Researchers produce images of people’s faces from their genomes

Researchers produce images of people’s faces from their genomes

This was debunked hours after posting to PNAS by the guy who worked on this project and then left because of it. The debunker also reviewed this work when it was originally submitted to Science. It was rejected and forced into PNAS by requesting reviewers the senior author knew wouldn't review it critically. It is bullshit.

I really hope that law enforcement is able to implement these findings. That would be exceptionally useful, particularly in regards to serial rapists and serial killers.

It's recycled news, about bogus research that was debunked long ago.

Did anyone else think this headline said "gnomes" at first?

I'm slightly disappointed.

"Two eyes: check. One nose: check. Two mouths: ... Fuck! Back to the drawing board guys."

It's bogus research.

But it's OK, wouldn't be the first time law enforcement used something made-up with a "scientific" basis to convict people.

Well the nose is wrong, the mouth is wrong, the eyes and eyebrows are wrong but apart from that it looks pretty spot on...

I'm no biologist, so could someone please explain, but I thought that a person's face and body type (I think it's called phenotype?) is determined by the expression of the person's genome rather then the genomes itself? Or am I completely wrong? Thanks.

Uhm... if that image is an example, then this isn't even close... it says its one year old, but they would have to make some drastic improvements to get it somewhat correct.

The nose is too short, the eyebrows are too arched, the lips are too narrow, the cheekbones are not high enough, the only thing that is half close to reality is the chin...