Rick and Morty Exquisite Corpse | Adult Swim

Rick and Morty Exquisite Corpse | Adult Swim

I was going to say this is like a bad acid trip and lo and behold it was.

That guy trips.

For those who don't know, Exquisite Corpse is a really fun drawing game where you finish someone else's drawing, but can only see a tiny portion of it. It's one of my favorites, and seeing an animation version of it with Adult Swim's animators is fucking incredible

EDIT: here's one I did with a friend that turned out pretty well

For those who don't know, is a really fun drawing game where you finish someone else's drawing, but can only see a tiny portion of it. It's one of my favorites, and seeing an animation version of it with Adult Swim's animators is fucking incredible

EDIT: here's one I did with a friend that turned out pretty well

I can't believe Morty dropped acid.

oh my god that zit.

This is amazing. I really enjoy animations with multiple artists/styles like this. ooooo weeeeeee

Everyone on Adult Swim's team does tbh

I think I just got high without taking any drugs. holy fucking balls.

Music is from 'Thursday in the danger room' by Run The Jewels (feat. Kamasi Washington)

Wow... I'm a dense motherfucker. Thanks for this.

Off the Air speaks volumes to that regard, no sober minds there.


Off the Air

Wow, this is amazing:

Not even stoned.

Ya that was almost too much for me.

that's not what LSD looks like but it definitely feels that way sometimes

what show/animator is the stuff at 2:23 from, when they get eaten with chopsticks by the "show me what you got" head? looks really cool.

also, RTJ

I think Adult Swim often play RTJ songs. In fact, the Vice-President of Adult Swim on-air, Jason DeMarco, was responsible for Killer Mike and El-P meeting each other.

Rick and Morty go to Superjail.

That layered dimensional stripping at 1:24 - 1:30 though.

That's the scary stuff. 6 seconds worth in the video, an eternities worth IRL.

Don't do drugs kids. Unless you want to learn what it's like to die 1000 times and enter the void after you watched your current reality break down in front of you for the last 3 hours. Can't say it's bad. Can't say it's good. 11/10 don't recommend.

Did not expect to hear a RTJ song in a Rick and Morty video. Awesome.

stayin blue thx

Thursday in the Danger Room

Song is the instrumental to "" by Run the Jewels. It was weird, I kept expecting the lyrics to come in. Regardless, I'm glad they're getting much more attention lately, their songs are in Baby Driver and the Black Panther trailer, too.

Man Ray, Joan Miro, Yves Tanguy, and Max Morise's exquisite corpse is a classic: http://www.artic.edu/aic/collections/artwork/119117

Or really good trip if you're looking for that kind of thing. But yeah, those fluid transitions are spot on. What a ride!

I'm almost positive that is Masaaki Yuasa, guest animator on Adventure Time and Space Dandy. He also has a pretty cool anime called Tatami Galaxy that you should check out and is relevant to this music video.

"[...] it just makes me sad that an appreciation for anything absurd or out of the norm can’t be taken at face value. Like you must be on drugs to either make this stuff, or to enjoy watching it. How fucking lame and narrow-minded is that?" - Dave Hughes, creator of Off The Air

It's also common in poetry and rap. The rapper Watsky does one with Rafa, dumbfounded and a few other people that is great.


Am I nuts or is the sound of the silenced pistol at 1:50 from Goldeneye?

Edit: Sure is

TBH that's exactly where I'd expect to hear one

πŸ‘‰ πŸ‘Š

Did they post a list of animators? There are some segments in there that make me wanna do a follow up.

Hahaha been there... "what it's like to die 1000 times and enter the void" describes it perfectly.



this dan deacon song Adult Swim's Off-the-Air did is one of my favorite artist collaborative efforts. you might already be familiar tho

/sub/popping NSFL.

I don't think so, there's an interesting thing I've noticed where a ton of the registers at gas stations make the sound of Sonic collecting a ring when you get rung up. It's weird


it's obviously amplified so you can capture what the feeling is. everyone's experience is different. I would focus on small details and obssess & question what I'm seeing. other times a person reflects on things. It's really hard to explain, you don't see monsters or anything. it all makes sense and it doesn't make sense at the same time.

Maybe you are now on LSD and don't even know it

I gotta get into drugs.

Yellow and red, mostly. Sometimes greenish.

If you like Exquisite Corpse, you'll love the variant called "The Drawing Game" (at least as I know it):

Write a sentence at the top of a piece of paper. Hand it to the next person. They have to draw an interpretation of that sentence right below it. That person then folds the top of the paper over, so that the sentence is hidden and only the drawing is visible. The next person has to write a sentence describing the drawing they are seeing, without knowing what the original sentence was. Fold over the drawing and repeat, sentence-drawing-sentence-drawing.

Gets some truly meandering and sometimes magical transformations, like a twisted game of telephone.

sweet baby jesus this is awesome! thank you

He's probably gonna do a lot more this season

I wish they would say who all of the guest animators were. I definitely recognized Sick Animation, but there were just so many I couldn't keep track.

God, seriously. Why does anything absurd immediately get the "these guys must be stoned af lol" comments. These experimental animations are seriously good quality, you don't need to alter your headspace to enjoy creativity.

I was just going to say this completely explains the name of that song!

This is nothing like an acid trip, why are people upvoting you? It's literally nothing like this.

Check out /sub/replications for psychedelic visual recreations. Those are actually semi-accurate.


looks a lot like the animation on the 'sickanimation' channel

May I suggest "DDWIWDD"? Just go ahead and type that on into youtube, have yourself some fun.


The void is just the beginning. You are I and they are us... well, those that are, don't mind those that watch.

It's an obvious troll, people. Just report and move on.

I knew it sounded familiar.

Tiny samples that size aren't trademarked are they?

It's the darkest season yet, Morty!

It's not the visuals people are upvoting, it's the feeling. Those transitions from one story to the next.. That's something I experience occasionally. Like, you'll experience some sort of reality for a few moments, then jump onto the next. Hard to explain but that bit captures some of that feeling.

The Music Scene - Blockhead.

Immediately thought of this song, first time watching it was on acid.

I don't think the people upvoting OP have ever used psychedelics. They just want to fit in

L isn't like this. But it is amazing


You mean good

You're not alone....

room temperature butter with salt flakes on bread

doesn't really sound that tasty when you describe it like that

RTJ actually released some shirts with Rick holding his ray gun and Morty with a gold chain.

yeah, but its not scary. its just laughably absurd.

A bad trip happens when you don't get the giggles about the absurdity of life, and instead start to freak out about it.

I'm kind of just realizing that today's Cartoon Network is basically yesteryear's MTV.

Well... I dunno'.

It's about how you interpret the video.

Obviously LSD doesn't completely fuck up the world around you and make you see monsters and think you're a spider or something.

But the way you interpret certain things in your head gets fucked with and a lot of the visuals in this video (and many others) seem to capture common sensations/thought processes.

Also there is definitely a pretty significant degree of visual hallucination that is correctly represented too. Things looking bendy/wiggly, faces being really weird looking/kind of fucked up, seeing larger imagery come together (like say mistaking two street lights for the eyes of a huge animal).

Definitely some Season 1 Superjail fluidity there

That part was incredible.

Link for the curious. Watsky feat. Dumbfoundead, Grieves, Adam Vida, Wax, Rafael Casal, Daveed Diggs, and Chinaka Hodge

No you weren't.


Rick and Morty? Psychedelic Drugs? Front page here we come!

And I was eating while watching this. That bit was real hard to swallow!

the same sound the Spider Mastermind makes.

There's a ton of free sound libraries out there and the Goldeneye pistol shot is probably from one of them. That's where the "Doom door" opening sound comes from.

EDIT: The last noise in the last clip of the acid trip is also I call it the 'where were you sound'.

It was definitely a wild ride - I don't know if I would enjoy it due to, you know, cannibalism and murder.

i think ive seen both the adventure time and space dandy episodes youre talking about, just convinced me to try out tatami galaxy, thanks

There was also a 10 second RTJ clip in The Big Short.

I was eating room temperature butter with salt flakes on bread when I saw it. Ugh.

Its definitely the sonic ring sound.

Source: used to work at a gas station. Someone would point this out every week.

LSD is nothing like this. But watching it on LSD might be fun. Or terrifying. Depends on how you trip man.

Don't buy it. Just remember the rules, and then play with pen and paper.

There's an actual commercially-available version of this game called Telestrations. It's a riot.

pikachu on acid

reminds me of

That's actually a well documented aspect of intoxication-based HPPD. A subset of psychedelic users get mild to severe psychedelic symptoms when using marijuana after prolonged or chronic use of psychedelics. This is especially common in users who have used NBOMe related compounds or long-lasting psychedelics such as the DOx compounds. This experience can be worsened by psychological triggers such as visual patterns reminiscent of those on psychedelics.

The neurobiological mechanism is thought to be a heightened sensitivity to 5-HT2a activation brought about indirectly through cannabinoid activity due to repeated use of 5-HT2a agonists such as LSD or mushrooms.

I'm not necessarily saying that the above user has this experience, but it's not outside the realm of possibility. Additionally, though I'm talking about this in the terms of symptoms and disorders these experiences aren't necessarily unpleasant.

You're seriously missing out

I never entered the void on my trip. I did stare into it's face and headbutt it tho.

Flying Lotus - Zodiac Shit

I remembered this

EL-P always brings the best beats

His movie Mind Game is one of my favorite movies

Haha, right! Definitely one of my favorite of his songs.


There's also a novel titled "The Exquisite Corpse" by Poppy Z. Bright which is about a serial cannibalistic necrophiliac. Rick does eat Morty at one point in this but no other reference to really draw there.

Oh hey, I used to play that when my cousin was a kid! Granted neither of us were artists, so it doesn't look that cool.

That actually almost happened a couple years back. Shows like 'Destroy, Build, Destroy' and 'Dude, What Would Happen?' along with gameshows started to fill prime time and less cartoons. Thankfully it didn't catch on.

You're not lying man...

Run the Jewels have been huge for years. If anything they've already peaked.

So you're saying that looks the way LSD feels? Fuck me.

Liquid Television presents Rick and Morty

Song is "thursday in the danger room" by run the jewels incase anyone is wondering