Protect your child!!!

Protect your child!!!

Alright...that's pretty good.

Spotted on the Dank Memes Astrophysics Page-

Run by some grad students with a great sense of humor. :)

Because it's so easy

wtf? I though bdsm was "Brown Dwarf Star Moon." I've been using it wrong to my wife this whole time. She's going to kick my ass when I get home...

I made a shitty one of those for the launch status check.

i'm blown away that these nerds use the same code for midget butt sex that i do! nothing like the brown dwarf star master! andddddd 3=========D~~~ rocket ship!

Becky got dat smh.

I see what you did there.

Haha that's great. Why do they always make fun of engineers?

I always say:

Only Boys Accepting Feminism Get Kissed Meaningfully

Because they're up all night alone...and observing.

haha this is so wrong, "rl" actually means "Rocket League".

Oh, Be A Fine Girl, Kiss Me!

Always remember the main sequence!

Oh My Fucking God Kiss Me

(Might not be entirely correct)

And you... will enjoy it?

They do it at night with heavenly bodies


That's not in the right order though.

A fellow Seattleite, I see.

Because everybody makes fun of engineers. Engineers are inherently funny

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