President Trump's Father’s Day Proclamation: Dads Have Responsibility to ‘Instill in Us Core Values’

President Trump's Father’s Day Proclamation: Dads Have Responsibility to ‘Instill in Us Core Values’


Liberal women hate their Fathers.


Edit: Relevant -

CNN: "How core values are hurting the American family."


Isn't Socialism about replacing the Father with the State?

He is right, and the reason we have SJW beta males is because of failed parents not being vigilant with morals

Not just the father, it's all about the whole family getting replaced by the state.

They think they do not need them.

Tumblr and Twitter today is a goldmine of salt due to that reason.

Who would've thought parents are responsible for their child's upbringing? Madness!

Misogyny reeeeeeeeee

Cultural Marxism and apathy is KILLING AMERICA

Finally a president that said it.

I love our president guys

Not just the whole family, God is also replaced by the state. Hence their hatred for religion. (Unless it's a religion with theocratic tendencies where state and church are kind of indistinguishable, like... let me see... Oh yeah! Islamism.)

The Truth About Single Moms

Coulter: Here are the facts, here are the statistics.

Cuck: Ok, but lets talk about feelz. What about the feelz?

LMFAO at when they show black females in the audience that are responding negatively to what Coulter is saying, they are the last people on Earth that have the right to be offended, blacks are only 13% of the US population but they commit 52% of homicides. The black family unit is non-existent atm, those bitches need to look themselves in the mirror.

edit: At 5:16 he says "You're making blanket statements based on statistics, but I know so many good and heroic single mothers." Imagine how dumb his audience is when they fall for that scummy non-argument. It's like when someone says that blacks have a lower average IQ than whites and some moron counters that with "But what about [insert black dude] that has a high IQ?" Or when someone says that females are smaller and weaker than males on average and some leftie counters it with "What about [insert random female professional figher], I bet she can beat your ass!" These people don't know, or they don't want to know, how statistics work, they just want someone to tell them sweet lies so that they can continue living in their delusions.

Stefan Molyneux's

I was raised by a single narcissistic mother, and it was the worst shit in the entire world. A part of my mind spends every day wondering what it would've been like to have a dad. Having someone with machismo and wisdom as a role model would have been a world of difference.

Anyone who thinks single mothers are a good idea needs a fucking reality check.

Some single moms can handle it beautifully, but it should never in a million years be seen as an ideal solution

Speaking of Father's Day, Alex Jones on Megyn Kelly on Father's Day is about to start!

Jordan Peterson - Growing Up and Being Useful is The New Counterculture


Recommended read.

I'll tell my kids, "Don't quit against any odds you little faggots because we won the meme war for your generation."

My father taught me how to be a man. He's the best guy I know, and I'm glad the President is recognizing him and countless others like him today.

Hey fellow pede, I feel the exact same about my mom. She destroyed my family and left a scar that still hasn't healed fully for both my father and I.

But you know what? She taught me what kind of parent I don't want to be. What kind of wife I don't want to have. What kind of spouse I refuse to become. Hopefully your father taught you these lessons like my mom taught me. Have a great day pede.

Truth is not what people want to hear.

I've posted a couple things that were too much (red-pill) for them.

Facts aren't any kind of -ist or -phobe.

Wtf I hate good parenting now? (they always have)

TFW raised by a single mother

TFW raised by a single mother

My mum and grandma were both widowed young, so I have a lot of respect for single Mums. However it is totally not an ideal situation. Kids need Dads.

This video

Yeah, but it still needs women to reproduce. It's kinda interesting that Islam has been taking over anywhere there is lots of socailism or communism. Men are so weakened by those forms of government, that they are easily picked off by a more masculine culture. And, oddly, women are generally the ones who want to usher in these leftist policies.

tackles this issue, and I don't want to believe it's true, but I've seen lot's of evidence (like the women's march bowing down to Islam?) that it might be very valid.

I wish mine wasn't such a cheating, deceitful liar.

“Once abolish the God and the government becomes the God.”


Any healthy, productive memeber of society needs a strong father figure, which is why the globalists want to destroy the nuclear family.

We have the best President, don't we folks?

Thanks for sorting me out!



MSNBC: Are core values to blame for Trumps rise in popularity?

Watch Live: Alex Jones Coverage Of Megyn Kelly Hit Piece

Widowed is completely different from what we have nicknamed the 'single mother.' What we're actually talking about is hidden behind a generic and sanitized label, kind of like "Asian grooming gangs." (Muslim pedophile rings.)

Widows tend to see their departed spouses as having been the best living person in the world while they were alive. Promiscuity breeders tend to see their deserted lovers as the worst person, and they impression their children accordingly.

Among boys who NEVER knew their father, I can't recall a single one who could keep his hands to himself. Breaking every rule constantly, only to run and hide behind the rules whenever they see their comeuppance looming on the horizon.

Shitty or nonexistent fathers have done the world a shit service. A child will never forget a good, loving father.

People argue for two-parent households because statistically single mothers do a worse job, but it doesn't mean no single mother has ever successfully raised a kid

I love how Reddit posted a tweet from Obama on Father's Day. Then one of many tweets from Trump and claimed this was the only tweet he made all day and that he chose to "boost his ego" instead of say something about being a father.


(By Reddit, I mean those subs that break the rules and use bots to get one post on the front page every day while the rest of their posts barely make it past 100 points) 🤔

My dad ended up not being much of a father. I learned my core values from the Air Force. Integrity first, service before self, excellence in all we do. I learned more about being a man in basic training than I ever did from my dad. I hope to be the father for my future children that my dad never was.

We have the best President (Or as Milo would say, daddy) don't we folks? Laying down simple truths, in a civilized but fuck your feels manner. Feels great to have a man that cares about the role fathers play in raising children running our country.

One day we will be referring to the current year as "in the year of our God Emperor, Donald J Trump".

God bless you, friend.

Illimitable Men is a fantastic blog all around, thanks for reminding me of it.

I have read two books my Dr. Meg Meeker on fathers: Strong fathers strong daughters, and Hero be the father your children need. When the father is present and active in the family: kids tend to be less violent tend to make better grade tend to do less drugs tend to become better and more productive adults.

Yet liberals have told generations since the 60s that the fathers arent important and look where that lie has gotten. Go and be a great father to your children, because their future depends on it.

That's an extremely high compliment, thank you.

Fun fact: my mom is an Obamaphile, despises conservatives, and threatened to disown me when I told her I support Trump. Funny how that works, isn't it?

Yeah that describes my life perfectly. I've known about the reason I am so fucked up for a long time though. Good read none the less.

Michelle wishes he was half the father Trump is.

Thats right, but the single mothers that can do it properly and understand the need for a father figure are the exception and not the rule.

Accurate... And sad. Thank you for sharing this.

You know it, I know it, everybody knows it!

You can learn just as much, if not more, from a poor example. As it appears that you have first hand knowledge of. I'm am glad that there are folks like you who refuse to become "products of their environment".

Often times, the dad does not 'bail' - he is kept out by the mother's whims.

But they DO.

What about lost boys from a slightly better economic background? They end up incubating their sadness with technology, namely porn and video games. This anaesthetises them, it allows them to forget their lowly, drab existence and provides a false sense of achievement. In reality, they’re not going anywhere, but at least in this cocoon, they’re not falling anywhere either.

Heavy read. Thanks for the link. And thank you gamergate, for wiping the fog from our eyes and convincing us to put down the controller.

I love my dad and I love America


I will catch the YouTube video. Not going to give them a single view on that cucked bonehead network. Also, stay tuned at for the REAL interview that NBC doesn't want you to see. That will be far better, believe me!

This is a targeted anti-marxist message. The reason the marxists seek to destroy the family (promoting degeneracy, divorce, single-motherhood, marriage is patriarchy etc) is because fathers are, as Trump says, the ones who instill values in children. The marxists want fathers out of the picture so they can replace them as the values-instillers in the lives of children, thus giving them the means to brainwash kids.

Amen Mr President

Great video!