Protests in Japan as anti-conspiracy bill passed "to prevent terrorism before it happens". The bill writes 277 new crimes into law, many of which are petty crimes such as copyright violations or stealing lumber from forests.

Protests in Japan as anti-conspiracy bill passed "to prevent terrorism before it happens". The bill writes 277 new crimes into law, many of which are petty crimes such as copyright violations or stealing lumber from forests.
Protests in Japan as anti-conspiracy bill passed "to prevent terrorism before it happens". The bi...

Because as we all know, the first thing terrorists do is to steal lumber from forests. Fact.

How to Jihad:


Illicit timber


Caliphate of Japan

Best of luck, Japan. Here's hoping your protesters have better luck fighting mass surveillance than the rest of the world.

World governments just loooove using terrorism to pass their bullshit, unrelated laws under the guise of keeping the people "safe." The war on terror really is the best thing to ever happen to corrupt assholes in power.

The protests will do nothing, Japan has been ruled by the same party since WW2 with except for some brief 2 year stints here & there. Political apathy is incredibly high.

Political apathy is incredibly high.

I don't blame 'em. It's hard to give a shit when the system is as rigged, and institutional inertia is as high as it is in Japan. "The nail that sticks out gets hammered down" ought to be the national motto at this point.


Tbf, a lot of drug cartels have moved from selling drugs to selling illegal lumber. Not sure what that has to do with modern terrorism and japan though.

Caliphate of Japan

I don't think islamists are the problem in Japan, there are other crazy groups and religions there.

The war on terror really is the best thing to ever happen to corrupt assholes in power.

And to terrorists

The bill was revised several times over the years as earlier versions met with fierce resistance and did not make it through parliament.

Hopefully, it will remain in limbo


Japan like most states now use 'terrorism' as an excuse for their illiberal behavior.

Ah the good ol "prevents terrorism" argument.

fuckin MGS got pachinkoed

they played us like a damn fiddle

Too bad it is broke when it comes to politics... the country is basically ruled by a literal cult of right wing extremists that have free rein to do whatever the hell they want. Old people won't stop voting for them no matter what, and they have been in power for so long they have had time to indoctrinate young people to see them as the "winning party" while feeding them nationalist bullshit.

Not only that, they have all media by the balls. Many people in the west don't know this, but Japan is e.g. 72nd in the 2017 World Press Freedom Index, more info in that link. Honestly, some of the reporting you see surrounding the more controversial political news (like the ones this post is about) is more reminiscent of a third world country dictatorship that's trying to look "free" than what you would expect in a bona fide first world country. Every time, there will be a serious blackout by the mass media, not mentioning anything about some controversial bill that's on the table or whatnot. Then, like 2 hours before it's rushed through parliament, way too late for anyone to protest about anything, they'll run a token informational story that tries to sound impartial.

It's pretty well known that the government will directly send a team to "have a talk" with any mass media that hasn't been "impartial enough" in its coverage, and I remember an opinion piece on a major Japanese newspaper just a year or 2 ago regarding the situation that sounded more like a cry for help than anything else.

EDIT: Amazing, I got downvoted within 30 seconds of posting this wall of text. I guess even the government here is astroturfing these days.

Japan is the world's largest importer of wood,pulp,and paper products. They pretty much ship it in cut it, then ship it out. So this part of the law might make econonmic sense.

No change, thank you, we're Japanese.

'International joint effort against crime', or against humanity??

It's the easiest way to explain how the Japanese government system works if you know nothing about it.

You also need a youngish population. Japan's not getting that anytime soon.

Don't forget the weapons industry...

Theyre just lumping every crime into terrorism. In this sense economical terrorism

those who would give up freedom for protection deserve nei... ah fuck it. this is the world we live in now

Yes, terrorist is going to pirate your anime, and your music, and your movies among other shit.

This is just corporate interests pushing in disguise, nothing about "terrorism".

Terrorism has no meaning anymore aside from "against this government"

Well said. This is exactly it. Terrorism legislation and the mass-surveillance state growing in many countries is far more about controlling dissent rather than terrorism. They just use the terrorism banner so people figure the legislation only applies to "9/11 type terrorists"... instead of those that oppose the growth of the state. It creates a natural deterrent to criticism of Orwellian legislation. "You oppose this?? Do you support the terrorists???"

Government can never be trusted. Ever. It must always be watched with a skeptical eye and the people must always maintain a healthy spirit of resistance to tyrannical power (governmental, corporate, financial, etc).

Yes, there are laws in Japan that make any form of gambling illegal, when it involves money. So what Pachinko parlors do, is instead of giving you money prizes, they give you ordinary objects like fruits or toys or other small trinkets, that you take next door to exchange for cash. Technically, you are never gambling for money, you are gambling for small trinkets that you then trade for money.

Rather silly little loophole.


It's called the Diet. Really makes me wonder about the writer here.

Japan is a state and a nation, it's a nation state.

Ok, so while there might not be TERROR now in Japan, the only way to stop them from coming is aggressive preventative measures which strip you of your rights and increase the powers of police and the courts.

We're dealing with potential TERRORISTS who might one day decide to move here. We can't take any chances. TERRORISM

TERROR is quite the effective marketing strategy. Sounds scary and makes me want to grab my blankie and give up freedom. Think of the TERRORISTS. Just think about them.

Pavlovian response, fear you've been conditioned into having even when you're in absolutely no danger.

Hey now, as a Britisher were doing all we can to be no.1

Yet it is exactly that apathy that allowed it to get this far. This way it's a self fulfilling prophecy.

Literally all that's needed to overthrow a corrupt government is for enough people to gather and say enough is enough. But people are dumb as hell and just can't see that fact.

I often wonder where the world would be if, instead of taking the shitload of money we've wasted over the past two decades on the parasitic military industrial complex, we as a society would have instead put that money directly into research on cures for diseases, alternative energy, aerospace, agriculture, ect.

Without even getting into the dubious effectiveness of many of the 'anti-terror' actions, I for one am far more concerned about all the diseases that are substantially more likely to kill me than I am about terrorists.

I have family members suffering from presently incurable ailments, and seeing stupid stuff like this just always makes me wonder...

Actually they do , Google virapan , a south indian terrorist/militant group who made millions by illegally cutting down sandlewood & hunting elephants for ivory . His group hid in the deep forests of tamil nadu , his dealers bought loyalty from poor villages where they operated by spending a chunk of the money for schools , loans ,free money .

He was impossible to catch for nearly 10 years

Why are we here? Just to suffer?

Government claims bill is necessary to tackle crime ahead of 2020 Olympics

Sounds like its Akira all over again.

According to wikipedia the Japanese Diet is a parliament.

I jaywalk terrorism almost every day.

You know who else loves freedom and privacy in their everyday lives. Literally everyone else. Guess which group is the overwhelming majority

Okay, no, that's not how that works. The US military is and has always been equipped and trained with the idea of fighting a conventional, set-piece battle with the Russians in Western Europe and the North Atlantic. That has dominated us from the end of World War II even up to today, and has only begun to shift in the wake of the disastrous lessons of Afghanistan and Iraq - even Vietnam never sank in, because we just blamed the Johnson administration (somewhat justifiably, but not so much that we should have discarded all the other lessons we learned) and went right back to posturing against the Soviets (which to be fair we needed to at the time).

You need an entirely different set of skills and tools to root out a popular insurgency hiding with some Kalashnikovs and RPGs among an indifferent-at-best civilian population compared to the set you need to win a battle in an open field against an enemy wielding a conventional mechanized army. The tactics are different - unlike a real army, an insurgency doesn't group up in nice large bunches for a bombing run - and the logistics are different - insurgents source their supplies in small, smuggled runs, not convoys of trucks and trains heading to the front - and the methods of winning it are different - attempts to break the morale of an insurgency will only make more civilians join it, whereas trying to win the hearts and minds of an opposing army is laughable at best.

The US is comically bad at dealing with the Middle East in general, but it's a matter of not really understanding what we're up against, not a fucking conspiracy. If we had the slightest idea what we were doing, we would have forced the Iraqi puppet government we set up to have stronger protections for religious minorities (specifically, Sunnis and Kurds) as a precondition for our support. And frankly, if we really knew what we were doing, we would have done things a lot differently in Afghanistan; a long-term occupation never works there for a reason. And then there's the crown jewel of our incompetence in the ME: we insist that Israel can do no wrong with literally religious fervor. I'm not saying we disown them and stop supporting a functional liberal democracy, but I am saying that maybe the Arabs would have slightly less problems with us if we weren't so transparently sucking their cocks all the time - and maybe the Israelis would treat their minorities better if they didn't think they'd never be held accountable for it.

It's almost as if governments around the world benefit from terrorism. No wonder the greatest military power in the world could not swiftly end a war with goat herders with machine guns and rocket launchers.



Fuck the current Japanese government. They're trying to turn totalitarian faster than any other nation, it seems.

Yet it is exactly that apathy that allowed it to get this far.

No, there wasn't apathy in the 60s during their student protests and civil rights era. It's just that their movements got brutally stamped out.

It is right? Gotta put that video camera in your living room to catch the burger coming in through the window, or at least that's what the ad shows. Oh look, GPS trackers for your kid...

Well, it's only called the Diet because of historical German influence. Nothing in the Japanese name says it has to be translated that way (kokkai -- 'national conference'). It's a parliamentary system in all but foreign naming.

Distributing the list is one of the crimes.

They made the show Psycho Pass. Is that where Japan is heading already?

There is no trade off. Bad things happen, no matter how much we let the governments of the world take over our lives. There is no amount of "trade-off" that will prevent bad things from happening. Feeling safe does not make you safe, and it's a governments job to make you feel safe. That's it.

Well yes, first make inane laws that will severely limit peoples ability to succeed in life, then enforce them driving down the quality of life, then push people to the fringes where they will more likely become susceptible to extreme views, laws to "prevent terrorism" are now relevant. Game, set, match.

Fine but what does it has to do with preventing crimes ?

I understand what you mean, and certainly the government's handling of the crisis was flawed to put it mildly, but I feel like saying they "were responsible" for it is going too far. They happened to be in power when it happened, that's really all there is to it. The plant was built when they weren't in power, under safety laws they didn't pass. As much as the LDP went all out selling the story that they would have handled things better, no one can say if that's even true, and even if they managed it, their ratings would have plummeted regardless just by association.

How long until Psycho-Pass?

Or you're getting downvoted by the hordes of Weaboos that like to believe Japan is a utopia

biometric IDs for getting into the upper middle class line for clean water vouchers, here we come


Cults are a bigger problem in japan.

Japan is actually a Nation-state, so.

You realize a state is any community living under a single system of government as we traditionally imagine modern government, right?

The first time a security officer asks me to pick up a can...I'm going right for the crowbar.

I think that he's saying the exact opposite.

The term State aplies here, particularly as a Sovereign State

Nation State is also applicable.

Nation on the other hand is not.

Those already ARE totalitarian states. I said Japan is 'trying'.

My point stands.

The easiest would have been to call it the legislative body. Calling it a parliament when it isn't one isn't an "easy explanation," it's a falsehood.

Two other articles on the topic that go into more detail, but are also more opinionated:

I wonder how much of a hand Nippon Kaigi, the ultranationalist party that was unknown until a few years ago, had in this. They were considered to be reactionary without any concrete plans once they achieved power though they gained 15 out of the 19 cabinet seats when Abe reshuffled it back in 2014 and they've been backing Liberal Democratic Party members in elections and won a simple majority for the rest time in 27 years.

Japan’s election on July 10, 2016 for the House of Councillors, the Upper House of its parliament the Diet, saw yet another decisive election victory for the conservative Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) of Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, making him one of the most successful leaders in the democratic world. The governing LDP won 56 seats, and an Independent Diet member has since joined the ruling party, giving the LDP a simple majority of 122, the first in its own right in the 242-member Upper House for 27 years. The LDP’s coalition partner, the Komeito Party (KP) won 14 seats, raising their numbers to 25. With the support of other conservatively-aligned small parties and independents, the Abe government can now expect to command 165 votes, exceeding the two-thirds figure of 162, in favour of constitutional reform to ease restrictions on Japan’s use of military force. The constitution has remained unchanged since it was delivered under the postwar US occupation, and can only be amended after a two-thirds majority in both houses of the Diet approves a public referendum, which then needs to be passed by a simple majority.

It's where the world is heading, it seems.

See the US (hi NSA!), the united kingdom and many others.

While naturally the replies goes to the most famous (at least here in the west) Tokyo subway attack, it should be noted that it was in no way an isolated incident. Aum Shinrikyo, the cult responsible for that attack not only had a host of other individual murders and attacks on their hands, including the first ever confirmed murder with the nerve agent VX - though Saddam was suspected of having used it in chemical warfare previously - the alleged agent used to assassinate Kim Jong-Nam. But they also performed an entirely different large-scale Sarin gas attack which killed 8 people and injured hundreds (

I definitely recommend reading up on the cult, it's pretty fascinating reading.

I don't like to use WWII as an example because it was already over a lifetime ago and most living japanese people have little to do with it and on some level are conscious of the crimes carried out.

What I refer to are things like the japanese right wing that is very much popular and growing. Americans think they might be terrible racists against mexicans but it doesn't even compare to the vitriolic hatred felt against the koreans by right wing japanese. Openly calling for genocide, mass deportations, and things that seem taken out of a wolfenstein game.

Just a few days ago I read an article about a salaryman suffering from mental illness who upon returning to work after taking a break was greeted by his boss telling him "This is your final opportunity" and "Don't let it happen again" You'd think this would be a clear case of power abuse right? It was extremely controversial and a majority of comments were siding with the boss and blaming the employee for wasting the company's time.

It's just shocking the kind of absolutely backwards shit that goes on in that society that people in the west are blind to or purposely ignore. I thought learning japanese would make me more sympathetic but it just exposed a wealth of racism, bigotry, inferiority complexes and a dedication to tradition that flies in the face of the wellbeing of the populace.

Faster than the Philippines? Or Turkey? I'm not trying to defend this legislation, it's terrible. But gross exaggerations like this do nobody a service.

Change the constitution to allow greater military build-up, increase surveillance on the populace, all done by a guy who at one point was talking to his water bottle for comfort. I'm sure this isn't building towards anything bad.

We are all terrorists on this beloved day.

I'm not sure you're correct about the flaws in U.S. strategy against insurgency.

Our strategies are built for far more efficient fighting forces. The distributed nature of an insurgency does give it staying power, but not the power needed to actually win.

In each of the wars listed, the insurgents basically won by default, because they win if they don't lose. The U.S. and NATO didn't achieve their goals, but that's mostly an unwillingness to actually see it through more than anything. Our losses were pretty pitiful compared to, say, a world war. The bigger issue is the U.S., or any of our allies, make their people consider any nation in the ME a legitimate threat for very long, because we are dealing with shepherds and farmers.

wow ?! thats actually really radical if you think about it ... lumber thieves ?! :(

You wouldn't download a tree !!

it's terrorism when they do it and "bringing liberation" when some rich people do it, but only if it's poor people under the command of rich people accepting cash payments and health insurance benefits to go around killing other poor people for money - if it's poor people attacking rich people over politics or principles, that's also terrorism.

A duck?

I'm just glad the writer didn't say, "Japanese Congress".

No, they are upset that they are terroristic crimes now.

Doesn't Pachinko allows for legal gambling? The prizes can be taken next door for cash, right?

How to Jihad, Nippon Edition.

Yay, let's go back to totalitarianism all over the world because terrorism is really scary you guys.

When, or perhaps rather if, the global situation ever gets back under control, it's going to be hell to get our rights back.

No, Japanese diet is fish and seaweed

Forest lumber floats You know what else floats?




Japan, Poland, and Hungary are up there. All the sort of ethnically homogeneous states that are praised by the far right, and all of which are rapidly turning into police states.

we should build a bridge out of her.

I would be willing to believe terrorists are really into that kinky anime porn Japan exports. All that religious sexual repression bubbles up somewhere.

as you should, drone 314. as you should

Terrorism will be the excuse for degradation of free democracy. Unlike prior civilizations though, governments will now have the technology to suppress protest and revolutions. I sadly fear for the free democracy model that we all idealize.

In modern politics and history, a parliament is a legislative, elected body of government.


Parliament: a legislative body in any of various other countries.

The usage is correct.

Japanese Laws were changed but the United States as a counter to Organized Crime. Most if not all Pachinko parlors are owned by big corporations like MGM resorts. Prizes you can win include gold and silver bullion. You can then either take the bullion or trade it in for cash at a bullion buying store. The bullion buying stores are a stop gap till the laws are changed allowing the Parlors to give people cash. Some of the laws changed also effected payout. Now all payouts favor the house 98% of the time. Previous law required that a 16 round win ever 1.2k spins. New law states that a 4 round win required every 300 spins. Difference is on a 16 round win you get a 50% chance to win more rounds. Under new law 4 round win gives a 5% chance to win additional rounds. Also the law was changed so instead of having a payout every 48 hours to 72 hours.

Nah, you're a freedom fighting jaywalker.

There's a difference.

'criminal' and 'terrorist' will soon mean the same thing

Well Japan does have some crime...

No one is believing you because a lot of us have experienced it first hand.


God my favorite logical pitfall is when westerners assume Asian countries are super concentrated homogenous states. They call us racist for "not welcoming in others" but turn right around and say "well, you guys are all the same"

Like fuck off, i don't expect you to know that southern Thailand is different from northern Thailand, Hokkaido is different from the main island, Mongolia is completly different from China, but come on! use a little common sense! The reason many just call themselves "Asian" in western countries, is because there is so much mixed blood and nationalities.

Except for korea, man. I thought the royalty pushers in Thailand where racist until i landed in Korea for a month. Don't know what is going on there. I've interacted with chinese tourists, deep Tokyo youth and jungle farmers from Vietnam, but only in Korea will you get called "Lazy (asian) ladyboy" in public for being thai. I now use "lazy asian" to describe my race to others.

We all float down here.

Sake or Sake?

This is Japan, a country where basically everyone charged with a crime is convicted because the public doesn't believe in the concept of "innocent until proven guilty". This sort of stuff is par for the course.

It's not the crime, its the punishment.

All of these are being punished as terrorism.

Til why terrorists dress like ninjas.

It's not a crime that hurts people enough to justify taking away freedoms.

"Oh no, he distributed a video game online! That clearly means we should be able to monitor everyone's online activities in case they want to download such games!"

Uh Saudi Arabia w/ allowing women to do slightly more "ordinary" things I guess.

The real failure of the plant happened when it was built with critical flaws. The failure was an inevitable conclusion at that point.

Are there any parts of the world where civil liberties are increasing.?

Groups protesting military bases are terrorists? Wait, what am I thinking. .. of course they are.

I'd love a burger

Ok, we've got our slogan guys.

The prefix "il-" turns a word into a negative, similar to "im-" and "un-".