a v10 and it happens all the Damn time while on reddit. Ill accidentally click on a video link and try to go back before it loads but I'm never able to, I have to wait. Annoying as shit

OGYouTube You're welcome!

as someone who doesnt do it, im am really sorry. but fuck man....

I get the reference you're using here but I don't understand how it works in the context Edit: Oh, OP's username is Malfurion.

I read that as New Pope and thought Star Wars: A New Pope

holy fucking shit my dude this is the worst thing about the entire app experience. and when you're listening to a song it keep badgering you to buy it on itunes or whatever.

best solution ive found is just to tap on the first annotation that pops up but don't x out of the box it brings up. unfortunately that only works when you're watching in portrait because when you're in landscape it just lays the ad over the entire third of the screen. goddamn.


No, when opening the YouTube app and there's a white screen with the YouTube logo in the centre. You can't back out of that until the whole app has finished loading.

Then, there's the issue of the stupid fucking thing defaulting to 144p EVERY TIME I WATCH A VIDEO DESPITE BEING ON A 50/20 CONNECTION. Fuck you, YouTube.

Stations are hit and miss, those are manually curated by Google employees AFAIK.

I pick a song I like, and then let it use its algorithm to build a radio station of songs similar to the first one. Works so good

Edit: GPM initially won me over by letting me bring in up to 20,000 of my own mp3s. I am able to stream that with or without a subscription anytime without having to store it all on my phone (it wouldn't all fit)

Like you said, they need to make money. They let you upload unlimited amount of videos with unlimited time. Someone needs to pay for those videos that generate 0 revenue but cost money. $10 for ad free YouTube and Google Play is extremely fair imo

No HD, No widescreen, non-material design, nah. I'd rather keep this one.

i watch Youtube through Firefox because of this.

Right, so they could market YouTube Red, which isn't a terrible experience.

The older YouTube app used to play audio in the background, until one update finally disabled it. That was a year or two before they announced YouTube Red

Even then, they throw 5 minute video ads and act like I'm not just gonna go back a page and reload.

For anyone who's interested you shouldn't just grab a random apk off the internet and install it. Would you grab a random exe on your PC and install it?

uhg this. the YouTube app is fucking trash

Full of video content the original creators and copyright holders don't see a dime from Toxic community full of childish comments

I mean, some comparison is possible...

What's worse is there used to be YouTube client apps that let you play audio in the background. Well one of them just updated with a pop up that says that YouTube won't let them do that anymore. Shit sucks