Remember this, folks - if you're a black conservative, white liberals will attempt to silence you. They will attempt to speak for you and try to tell you how you should feel. #TheRacistLeft

Remember this, folks - if you're a black conservative, white liberals will attempt to silence you. They will attempt to speak for you and try to tell you how you should feel. #TheRacistLeft

Wow, he really tried to double down and insult based dude

based dude should have called him a racist for disagreeing, for the lulz

I'll never forget the contempt and rage those fucking retard BernieBots had towards "ignorant blacks" because they didn't vote for their Reddit-sponsored socialist

LOL is it me or wasn't the cuck being racist by insisting that because the dude was black he must have experienced racism?


He's going to give you free stuff, vote for him!

But what if I want to get a good career and take care of my family without having to depend on government assistance or welfare?

You're an Uncle Tom!

Libsplaining. When liberals try to speak out for minority problems that don't exsist to 'stay woke'

Obligatory sharing of video

I'm starting to think that white liberals are inherently racist, thus the racist policies created by them and the racist crap that spews out of their mouths. Their racism then fuels the racism of the certain minorities that they pander to. It is really unfortunate that after many generations of doing this, they have a large chunk of minorities buying into their crap. George bush had 40% of the Hispanic vote in 2004, so I have hope that they can be red pilled again by the God Emperor. exposing liberal racism.

I'm paraphrasing a comment I read here on this subreddit. I feel it explains it nicely. White liberals believe that white people are inherently superior. They simultaneously believe in equality of outcome of all and everything. Which is why they consider it a moral duty to correct this inequality. This is why they believe in such things as affirmative action. That whites are the only ones that can't be proud of heritage. That whites are the only ones who can be racist. That minorities should concede all political power to white liberals because they can't possibly know what is good for them. It's an affront to them when they find a inferior minority who thinks for themselves. The bigotry of low expectations.

I'm definitely with you there! Insinuating that a person has experienced something in their lives because of the color of their skin is, on its face, racist.

It's called the bigotry of low expectations. The cuck thinks he needs 'fucking white male' assistance to get ahead in life.

Ann Coulter said something along the lines of "if its commonly accepted that overtly homophobic people might be dealing with their own latent homosexual impulses then why aren't people why cant we consider people who are overtly anti racist are dealing with their own latent racist impulses?"

It's called projection.

White liberals think all whites are racist, simply because under their thin veneer of virtue signaling, they are racist themselves. They can't imagine anyone not being different than them.

It's the same reason a vocal minority want to ban guns. They can't imagine anyone owning/carrying a gun responsibly, because they secretly don't trust themselves to own a gun. They fear they will suddenly have an uncontrollable urge to shoot someone over the slightest provocation, and can't imagine anyone else feeling any differently.

Once you realize the people accusing you of the worst are doing so because deep down, they are having those same thoughts, it all makes a lot more sense.

Exactly. Liberals always tend to speak on the minorities' behalf as if they aren't able to.


I love Dave Rubin, he's great. But one time Larry Elder

Dave had him back on the show too.


"They don't know their issues"


Exactly. They believe in affirmative action because they think there is no other way for Blacks to compete with Whites. They are handicapped by their race and must be taken care of by the enlightened.

At least for me growing up as a black kid in southern California, white people are definitely discriminated against a lot especially in the hood areas. There's racism everywhere, but to constantly imply that black people are victims and white people are the perpetrators is the real systematic racism. What ever happened to not judging people by the color of their skin but the content of their character? This is such a backwards country but I'm grateful to God for giving us Trump and letting us gain back some common sense.

Please, do tell how white kids growing up and going to predominately black and/or hispanic schools never faced racism?

Fact is if the school is say 95%+ white it's FAR less racist towards minorities and it's not even close.

I'll past this here for reference:

A Short History of Democrats, Republicans, and Racism

The following are a few basic historical facts that every American should know.

Fact: The Republican Party was founded primarily to oppose slavery, and Republicans eventually abolished slavery. The Democratic Party fought them and tried to maintain and expand slavery. The 13th Amendment, abolishing slavery, passed in 1865 with 100% Republican support but only 23% Democrat support in congress.

Why is this indisputable fact so rarely mentioned?...


It's also hypocritical, remember mansplaning, Libs hate it when men explain women problems, but don't care when white liberals explain minoroty problems.

Well that's why the whole myth of the 1930's party switch was dreamt up. No politicians switched parties, yet the Democrats claim that all the ideologies of the Republicans and Democrats switched. So all of a sudden they were the decendants​ in spirit of the 1860's Republicans. It's some weird bullshit, but they take it as fact.

Very racist of the left to just assume that a black person isn't well enough developed politically to formulate their own opinions.

The same thing happened in California when black voters turned out in large numbers to vote for proposition 22 (which restricted marriage to opposite sex couples).

The left couldn't believe that black voters refused to back them.

I actually feel pretty bad for african americans in this respect. I would go absolutely crazy if a prominent political party of the United States treated me as if I were a slave to their politics. The democrats still think they "own" what black people can think or believe.

because you're black you have probably...

Oh, so you like to make assumptions based on race? Tell me more about how you're not racist. Cucks are so blind lmao

Here's another one, using Andrew Breitbart and BIll Maher-

They're appallingly racist. Lib view:

If you're black, you can't be expected to succeed on your own, and you need the virtuous liberal white man to help you overcome.

If you're white, you're a damn racist because history, and you must pay.

If you're Chinese, then screw you, your college slot goes to somebody with lower scores, because virtuous lib man says so.

OOTH the conservative view: everybody should play by the same rules.

This, correct me if I'm wrong but wasn't Lincoln a republican? Weren't the democrats the ones who wanted laws preventing blacks from getting an education after slavery was abolished, to keep them working on the fields?

Democrats treat all black people like they are incompetent....for example, democrats always argue that black people do not have the skills needed to get a photo identification. This is classic democrat racism and totally disgusting bigotry.

+420 killshot

Jesus god that is a motherload of a fucking red pill. If I may steal Mr. Elders own words that was a Neutron Bomb of a redpill. Absolutely essential video to watch.

Yes he was. :)

Loved that podcast, Larry Elder is a boss.

Once jobs come back and the economy is strong we'll have everyone voting good emperor 2020

Makes sense and explains a lot. I mean they have standardized tests bu still feel affirmative action is needed to equal out the results.

You know you fail in racism when you're so racist even /pol/ hates your existence.

The ole 'voting against their interests' line.

Everytime I hear that I imagine a vegan being forced to eat a ham sandwich.


First Republican President, in fact.


Videos of antifa being confronted by based blacks are the funniest around

That dude speaks the truth.

How about a movie called Black Chicks? Or White Sugar?

Moving forward as planned. He's addressed this many times to people such as yourself who take the Washington Post as gospel and refuse to do even a shred of research on your own.

Dave had him back on the show too.

Because Dave is more interested in getting to what's right than in being the one who was there all along. He's perfectly willing to admit he was wrong and change his view when presented with evidence to that effect.

An Ivory magazine probably wouldn't be very popular because people would assume it was for poachers.

BASED BROTHERS smashing the establishment bull shit!

So according to Clinton logic Lincoln = Republican = deplorable racist? Makes sense

But what if I want to get a good career and take care of my family without having to depend on government assistance or welfare?

I almost joined the military in my youth (like most teen Americans going through 4 recruiters a month). All of them pushed the 'yeah but how you gonna pay for college' angle of it, and all were surprised when I didn't care for that part of it (and my pride/ego caused it to be the reason I didn't enlist).

Turns out that even though I regret my Psyche degree, I have immensely more pride and drive to apply it because I paid for it myself with stupid amounts of work.

And they'll call you a racist if you have white skin

It's like liberals saying "don't worry, I'm an ally" to a minority person. It baffles me how liberals, blinded by their lust for virtue signalling, can't see how racist and derogatory that phrase is.