Saving yourself for marriage

Saving yourself for marriage

That was a hoax. It was a marketing ad for something (I forget) and someone added that story after the fact and turned it into a meme. It ruined her career and her life. Like it fucking devastated everything when people found out who she was. She couldn't find work and gigs canceled on her. It's a really sad story.

Didn't a nigga sue his wife for getting plastic surgery cuz when they had kids the kids were ugly? This seems like that.

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I actually don't mind small dicks

Prepare your 📫

You must not know the one we are talking about. This isn't some cute pick of you as a kid. The whole joke is about how much of a lying, deceiving, bitch you are for tricking a man, and how he successfully sued you for~$90k. And how everyone as their mother hates you for your actions... actions you never took... because it was all a lie...a lie that caused companies to end contracts with you and you not know why. You can't own that.

Man if I got turned into a meme I would just own it

I believe it was an asian woman but it's been a while since I've seen it