Rover Pipeline Spills More Than 2 Million Gallons of 'Drilling Fluid' in Ohio Wetlands, One Month After Construction Began

Rover Pipeline Spills More Than 2 Million Gallons of 'Drilling Fluid' in Ohio Wetlands, One Month After Construction Began
Rover Pipeline Spills More Than 2 Million Gallons of 'Drilling Fluid' in Ohio Wetlands, One Month...

People go to jail for smoking pot but these big time criminals get a mere fine for their great injustices to the earth and it's populace.

Good thing the EPA is there to stop this kind of stuff.

The rich can do whatever they want, that's capitalism.

"If we fine them, how will they have money to fund my campaign next year?"

-Ohio politicians

Wait guys I messed up

The size of the spill doesn't matter. Those fluids and chemicals don't belong in wetlands and streams, simple as that.

There are more astronauts from Ohio than any other state, so apparently that state makes you want to leave the planet.

Great, another perk of living in Ohio.


hello darkness my old friend

I'm sure you meant to say the Free Market (TM). The Free Market (TM) always takes care of everything. In the meantime, Ohio residents can enjoy our re-imagining of drinking water, filled with essential oils and complex organic compounds, provided free for a limited time only!

Although technically correct, 2 million gallons of something that doesn't belong there is worse.

Don't worry, oil industry shills will be brigading in here shortly to reassure us that this drilling fluid is perfectly safe.


No, it's not just clay.

Yeah that's going to kind of suck. So sodium bentonite is used to close off abandoned wells. Essentially there's concern for contaminants near abandoned Wells such as pesticides and herbicides so we use it to fill in the well and create an impermeable barrier blocking off direct access to groundwater. If this is all sitting in the bottom of a wetland it will create an impermeable layer and the functionality of the wetland will lose its ability to filter nitrates and phosphates. Which once that is gone will immediately create a dead zone of excess nutrients leading to run off issues and premature eutrophication of our surface waters. Hopefully this doesn't happen in the Western Lake Erie Basin as Rover moves through NW Ohio. We need all the filtering we can get through these wetlands to try to stop the cyanobacteria in Lake Erie right now.

Didn't see that one coming. continues eating glue

"Whelp we'll just make up something real cool. Maybe we'll say that the democrats are using a chicken parm sandwich to worship the devil."


I live in Ohio and I haven't heard anything about this. I know we started getting earthquakes when fracking became popular here, but they've seemingly kept a lot of environmental stuff hush-hush, like selling off a giant piece of Wayne National Forest for fracking or something along those lines.

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Limited time? Flint would like a word with you.

Whoops, oh well, Trump administration decided not to have an EPA, cause it's bad fer bizness derp derp.

good thing we live in a democracy where our politicians are elected by the voters to serve their interests.

They bought the heavy metal enrichment package, it's the gift that lasts a lifetime.

God made dirt, so dirty don't hurt. Well, he made oil too, so samesies!

Well, apparently the voters wanted coal jobs back

Dont worry guys, one of Trumps buddies probably owns a company that can handle the cleanup. He'll get the contract and do it in a very timely efficient cost effective manner.

It's not Trump - it's Congress.

There is one summary for H.R.861. View summaries Shown Here:

Introduced in House (02/03/2017) - This bill terminates the Environmental Protection Agency on December 31, 2018.

Sponsored by: Rep. Gaetz, Matt [R-FL-1] who just joined Congress this year. Want to call him and ask about the bill? (202) 225-4136 Cosponsored by: Rep. Massie, Thomas [R-KY-4] who has been in Congress since 2012. Call him at (202) 225-3465 Rep. Palazzo, Steven M. [R-MS-4] who has been in Congress since 2011. Call him at (202) 225-5772 Rep. Loudermilk, Barry [R-GA-11] who has been in Congress since 2015. Call him at (202) 225-2931 Rep. Rogers, Mike D. [R-AL-3] who has been in Congress since 2003. Call him at (202) 225-3261 Rep. Williams, Roger [R-TX-25] who has been in Congress since 2013. Call him at (202) 225-9896 Rep. Mooney, Alexander X. [R-WV-2] who has been in Congress since 2015. Call him at (202) 225-2711

Anyone who is represented by these individuals, please don't wait for an anonymous person on the internet to give you the phone number to reach your representative. If you want to support this bill, by all means - call these sponsors and thank them for their service to you. If you have concerns or questions, the phone lines are open, too. Please pay attention to your congressional representation - they are the part of government that has the largest long term influence on our nation.

Now there's a fresh perspective. You're going places, kid. Most likely underground with the rest of us once the surface is completely torched.

And they still couldn't get away.

Bill Nye was on a local radio show yesterday promoting his Netflix show. He said something along the lines of coals dead let it die those jobs are never coming back. He made an analogy to military technology saying that his father (maybe grandfather) fought on horseback in World War One, that became obsolete (like coal) and no one was fighting to save cavalry jobs. Mentioned that it's great that people are proud of their family history and legacy of mining coal but that's exactly what it is, history.

It's worse than anything less, at least.

Good place to plug NOPE Cincy, a group trying to save us from the same fate here in Cincinnati. Duke wants to build a massive pipeline through a residential area. Not a service pipeline, but only transit connection. Very high pressure natural gas going through it.

Let's not let this keep happening, please, Ohio?

I have worked on pipelines as an environmental inspector in the past. This happens more than you would think. Ideally not into wetlands but in this case it did. "Drilling fluid" or "frac-out" as we called it, is simply the liquid-like bentonite clay that works its way through cracks up to the surface. Normally this comes out the end where the drill was inserted. In this case it found a pathway with less resistance. The clay is already in the ground and not made up of hazardous substances. In fact, farmers and gardeners love it. I knew some on the pipe line that would take buckets back to their house for gardening. That being said, sediment is the number one pollutant in our waterways and causes big issues for water quality and the surrounding environment. Not trying to down play it at all but the article title seems misleading.

Isn't drilling fluid like mud (bentonite)?

thats oligarchy

Yes, drilling mud is mostly bentonite and barite. Any spill of foreign material is threatening to an ecosystem, but this certainly is orders of magnitude less serious than an oil spill.

This! This! And what makes me so sad is that the vast majority of people think those in prison are just 'bad' people not worth anything, and that being rich makes u morally good. Urgh, I could go on, I think I've lost faith in humanity.

Which is something no politician is going to achieve. Coal mining is often very cost-ineffective in many countries where it involves digging deep holes. It's often cheaper to just import coal or replace it was gas.

Is this a Harvey Birdman Attorney at Law reference?

My understanding is it's often mostly bentonite, possibly with a proprietary mix of undisclosed additives, or not. Even if it's 100% bentonite, that much clay can't be good for a wetland.

But isn't it better than anything more?

Then stiff the contractor on the bill, saving the country money!

I'm so happy rich people have fabricated the idea that my existence is only to produce unnecessary material objects to allow them to make more money.

It's also Trump, he has picked a climate change denier to lead the EPA (Scott Pruitt, who has ironically sued the EPA 13 times). That with the 30% budget cut he requested, makes the EPA essentially worthless. As for the house bill, it's never going to be voted by a Democrat, so let's not bunch them up as congress.

All hail the Free Market (TM). Only through it's divine glory and the exaltation of the Mighty Spirit of Deregulation can we achieve true prosperity and freedom. Praise Corporations!

Before the EPA we could burn our rivers to keep warm. Thank to them that hasn't been possible. I look forward to our heated rivers returning...

My country men are retarded.

That's oilgarchy

Where are all the redditors popping up reminding us how "safe" pipelines are? Never seem to be around every week when there's another pipeline spill.

I'm guessing arrested development.

I've made a huge mistake.

Lasts a lifetime is scarily accurate when you don't have clean drinking water.

HA HA.....environmental destruction

Time to drain the swamp, I guess...

I ran.

I ran so far away.

I just ran.

I ran all night and day.

I couldn't get away.

Stop this shit. Wind. Solar. Water. Renewables. New nuclear.

There's been movement on it but focus is primarily on phosphorous run off from farm fields and studies are showing that phosphorous levels in drain tile and where you would expect to see high levels are within the tolerable levels. So a lot of the money given to farmers to take measures to prevent that is coming from EPA and funneled through what's called the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative. This is all in jeopardy of being shut down. Personally I think the money can be better spent elsewhere if we are showing a lower level of phosphorous runoff coming from farm fields but I'm a little skeptical of the results as the methods of testing runoff is not very good with peak flow periods from large rain events. Failing sewer systems and subdivisions with broken down septics are playing a major role as well I believe. I doubt the problem will be solved any time soon and the current administration isn't keen on continuing to throw money at a problem if there are no results being shown.

Jesus the cyanobacteria thing hasn't been fixed? I read about that a year ago. Has there been any movement on it?

...Fucking hell, Satan worshipping heathens are everywhere.

Fine? What fine? The Ohio EPA will simply order them to clean up the impacts and possibly force them to buy credits at a wetland mitigation bank if the driller gets an after the fact permit from the Army Corps of Engineers. They'll also need to get a 401 Water Quality Certification from the Ohio EPA in the process. All told this will likely cost that company less than $100K. The travesty is that the wetland mitigation bank will not have the same environmental services as the original, impacted wetland (flood retention, water quality, ecological communities, etc.). And those will be lost forever. There will be no criminal charges, there will be no fines, and the politically appointed director of the Ohio EPA (Craig Butler) will probably give them an award for environmental stewardship. This happens weekly in Ohio. May not always be drillers. Could just be some farmer who decides to light a giant pile of tires on fire and push it into a creek (not joking). But as long as the Ohio Republicans are calling the shots all these violators get off as easy as possible.

In Texas, they built a re-pressurization station on the gas pipeline about 5 miles from my house. You can hear it in my front yard. Huge (30 feet tall or more, not even kidding) freaking diesel powered pumps shaking the dirt and screaming at 100+ DB. 4 of them. Similar to 4 train locomotives growling away all day and night.

After a bunch of outrage from the people living all around it, they finally agreed to only run two engines at a time, and built a sound buffer shed over the whole complex. It helped, but not enough. It's 24/7 noise and vibration. I sold the house and moved away.

You weren't supposed to come as the wetlands..

Which is funny because Im pretty sure a few people will be shocked when their tap water turns neon and is flammable.

Why does the general population seem to have the forsight of mud?

Well here's the thing about industrial accidents: there are always more safeguards you can implement. Somewhere along the chain of command the companies' leaders make a calculated cost-benefit analysis to decide how much they are willing to spend to avoid negative outcomes. Even simple things like protective clothing costs money, after all.

When you see an industrial "accident" like this, it may be true that no one intended for it to happen. That's a far cry from it being "no one's fault." The risk was knowingly undertaken.

Harsher penalties mean the cost-benefit analysis will by necessity lead to corporate decisions that are more risk averse but more expensive.

I mean I don't see why they weren't capitalist either. Much of what anti-capitalists object to about capitalism was/is still going on in those places. Production for profit, top-down hierarchical control of production, no meaningful political input from the masses, militarism and imperialism, class inequality.

The size of the spill doesn't matter.

What? Of course it matters? The principle that you state is obviously correct but the size of the spill is very relevant.

Landslides are mostly dirt and rocks. Floods are mostly water and debris. Pompeii was mostly ashes. This environmental catastrophe was mostly water, clay and unknown additives.

I think at this point, we're too use to spilling things into our water that it has lost too much shock value to be 'exciting'

Because they are too busy dealing with "important" issues, like other people's sexuality and what bathroom they should use


Nonsense. Trump is going to bring back whaling, we can all burn whale oil instead of those communist renewables!

Did you happen to have a chicken parm sandwich today? That's making me hungry!

Short answer. Yes. Express your opinion and if your Congressperson doesn't have an explanation/agree with your opinion... don't vote for them again.

It takes more than one person and one phone call, but they represent a district of citizens. They know what their constituents call them about; if they want to keep their seat, they will listen to the expressed opinions of constituents.

It's not even a byproduct. It's kind of the point.

Ohioan here, this is Kasich's last term, and he's the big old pipeline hoe. We were on track to have a little under 15% of our energy portfolio solar, but he came in, trashed the plan, and shoved easements under the parks.

He can't run again. So, now, it's up to a state that went about 10 points for Trump to act rationally and elect a democrat that will come in and clean up his mess. I'm not holding my breath.

Hey, hey... job creators can do whatever they want.

The wealthy are raping the earth. You'll know they're well and truly done when they've crawled off it's lifeless corpse and blasted off to go skullfuck Mars.

Even under Obama the EPA was pretty toothless. The only have regulatory oversight on some 200 chemicals, while some 60,000 were grandfathered in with no testing whatsoever as of 2015. So we have no idea what's in The fracking fluid, or what its effects may be downstream.

The wealthy have raped the earth

I mean, when you think about it, everything is made of the same types of subatomic particles, just in slightly different configurations, so technically dirt and oil are pretty much the same, and heck, if you consider that the atoms that comprise each of those happen to both be mostly empty space, the similarities are even greater. Yes, oil and drilling fluid are every bit as innocuous as topsoil!

Praise be to corporations and their infinite malevo... benevolence.

Well, it is. When done using shortcuts and 1960s tech.

Information is good. Knowledge is good. Some of us don't fear it even if when pokes holes in our preconceived notions. Some of us embrace specifically because sometimes it does just that.

Thank you.

I don't agree with fracking and will not write off it's environmental consequences (as of 2015 Poland county has had 77 earthquakes linked to fracking), but Ohio has always been fairly active when it comes to earthquakes, we just can't feel most of them. We are just on the edge off the New Madrid Seizemic Zone, which is a hotbed of geological activity. Additionally Ohio sits on unknown and poorly mapped fault lines (hence why fracking sucks) and has a rich geological history thanks to glacial activity making some areas more unstable than others. So yes, fracking is bad and makes earthquakes worse, BUT saying we just started having earthquakes is not true and I highly recommend learning up on Ohio's geology for fun.

Source: Our geological history is one of my favorite things about this state. Thanks Cincinnati Museum Center.

Welcome to capitalism.

Now, be nice to oligopolies, high concentration of capital and highly uneven distribution of wealth, not to mention extremely difficult access to the fulfillment of basic needs such as healthy food, healthcare, good education and housing.

Username checks out.

Oligarchy is a fundamental part of capitalism. You can't have capitalism without having an oligarchy.

Australia, for example, has basically killed the Great Barrier Reef with silt.

When you do alt+0153 on the keypad, you get ™

"Our researchers confirm the spill does not pose a threat to the environment."

Sells Ohio home and never sets foot in state again.

10 points from Slytherin. Sad

But why jail though? If it's was caused by negligence I get it. However if some worker made a mistake, or something unexpected happened why should the CEO go to jail? If anything shouldn't the one going to jail be the workers who messed up? I personally think no one should be going to jail if there wasn't any negligence because it's a mistake, or and accident.

I don't know if you're joking or not, but he is describing the Jetsons.

Oh god, the trains, it roils my stomach to think about. We could have had a timely, reliable transit system. Now we have the RTA and a bunch of tunnels vagrants are shooting up in.

silly, it seeps down, thus underground is the worse

What we really need are massive arcologies in the sky, accessed by personal aircraft. Where jobs will be reduced to button pushing and droids will do house keeping.

Water-based drilling mud most commonly consists of bentonite clay (gel) with additives such as barium sulfate (barite), calcium carbonate (chalk) or hematite. Various thickeners are used to influence the viscosity of the fluid, e.g. xanthan gum, guar gum, glycol, carboxymethylcellulose, polyanionic cellulose (PAC), or starch. In turn, deflocculants are used to reduce viscosity of clay-based muds; anionic polyelectrolytes (e.g. acrylates, polyphosphates, lignosulfonates (Lig) or tannic acid derivates such as Quebracho) are frequently used. Red mud was the name for a Quebracho-based mixture, named after the color of the red tannic acid salts; it was commonly used in the 1940s to 1950s, then was made obsolete when lignosulfonates became available. Other components are added to provide various specific functional characteristics as listed above. Some other common additives include lubricants, shale inhibitors, fluid loss additives (to control loss of drilling fluids into permeable formations). A weighting agent such as barite is added to increase the overall density of the drilling fluid so that sufficient bottom hole pressure can be maintained thereby preventing an unwanted (and often dangerous) influx of formation fluids.

Or you know, he could have just done it because Republicans and infrastructure spending don't mix well. They typically withhold infrastructure dollars until shit starts crumbling, and then uses their mismanagement as an excuse to push for toll roads.

Roger Ailes was damn good at his job. I mean you will literally cut off your noses to spite your faces. Fuck reliable public transit! I want angry liberals and no mo' 'bortions!

Re-imagining? Don't you mean alternative water?

Because the elderly voting population doesn't care about what happens in 30 years. They don't have to deal with the reality of the present or the future. They just can say "it hasn't happened yet" and keep going.

But its because of capitalism

For reference, this is still a terrible environmental disaster

The world killed the Great Barrier Reef with warming ocean temperatures.

Exactly. This should be a you fucked up so you don't get to play anymore, except corruption exists and politicians don't give a fuck.

Could this be what wet lands crave ?

"There are four boxes to be used in the defense of liberty: soap, ballot, jury and ammo. Please use in that order."

It can be both

It is absolutely debatable since it causes far larger spill volume.

But the real point is all of these need to be scrapped urgently if we are going to make a serious effort at preserving the environment for future generations.

This is practically in my backyard. I drive past this area nearly every day. The powers that be in this area don't seem to care much. It's awful.

That PR spin though.

Here it is. From the satellite view you can see the four engines.,-96.9037203,167m/data=!3m1!1e3

From street view you can see it's pretty tall:,-96.9030322,3a,60y,287.45h,79.67t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1salXsvo3XVONRbV-Ig6OWrA!2e0!7i13312!8i6656

And did I mention it's loud? They ran it without the blue building (sound buffer) for a full year before enough public pressure made them build that part. You can see it's open on top, so it doesn't work that well.

Hopefully the company doesnt get a fine. The clean up process is a great jobs program

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