r/all's worst nightmare

Great movie and a great use. Enjoy the gold.

Wow. Thanks for that.

My understanding is the following: /sub/hqg makes meta gifs, /sub/all doesn't like meta, /sub/hqg make gifs about how /sub/all doesn't like the meta, so /sub/all now dislikes that they are being made fun of.

We're on a mission from HQG.

We've gone so meta I'm not even sure I understand the metaphor here. Am I retarded?

That whole movie is quotable scene after quotable scene. Probably seen it a 1000 times.

Self referencing. Users, posts, general stuff within the sub

Blues Sisters (it's funny)

Any day now Hollywood will remake it and murder any fond memories we had of it :/

Omg please more blues brothers and John candy.

They've gone self-aware. Pretty soon the gifs will start self-replicating. We've reached the gifularity.

Whats meta? I see it said A lot and I don't really understand. Is it just referencing another post?

The Blues Brothers. Probably the best film spawned off from a Saturday Night Live bit.

Of course I've seen Blues Brothers 2000 times. Good thing they never made a sequel.

Paul Feig just got a boner.

Probably the second best film spawned off from a Saturday Night Live bit.


I just shivered in horror...send help (and nudes)

Check out /sub/johncandygifs

Plus the music from the blue brothers is the best part. Ray Charles, James Brown, Aretha Franklin, John Lee Hooker, Cab Calloway and the BBs themselves

"Use of unnecessary violence in the apprehension of /sub/all has been approved."

Orange hwip? Orange hwip? Three orange hwips!

Meta loosely translates from Greek into "beyond." It's seen as annoying because it's self referential which is inherently from an outside perspective (thus, the squad car landing into a gif of itself) instead of making a normal joke with a lead up and a punchline, for instance.

E: clarification

Starring Amy Schumer and Leslie Jones


Did you . . . not just see the gif?

Wayne's world?

They already did. You've apparently never seen Blues Brothers 2000.

Well, they made Blues Brothers 2000 and it was pretty damn awful. John Goodman was good though.

I mean, I get the joke here. But we all know that Paul Fieg can't get a boner without adorning his genitals with lavender.

Looks like he's saying "Oven...oven...oven...oven"

John Candy was in blues brothers? Edit: John Candy was in Blues Brothers.


Blues Brothers is one of my favourite movies of all time.

I disagree immensely. Macgruber has a considerably lower rating on IMDB (5.5) and Rotten Tomatoes (47%) than The Blues Brothers IMDB (7.9) and Rotten Tomatoes (85%).

Macgruber is a spoof of action movies and McGyver. The Blues Brothers was an original concept.

I don't think the two are close.

Worst part is, a lot of apps now like Snapchat and Tinder have built in gif searches like GIPHY and Tenor. You can use these to send gifs in a chat and they have made available a plethora of low quality shitty reaction gifs with horrible frame rates and timing. The best stuff out there by far is the content from HQG, which is also available in these apps, but most of it is literally unusable outside of HQG because it's only addressing weird HQG stuff and makes zero sense outside of reddit or the HQG circle.

Everyone was in Blues Brothers. That movies cast was absolutely incredible.

I hate Illinois Nazis meta bullshit.


Who wants an orange whip? Orange whip? Orange whip? Three orange whips.

The world could always use more Blues Brothers.

The gif?

And Melissa McCarthy.

Blues Brothers 2000

I have never seen this movie out of my love and respect for the original, but I just wiki'ed it, and see the lineup of the Blues "Supergroup" that they put together to play against the original Blues Brothers Band in some type of competition. HOLY FUCK WHAT A LINEUP:

Jeff "Skunk" Baxter – guitar

Gary U.S. Bonds – vocals

Eric Clapton – vocals and guitar

Clarence Clemons – vocals, tenor saxophone and tambourine

Jack DeJohnette – drums

Bo Diddley – vocals and guitar

Jon Faddis – trumpet

Isaac Hayes – vocals

Dr. John – vocals and piano

B. B. King as Malvern Gasperone – vocals and guitar

Tommy "Pipes" McDonnell – vocals

Charlie Musselwhite – vocals and harmonica

Billy Preston – vocals and synthesizer

Lou Rawls – vocals

Joshua Redman – tenor saxophone

Paul Shaffer as Marco/Himself – keyboards

Koko Taylor – vocals

Travis Tritt – vocals and guitar

Jimmie Vaughan – vocals and guitar

Grover Washington, Jr. – baritone saxophone

Willie Weeks – bass guitar

Steve Winwood – vocals and organ

It literally encompasses everything wrong with unwanted sequal's, Replaced main character due to a deaths, added a kid member to the "team" and basically had the same plot, get the band back together, only this time for no reason at all.

The Blues Brothers

not enough blues brothers on reddit. Nice work.

Nope, youve got to watch really closely but if you do you will see literally every single person on earth wander past in the background as an extra.

Its a very busy movie and tiny details like that are easy to miss!

We're putting the subreddit back together.


It's honestly not that bad as far as modern sequel/remakes go. And this is coming from someone who is a huge Blues Brothers fan.

God damn penguin mods!

Gifception *

Do you just browse what hits /sub/all because there is a lot in this sub that is usable elsewhere.

Cheers bandito, thanks for that.

I think Blues Brothers 2000 proved that statement wrong.

Looks like "snowflakes" to me.

you got my cheese whiz boy?

Yeah, I don't know what he's on about. I find this sub forever ago and have a bookmark folder of reactions and stuff that aren't meta. You guys do incredible work here. Keep it up. <3

Part of your issue is meta is not short for metaphor. Meta is a word meaning self referential.

They are still be removed now

Well played.

hut hut hut hut hut hut hut hut

What movie?

See the funny thing about the Blues Brothers was that they were white... I mean, the concept at least.

I don't know what you're talking about. There was never a second movie.

We're in a truck!

Blues Brothers 2000

I think we presented that it never happened.

I have milk coming out my nose too. Am I meta? Am I doing this right?

"The new HQGs are in early this year." [squeals tires and tears through a few more subreddits]

Pretty sure its Eddie Redmayne

Night at the Roxbury?

How are you so sure that they havent?

Emiiiilllllliiioooooo The Mighty Duck himself

I bet you have SCMODS.

You are a f@cking demon!!!! Don't you dare say stuff like that again criesinfear

...is a close second, imho.

Blues Brothers is also my favorite musical, period.

Oh Jesus, I can see them trying to make her an unfunny Belushi clone. Please God don't let this happen.

That soundtrack is what got me into blues, still makes me drive faster than I probably should.

Did you just make a review of reviews? You've become what you hate.

Posts about the people making the posts or the community in general.

Coneheads bro. Coneheads.

How much for the women? The little girl?

No, you need to reference milk coming out of your nose in another unrelated thread.


I thought I recognized you. You were in the restaurant.

Yes. You're bad and you should feel bad.

Hidee idee idee idee idee idee idee ah!

This scene was shot right by my house, and that's all I think of whenever I see it.

I thought it was decent, am I in that much of a minority here?

Haven't seen it in quite a while. I was 9 when it came out. Definitely one of my favorites.

Well now I have to watch The Blues Brothers again.

How... how long did it take you guys to remove all the police cars?

God please watch over /sub/highqualitygifs and /u/Larry_Gomes so that they can continue to bless us with meta bullshit.

I'm not 100% sure who that actor is, but he should play the Male Luttece twin in a Bioshock: Infinite movie

I don't know about a remake, but I'd love a similar style movie with those two

Space Balls went meta when they started watching the video tape of Space Balls. They were self-aware of the fact that they were in a movie, and the joke was that they started watching the very movie they were in. That's meta.

Jesus....I've got milk coming out my nose.

I'm gonna have Minnie the Moocher stuck in my head all day