Researchers at the University of Utah have teamed up with Planned Parenthood to create HER Salt Lake, an initiative that provides women with access to various methods of birth control free of charge.

Researchers at the University of Utah have teamed up with Planned Parenthood to create HER Salt Lake, an initiative that provides women with access to various methods of birth control free of charge.
Researchers at the University of Utah have teamed up with Planned Parenthood to create HER Salt L...

I've said it before, I'll say it again.

No amount of protesting, lobbying, campaigning, praying, etc. will prevent abortions more than increased access to affordable birth control.

Women in need will still have abortions. The difference is that making them illegal will make them more dangerous to women's health.

"In Poland, the vast majority of abortions take place illegally, as obtaining​ a legal abortion is very difficult, due to many doctors refusing to perform lawful abortions due to being conscientious objectors. Estimates of illegal abortions per year put the numbers between 10,000 and 150,000, compared to only 1,000 - 2,000 legal abortions.".

Taken straight from the 'Abortion in Poland' Wikipedia page.

I go to the U and had no idea this was happening. Makes me proud that Utah is doing something right in regards to female health

It's because they don't know what's going on. The kind of questions they asked me were "have you been hurt by a partner" and they don't know that you haven't, only that she would say no if you were there. Or another thing, "how many sexual partners have you had in the past year?" What if she cheated on you? Then if she said two or three you'd know something was off. It's all about confidentiality and her privacy, not her anxiety. Don't hate a great company? Program? For providing confidentiality because it might help other people.

Which is really a frightening thought. Those women could be having safe, legal abortions, but are instead forced to either go to a different country or hope they don't die from complications in an illegal abortion.

I am a guy living in salt lake

Please let this happen

That is a security precaution. Many shootings at abortion clinics have happened that way.

That's not a fact.

Sure, just like prohibition stopped alcohol consumption?

"Birth control" is a bit of a misnomer for many women. It should be called "feminine health products." For many women (yours truly included and many of my friends), the BCP and other types of BC are used as methods to control PERIODS NOT BIRTHS. My husband had a vasectomy (he's the real hero! 😝) so the pills just prevent me from losing 12-24 days out of the year due to pain and blood loss that resembles a fucking Tarantino movie.

This has been proven to be a false conspiracy theory. You are waay behind. Seriously. They debunked that awhile ago.

There's no way of telling, because women who have illegal abortions aren't going to be reported for statistical analysis.

God, I wish you were half as smart as you think you are.

All right, let's say that making abortions illegal drastically reduces the number of abortions per year (which it might, I don't know enough about the statistics for such a notion). Even if that's true, the murkiness (not all that murky) of the morality of making it illegal should be a huge issue.

But seriously I don't think it should be government funded. Privately funded would be better for everyone.

I am honestly trying to understand this viewpoint. Would you mind elaborating the thought?

Absolutely and 150% correct. A woman can't abort a pregnancy that was never created. This initiative is outstanding, glad to see something good happening out there.

Currently participating in this study. :)

Yupp and the longer its illegal the more casual it becomes to break the law and you start to get little backdoor shops poping up like unsanitary speak easies.

I read the news daily......have never read that it sucked. Must've missed that story.

I'm doing this program right now! I got Nexplanon for free, which is about a $1,000 implant. All I have to do is answer a few questions online every 3 months :)

Then you'll find a lot of back alley, dangerous, abortions... Dumpster babies, and a flooded foster system... Which is already an issue in the US where access to birth control and reproductive health is limited. The best way to prevent abortions is to make access to prevent pregnancy affordable and common.

What story are you thinking in particular, I'm curious

No amount of laws will make me want to have a child or love one if I ended up with one.

I bet the Mormon church has an aneurysm over this.

I got it for free in the UK. I can't believe you have to pay for birth control at all!

This sounds a little weird to me. Why was she there and did they give you a reason? I can think of valid reasons to not let a spouse accompany a patient, and I've experienced it before (at a regular doctors office) though I have never felt like it was unjustified.

I have to admit I'm curious why it caused you to not like planned parenthood as a whole.

Glad to see my state taking at least some sort of initiative in regards to women's health.

It can be hard to find a separation of church and state when such a large majority of the population identifies as LDS.

Sometimes this is good... sometimes it leads to porn being classified as a higher health risk than Utah's disgusting air quality.

Whoa, this is awesome. I've been looking into getting an IUD but have no health insurance and no money. Definitely gonna make an appointment!

Edit: Didn't even realize I was in /sub/twoxchromosomes and not /sub/saltlakecity. Thank you for posting this OP.

Yeah, birth control is just another medication. It shouldn't be so stigmatized and we shouldn't have ignorant politicians fighting our right to have it.

$1000 in America?! Holy shit, I got it for $35 in Australia

Calling crap data "fact" like you've provided unequivocal proof is ridiculous.

I don't attack you for sharing facts. I simply refuse to listen to people spout "facts" that fall somewhere between ignorance and willful denial of legitimate evidence.

If you want to read alllll about abortion from a sauce that can only be edited by real, accredited scientists and experts, I suggest the guttmacher institute. It should be high on your list if you google "abortion facts". If you don't like trusting a single source (good on you - that's intelligent in this age of free, instant, anonymous publishing of opinions spun as fact), cross check it with Google scholars great articles reviewing the state of abortion. My suggestion is to search "abortion literature review" on Google scholar to get a very data-driven analysis of the ins and outs of abortion. The literature reviews compile a shitton of academic journal articles and statistics from metadata (like the U.S. census, Medicaid, food stamp programs, etc) boiled down into a relatively easy to digest information binge that will make Wikipedia look like my drunk uncle Steve who says shit like "I wanna fuck that Russian First Lady Ivanna. Ivanna fuck Ivanna! Hah!". Wikipedia a good for cursory looks, but it's neither cutting edge, nor particularly picky about interpreting data sets and research findings in ways the researchers would cringe at. And forget about it if the topic is controversial - the wiki will never finish wading through the controversy to get to the real issues.

Anywho, have a nice night.

How do we know it isn't a high number? What data can we point to to prove it?

Women are probably having sex just as often, so are there more babies being born and put up for adoption? More babies born to single mothers? What evidence do we have?

Did you get that off Facebook? Lol

And abortions are underreported by 60% on average (sauce: guttmacher institute facts on abortion)

Bull shit.

More behind closed doors abortions would happen. Putting women's lives at risk.

Plus would if your wife/mother/sister/loved one needed a abortion for a life saving reason would you want them to have to go through the courts to obtain one?

Keep them legal for the ones in a dire situation. But allow for cheap or free birth control and sex education.

I would normally be curious as to why you "don't support this". The second sentence tells me the explanation wouldn't make sense.

You're a Mormon, but you're not the Church.

So you're in favor of women's healthcare but you're unwilling to have a VERY small portion of your taxes go toward the healthcare of those heathen sluts, do I have it right?

Why would you leave it in for two years with side effects like that?! Your body obviously hates it. Get that shit removed and try something else.

What shouldn't be government funded? Birth control?

You just reminded me how fucked I am for parking for my 10am class.

Yes cause Mormon Jesus healed the sick, but only if they weren't women. How can you be a church of Jesus Christ if you disagree with his teachings? Jesus was pretty damn liberal but his followers aren't?

The news you are reading obviously doesn't know how to fact check. How embarrassing!

I make no promises about Mormons outside of salt lake, shit gets crazy real fast out there.

Salt Lake Mormons are actually pretty chill. Unlike in a lot of the country I've never actually seen protestors outside Planned Parenthood.

Thank you so much for posting this! I live in the Salt Lake area and have been scared about getting an IUD because of the cost... just scheduled my appointment!

"on the take"? in one of the most conservative states in the nation?

a state that's run by a misogynistic church that treats women like second class citizens, third class if they don't have a baby?


Tell that to the right-to lifers...for them, it is not about birth control but about controlling women's lives, hence, they do not want to make birth control available at any price.

Trump is president. This government isn't going to do anything for women

That is a amazing considering the State of Utah is an abstinence only based education.

Edit: clarification

Right now in the US, insurance has to cover it. If you don't have insurance, you're fucked for BC.

He probably meant the state of Utah's public education system. Texas's (and other states) have it too- where there the school board designated curriculum for health classes in public schools is only abstinence. No actual education about it, and girls after pretty much taught that if we had sex before marriage that our "flower wilts" and guys won't marry us etc etc

No, for the same reason that hospitals and universities getting donations doesn't mean that the government should stop funding universities and donations.

I, too, am curious.

Gee every time I get an abortion it's really on a whim. I've never really reflected or discussed it before for 2 weeks. I wonder if that would have changed my mind. /s

Or maybe it would have just drawn out the horrible, sick, emotional time. Fuck people who condescend to women and think they should be told what to do and how to do it for their own good.

This has been happening since March of 2016. Did you read the article?