Remember "Momma Cherri", one of the ONLY "Kitchen Nightmares" where Gordon Ramsay loved the food? She's back and she's on YouTube sharing her love and cajun recipes!

Remember "Momma Cherri", one of the ONLY "Kitchen Nightmares" where Gordon Ramsay loved the food? She's back and she's on YouTube sharing her love and cajun recipes!

You can see how her southern american accent has started to blend into a British accent. Sounds very weird,

Anyone see some of the comments? I dunno, just made me giggle, here's an example:

wuhtz: Love your chanel Momma! Where can I buy your cook book?!

Momma Cherri: It's available on Amazon. I am also selling a PDF version on my website (as soon as it has been constructed!)

Jake Hills: Is your new website already being built? I'm a web designer here in Brighton - give me a shout if you're looking for someone to help.

Momma Cherri: Thank you Jake. I have a friend working on it for me, as I can't pay to have it done. It's taking a while though as he has other commitments, which is fair enough seeing as he is doing it in exchange for food and babysitting! But if you're happy to take a look too, that would be amazing. I can pay in Fried Chicken and Jambalaya. x

Jake Hills: That sounds like a good trade to me! Here's my site: message me what you need and I'll see if I can help :)

Momma Cherri: Jake Hills Wow! Thank you Jake. Prepare to gain some weight! x

jake better give me my cut of the fucking jambalaya

I can send you some Jambalaya too if you like. I have plenty! ;)

I love it. I especially love how when she gets super fired up, her accent descends into deep south American without any excuses..

Appearently southern accents are the most closely related American accent to an english accent.

Like incest?

Link to the episode

Yep, a lot of English settled in the South which heavily influenced the southern accent. It's basically a lazy and slow English accent.

I was thinking more of horseback riding, hunting with dogs, drinking tea, etc.

Does anyone have the link to the video of a hood ass grandma swearing and teaching a recipe?


*southern ;)

Rip Auntie Fee, she died a few months ago from a heart attack.

And its also amusing to see how stereotypical "redneck" and "southern" hobbies/habits relate to high-class British hobbies

Oh shit, it's Momma Cherri.

Keep up the good work I love your videos!

Momma Cherri herself explains it all in great detail in this video.

If you look on her channel - there's a recent video where she explained everything. In short?

Yes, it did.

However, before it closed down, it MASSIVELY expanded, and did EXCEPTIONALLY well, but at the end of the day, because they were super good people and made sure that all their staff were not only paid WELL (above min wage), and on TIME, the business started to become a victim of its own success (too much demand, not enough supply).

Iirc yeah, wasnt it purely economic? Like the whole tourist industry dried up, she had a solid business going otherwise.

Paying employees on time wouldn't have any factor on going out of business

50 minutes later, that was a great watch. Cheers!

Wow. That is super cool. This is a great idea. Didn't her restaurant close down?

Yeah... but also incest.

Butter coating + deep frying everything and eating sink chicken were contributing factors.

It's so refreshing to see wholesome comments like that on YouTube, makes me want to believe that the internet isn't full of memes and vitriol.

Yeah, that doesn't make sense to me either. I wonder what the real reason was.

"We were so popular and in demand, that we went out of business!"

She has a video on this issue on her youtube. She basically said she followed Gordons advice and got out the kitchen and left it to her staff, focusing on marketing and stuff. The standards slipped and then the recession hit, so it closed down.

The quality of the food had dropped when Gordon went back to do a follow-up and he was pretty disappointed. It dropped due to them struggling to meet high demands and cutting corners with the cooking though, so at that point the business was still doing really well. Whether that eventually caught up with them, I have no idea.

When you prep chicken in the sink

. They received a lot of flak for it, and they said they cleaned the sink beforehand, but it's usually ill-advised to use the sink itself for prepping food.

A bunch of britts moved to the southern states and got drunk and started talking slower so the kids picked up on it?

So all fun stuff?

You obviously cared enough to comment.

Are you ok bro?

I'm happy to chat via PM if you're feeling down or something...

Otherwise I would suggest if this video is not for you? Move along and find one that is.

Have a great day!

I think it just did...

And for people in the UK!

if for some reason the link doesnt work, its on the Channel 4 site on demand :) Season 2 Episode 3 of the UK series.

There's some interesting history there: massive hookworm outbreaks plagued the southern US for centuries, and really only started to die out since the 1950's. A lot of that stereotype of the slow, lazy southern redneck comes from this. I heard it had something to do with a lack of running sewage (due to rural sprawl) coupled with high water tables and a culture that didn't embrace wearing shoes quite as much as you would if you were living in a dense urban area... but that may just be hearsay.

Aw man, the British version of Kitchen Nightmares is much more mellow. None of the tense editing and dramatic sound effects of the US version.

"So when the kids want to have these again they're going to say 'can I have one of those 'something sweet for the kids'"

I saw that video, to expand more on the problems from the recession she said that business during the week totally died. And since they had expanded to a larger place and more employees they were bleeding more money. And even though they did quite well on the weekends it wasn't enough to make up for the other 4 days of week.

Brit married to an Alabama belle here. I can confirm that the accent comes back in force under certain circumstances.

We can tell you get outside a lot

Everyone stopped going because it was too crowded.

They expanded too quickly and ended up delivering a shittier product as a result. Ramsay went back to review the expanded restaurant and wasn't as pleased

He's got a big family.

"mutha fucka I don't know"

Someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning. Lighten up, dude. Maybe eat some (non-cajun) grub. ;)

"Mama, you a sell out"

"And you adopted, fuuck you."

My sides, lol

Yea yeah we want to know what's going on with Amy's Baking Company.

What's sink chicken?

What's UP with the MASSIVE amount of random WORDS being IN capital letters?

That's Awesome!!

I forget how young so many redditors are that even the economic crisis 10 years ago might be too far back for them to remember. Gordon Ramsay himself had to close down like 8 of his restaurants because of that crisis, a few of them Michelin Starred restaurants that very year, because people couldn't spend money.

We literally had news anchors fainting while talking about just how bad the crisis was and how it was literally the worst crisis since the Great Depression and the effects were felt worldwide. What do you think Occupy Wall Street came from years later?

But yeah, gas was over $4 a gallon, nobody had any money, so many businesses were lost. 2008 was a year that just many businesses couldn't survive. Gordon Ramsay included

For people in the UK who don't want to risk installing Adobe Flash:

I stopped actually paying attention to her recipes and cooking when she started to prepare her buffalo chicken breast by mixing all the sauce and chicken together aggressively by hand... in her kitchen sink.

So many people tried to defend her saying that you can easily clean a sink and have it safe to prep all your chicken by swirling it around every last inch of the sink. Yeah, fuck that. That grossed me the fuck out.

I did still watch, however, because she was still an unbelievable human being and her commentary was both outrageously inappropriate and hilarious.

RIP you crazy bitch.

Her accent really confuses me. In my experience people usually adopt some of the local accent but slip into their native accent on certain vowel sounds, but with her it seems to be the opposite, she sounds totally American but every here and there she uses the south England accent on some vowels.

I think they expanded the area and didn't have the kitchen space to adequately prepare stuff.

Lmao my family does this on the regular. Fuck it's a disgusting practice. I gotta put a stop to it.

Yeah I can't imagine how you can clean a sink to be as clean as the bowls & cutlery you clean... in the sink.

Get a grip.

She said in a video that she followed Gordon Ramsey's advice to go out and do marketing and all that stuff and trusted others to run the restaurant and standards slipped and the food wasn't as good. Probably because of that.

It helps that this is an episode where Gordon fucking licks his plate clean. But yeah, the British version is quite different from the US version, though I think it comes down to casting more than production. British side casts far more 'normal' people who are struggling to keep afloat and tend to be more receptive to help. The US version seems to aim for the bat-shit crazy types who just about have to have a gun held to the heads to make them listen to Gordon.

So she expanded into opening multiple restaurants, and then those restaurants weren't able to be successful?

She was saying that when 2008 hit it really hurt her business, to the point where there were nights where the restaurant was completely empty but she would still pay her staff and give them hours because she knew they had their own bills to pay as well.

Look up Tangier Island. Its an isolated community in the middle of the Chesapeake Bay. Strangest accent I've ever heard. Sounds like a blend of English, Irish, and southern American.


I can pay in Fried Chicken

I may have to think over a career change. Hmm.

It can be. Cash flow is a very real problem for small businesses. Even if you're popular and have a large client base

Anger, frustration, and extreme sadness.

Source: bf says I turn into swamp people in those circumstances

Who hurt you

They can cause fatigue, definitely. Is it the cause of southern drawl? Might be a stretch. Probably a stretch. Interesting to consider, though.

I lived in Brighton when the show happened. Went soon after to the restaurant with my mother - it was pretty grim food. She closed down not too long after the show if I remember correctly. Still, I'd be intrigued to try a few recipes. Maybe it was an off day.

( ͡~ ͜ʖ ͡°)

I would try and stop doing that.

Here is her patreon in case anyone wants to help her out.

Probably an issue of teaching all of the chefs for the multiple restaurants to cook as well as she can, while still serving that food quickly and accurately. Restauranting is very difficult to duplicate without very skilled staff

That tends to happen if you move to a place that has a very different accent. It's a very social thing, I will slip into a weird Quebecois accent when I am in the province (and my french is extremely limited.)

Guardian article from 2009

It was the economic climate that did for the restaurant. We went into administration two years ago because things were tight. Then my daughter bought the company and was running it under licence. But just as we were starting to see things pick up, the recession hit hard. People just stopped coming during the week (although we were still very busy at the weekends).

After Kitchen Nightmares, we were incredibly popular. I was turning away 80 people a day. It got to the stage where even the waiting list was too long. With the benefit of hindsight we shouldn't have moved to bigger premises.

She sends out her homemade cajun spice to her patreon peeps who subscribe for a dollar a month (at least)

I loved it when she would bring up the fact everyone criticized her for not washing her hands and made sure Tavis would have it in the frame.

It's a small factor, if any. There is a substantial amount of information and research on the topic already.

The quality of the food had dropped when Gordon went back to do a follow-up and he was pretty disappointed.

How many follow ups did he do? He still liked it in the follow up in the original episode.

South America is a continent.

( ͡~ ͜ʖ ͡~)

Thanks that's a lot better

I'd would also like some Jambalaya.

Dude, I think something is wrong with your eye.

Assuming it is really you, I've been watching your videos all day, they're gold. Can't wait to give some of your stuff a try, dear lord that fried chicken looked amazing! Keep doing what you're doing.

Man who shit in your cornflakes? If you don't care then fuck off. You obviously care somewhat to get angry at people on the Internet for literally no reason


That statement is a wonderful oxymoron.

Go on...

She can send them home though if the restaurant is very slow/empty. No need for a full crew if you only have 5 tables a night. The fact that she was willing to keep them around and pay them for essentially doing nothing just so they'd be able to pay their rent says something about her compassion. Not much about her business sense though.

It's also hot as fuck.

Wholesome is the in meme right now

Haha that's funny because no girl has seen his penis

I have a theory its closer to an Irish accent. In TN anyways there are a lot of Irish immigrants families including mine that have developed an interesting accent. Where bird is boid, wash is warsh, etc.

Oh my god hahahahaha this is excellent. The editing is really good.

Your toilet seat has less germs than your sink does. As long as your'e a normal person that doesn't shit on toilet seats.

We just call it Southern here

I've lived in Louisiana for 20+ years, my family has settled the same land here for over 100+ years


This is NOT how:


Southern people speak—and when I say southern I mean the states that cross I-10. [ They speak NOTHING like this, regularly. ]

Cajun people speak. [ People in southern Louisiana have strong true Cajun dialects which sounds like this:

It is also worth noting that: Mississippi through Georgia have a similar sounding dialect that's different than Southern Louisiana's. (around 91-89 degree Long)

All the Southern states Louisiana eastward begin to gain the Appalachian dialect around 31 degree Latitude. The more North you go from there, the more Appalachian everyone will sound until you get to about 36-40 degree Latitude. ]


tl;dr: This is not what Cajun people actually sound like, regularly



Edit: /u/tathata supplied this link worth checking out (I time stamped it at 1:30)

I wanna say I've been seeing more wholesome things on the internet, but it's probably just another internet fad.

You are supposed to clean your sink anyways. I do it almost each day, dry it down and everything. The people complaining are probably the ones with dirty sinks.

That said, I would still use a bowl.

Yes, including wincest!

I haven't watched it, but assuming the chicken that's being fucked about with in the sink is going in an oven, where's the problem? So long as she cleans it AFTERWARDS to stop salmonella touched by the sink afterwards....

Actually, received pronunciation, the pronunciation associated with the high class of England, wasn't really a thing until the mid 1800s, well after much of the initial migration to the Americas and the southern US. Further, there are plenty of people in the UK that don't use received pronunciation, and so the comparison between southern US pronunciation and modern pronunciations in the UK are more like they share a same history, but aren't as related anymore.

I know you were talking about hobbies, but I figured I'd add that tidbit in anyway.

It must be a great feeling to see Gordon Ramsey eating food you cooked and say "Mmm, fucking hell..."

As an Irishman, I'm pretty sure it isn't - Southern US accents don't sound familiar to me at all.

Lol ur penis is small - Kathy from high school

Shes American, but lived and had a resturant in England.

This made me so happy :) I remember seeing the Kitchen Nightmares episode when it first aired years ago and whenever I visit Brighton I regret not having a chance to visit the restaurant. I hope the family take a gamble on opening a new place some time.

What’s this about spice for a dollar a month? I’d be so down

If you've ever worked in the food industry you would know a lot of restaurants don't always follow that law.

She explained it in her video. She expanded right before the recession back in 08. They did very well for ~2 weeks and then the world (and her restaurant business) went to shit.

If you heard some of the hill- country dialects, you might see what we're getting at. The original settlers of Tennessee, Kentucky, and northern Alabama/Georgia were Irish. There are some interesting books on how the culture continued in those areas. Deep South/ plantation culture came from a different stock of people though.