Relationships are just two people constantly asking each other what they want to eat, until one of them dies

Relationships are just two people constantly asking each other what they want to eat, until one of them dies

That's true except for the fact that it's completely bullshit.

You missed out the time spent trying to find something to watch on netflix.

Yeah sex can get annoying after a while

"I don't care." "Ok, how about this place?" "No." "Fuck!"

Not only is it bullshit but it's an old joke that got reposted by nihilist memes on Facebook in the last 48 hours.

Reddit to Facebook is bad, but Facebook to reddit?

For shame.

And then by the time you find something you've finished your food, so you have to go get more. But you get back in the room and she doesn't feel like watching trainspotting anymore, even though you told her it's a great movie and she should give it a chance until you finally cave and agree to rewatch Gilmore Girls for the 5th time

OP's previous post... the irony is killing me.


I hardly ever ask what he wants to eat. I either make something and he can eat that, or I ask if he wants to eat somewhere, because I'd like some food from there.

Most the time I'm asking "what are you thinking?" or "Do you like that I'm weird?"

The real joke is in the comments.

Oops, wrong sub.

But they just released new episodes!

Come now, you know your right hand doesn't have it's own reddit account.

bullshit, my SO never asks me what i want to eat she just likes me to play a guessing game / process of elimination until i work out where she wants to eat

she always knows what she wants to eat but must feel less guilty about eating fast food or something if i suggest it first

Do you want to watch some porn later?

^ This guy gets it.

So....did you come straight here from Facebook, or actually ruminate on this a while. I mean this is word for word an established meme...and it's on the front page..what the fuck are we even doing here?

Probably a repost too

Hey guys, can I have a turn this time?

Are you my girlfriend?

Seriously. I saw this on Facebook a couple days ago. What's happening to you, Reddit?

Or you guys can have some similar interests and some different interests and try to find something you mutually like :P

Mine does...

Nice fb repost. The facebook page nihilist memes posted it yesterday not sure if it's the original but it certainly breaks the only original thoughts rules.

Every damn time.

I had to watch these with my sisters over the holidays. I got through about 20 minutes of one episode. Are the main characters supposed to be this bratty and selfish? Or was I reading into it too much? The girl main charters seemed to not care about anybody else's feelings but their own.

Showerthoughts are just words arranged in a way to sound smart or funny.

(I can play the oversimplification game too!)

This hits too close to Home. Sigh.

Nice reposted meme. I've seen this at least 10 times on Facebook.

Yep. Relationships are about connection and support. It's about sharing the good and the bad. It may be funny to reduce it to something like this, but it isn't true.

It was on twitter about a year ago.

So you're telling me, I'm not allowed to dislike shitty character traits in females, because they're females?

Edit: Also, I'm pretty sure Lena Dunham's show alone puts women on top in terms of on-TV selfishness...

This is probably a joke older than the internet.

Fuck you dude! She isn't going to make me watch Gilmore Girls again, right?! Right?!

Too meta for this sub unfortunately. I hope you don't get discharged.

Does she want fries but orders salad then steals half your plate

Man, I don't want to piss all over a well established circle jerk, but I have been with the same woman for 30 years and this doesn't reflect our relationship at all. I eat whatever the hell I want as I skulk around in her shrubbery and peek into her windows. Our intimacy and love certainly don't hinge on meal preferences or arguing over the mundane. There's a lot of panties to steal and furniture to rub up against, when she's out and I'm certainly not waisting precious minutes examining her refrigerator or rifling through her cupboards. Freaks.

I would categorize this as a "joke" myself. An observation that exaggerates reality for comedic purpose.

I admit I found it funny.

It appears jokes are not allowed in this subreddit however so I guess it should be removed.

Guilty of this...

If you ask what I don't want to eat, it's easier for me to answer that, not sure about other people though.

It's fucking bullshit.. Cuz.. Fucking.

I top out at three restaurants. If she says no to all three then I announce that we're going to the first restaurant I chose or any restaurant of her choice.

My nuclear option is telling her we're going to the Arby's on 22nd.

You forgot the part arguing whether to keep Netflix or Amazon Prime.

TFW you get a raise and are able to affordably keep both.


and agree to rewatch Gilmore Girls for the 5th time

Just point out the ridiculous continuity errors and laugh at emotional moments and Gilmore Girls will be banned from being on any screen while you are in the house.

Trust me on this one.

If you can't manage to enjoy food then you're either eating the wrong garbage or I feel very, very sorry for you. It's like not being able to enjoy sex. We're literally programmed for it.

Plus, I already watched Trainspoting, AND Tinker Tailor, AND that boring Ken Burns documentary, and all I got in return was a begrudging agreement to watch Emperor's New Groove, which he laughed the whole way through! I told him he'd love it, why all the grief?!

Obviously this hit a nerve.

Edit: clarity

My rule is that we can say no, but only if we have a counter suggestion. If not we revert to the first suggestion.

If that's all you think relationships are, then you've never had one

Yeah I've seen this and variations of it all over the place for at least like 6 months.

And I don't understand why it was always my job to pick a place when we first got together. I get that he "could eat anything" but that doesn't help me, there are a hundred restaurants here. So now we switch every day, he picked yesterday so I pick today. :)

Edit: It's probably something he picked up from his ex-wife now that I think about it more. Glad I was able to help him get past that habit, haha.

She is

The incest stuff, right?

Dated a girl who got halfway through the pilot of Firefly, paused it, then asked if I wanted to watch Drop Dead Diva instead.

I whipped out my phone, called my wife up, apologized for running out, and we've been enjoying each other's Netflix queue ever since.

don't like a show your girlfriend makes you watch? shit all over it til she's ashamed to play it in front of you!

It's not just a joke, it's an overused joke I've heard for years now.

Found the girl that would make you watch Gilmore Girls

Read rule #1 over. Please stop enabling unoriginal, stolen content/ideas.

And I don't understand why it was always my job to pick a place when we first got together.

For me it's because I got tired of hearing "I don't care" followed by "not that". Motherfucker then you do care, and I'm not playing that game. If you tell me you don't care then I am picking, no vetoes.


Yes, that's one of the themes of the show. But also think about how few shows there are where female leads are allowed to be selfish. Why do women have an obligation to be selfless and giving all the time? I actually really like the fact that the leads (mostly) know what they want and (mostly) get it from (mostly) men in their lives.

But yah, Rory is basically the worst.

Yours might be more accurate but doesn't sound witty and cynical enough. To the bottom of the pile!

Ah trainspotting. Good shit. Gotta find a girl like mine who doesn't give a fuck about shows like GGs

Yeah, but it's not "I just realized something true while doing something unrelated", it's "this is vaguely funny".

Single mom raising her daughter who makes shitty decisions and they talk in a really annoying manner that gives near everyone a headache.

Girl here. I would rather watch trainspotting over GG any day of the week. Has bf who would rather watch twilight so there's that.

I think people find it hard to accept that some of the first world is as bad as the third

"Okay, so let's go to the other place that you really like." "No!"

Its $8/mo for netflix.

If you can't afford $8/mo for netflix, you aren't in the first world.

You do know if your budget relies on $8 +/- you don't have first world problems.

That's when they starve and step 2 of the relationship takes place

You do know Netflix isn't the only reoccurring bill people have.

Most the time I'm asking "what are you thinking?" or "Do you like that I'm weird?"

"Nothing" and "yes" are usually my responses to those questions. Not because I'm trying to be snarky, but because it's true.

When you pour water in a bottle, it becomes the bottle. When you pour water in a teapot, it becomes the teapot. Water can drip and it can crash. Become like water my friend.

Wow, something weird happened. I saw this on facebook BEFORE reddit!!

Hehhehe. Hey 👋🏼 Enaias_right_hand!!

You've got it all wrong. You're allowed to dislike them, just as you're allowed to dislike male equivalents. What they're saying is that portraying complex women is unusual and cool. A lot of people confuse character with actor and writing. They dislike a show because they dislike a character, without realising that the character is written to be like that. So dislike the characters rather than the show. I personally really enjoy GG, and I think that in many ways Rory is an asshole. A big theme of the show is that you begin by thinking that the grandmother is an asshole (and a bad mother) while sympathising with the mother and daughter, then fairly quickly learn that the mother is an asshole (and a bad mother) in many ways, and finally that the daughter is too, all the while you're sympathising more and more with the grandmother...

And this is why you're single.

Non-dominant hand. Doesn't get the job done. Pass the towel, please.

Yeah. She's probably just into PLL then.

It's usually Chik-fil-A tho

Or in the case of my ex-wife: "What are we going to be doing today?"

I was less the husband and more the entertainment coordinator, and when I didn't do my "job" I got blamed for her being bored.

Mmm whatcha say

poor man

Isn't Emperor's New Groove funny though?

Relevant post by OP.

Well, it's giving people a chance to discuss it, and they're having fun. I'm having fun reading what they wrote. Not a biggie.

the "first world problems" meme is more about issues that arise when living in luxury and comfort rather than issues that are exclusive to the first world. if your budget is so tight that you can't afford the $8/month for Netflix, you aren't living in luxury and comfort.

I just mean he ends up loving my choices, but I have to sit through three of his before I get a single Disney movie.

Stable until the moment it all comes crashing down around your ears and you look back in bewilderment wondering where it all went wrong.

I've never heard it and think it's pretty funny.

"Do you like that I'm weird?"

This makes me miss being in a relationship. Weird Girls Make the World Go Round.

I don't know why talk-to-text made all those letters capital, it has a mind of its own.

No, my bfs house didn't sploded

My girlfriends quickly learn to stop asking this, because 100% of the time my answer will be "wherever you want to go"

I don't really do the whole eating thing.

Gilmore Girls

Between watching it with my mother/sister, then my girlfriend. I must have seen like 200 episodes of this show. Can anyone tell me what the fuck the story is? I never quite figured it out.

I recently instituted this rule. My SO isn't as happy about it as I am. :-) Also, sometimes we get into "restaurant chicken"... "You sure you can't think of ANYPLACE better than Applebee's?"


Every now and then you answer "You", and then things are fun for a little bit

Thank you. I read that and was like... wtf!?

You watch your fucking mouth about my boy Ken Burns.

I feel like you read his first sentence and then responded.