Reset that clock!

Reset that clock!

Might as well just unplug the clock on 00:00:00 at this point. Save some electricity.

Brace yourselves, Ramadan is coming.

At this rate we should just keep track by the hour.

Can We PLEASE sidebar this?


Time for our bi-yearly clock reset

Time for our monthly clock reset

Time for our weekly clock reset <- You are here

Time for our daily clock reset

Vote Le Pen '17, don't move down a notch.

Ramadan Bomb-a-thon!

Allahu Akbar

Spez: god is great

Can someone take this one and bloody it up each attack. It lightens the depressing tone after each snackbar opening.

What happened?

Phew! Here I thought it might have been a Muslim!


2 Cops shot in Paris

Two police officers told AP the attacker had been flagged as an extremist, but they offered no further details. The officers spoke to AP on the condition of anonymity to share information about the ongoing investigation

Hold on, we can't just assume it's isla-aaaaand it's Islam!

I also said this a day ago about ANOTHER muslim attack

Attack in Paris, and one in the Netherlands.

Im monitoring a situation here in Seattle currently as well, though it seems to be a robbery gone wrong (not cool, but hopefully not islamic extremism).

Petition to start removing priceless art from Paris in order to protect it.

This pedo called Mohammed started a death cult.

You'd think fasting all day would cause them to lose steam but sadly that never seems to be the case.