President Obama’s Farewell Address

President Obama’s Farewell Address

I love the people who will just shit on him for any dumb thing. Obama stammering, trying to get the crowd to stop screaming, is more eloquent than I've ever heard Trump speak.

I'm feeling a lot of anxiety watching Obama's Farewell Speech.


This is actually happening. We're 10 days away.

This is probably going to the most coherent address we are going to have for awhile, makes me sad =/. Gonna miss Obama

"Sorry losers and haters, but my I.Q. is one of the highest -and you all know it! Please don't feel so stupid or insecure,it's not your fault" - Donald "R. Kelly" Trump

Need a megathread

I wonder if they ever actually listened to him. He's talking about Atticus Finch, and making a ton of common sense connections between people and ideas. This is a historic speech. At a historic time. Today's news showed very clear threats to our democracy, and it's now more frightening to think of a compromised Trump as Commander in Chief.

Man, people heckled him and he didn't tell security to rough them up, knock the crap out of them or anything. Weak! SAD! He should be more pissed off like Trump.

No incoherent! You're the incoherent!

I'm going to miss you, Obama.

4 more years!

I wanted Obama to include a piss pun in his speech but I also know he's above that.

But we're not! Bring them on!

The best comment I've seen so far was on twitter: "so that's why he's so orange."

edit, more I'm hearing:


You can't spell "Trump" without "pee"

Better to be pissed off than pissed on

Urine trouble, bigly

He puts the "P" in "President"

Trump - he's number one!

Are we invited to urine-auguration?

You always said you were a Goldwater republican

TrumPutin. United by "P"

Well it's going to be a while before we're going to hear a President that can articulate a coherent sentence

Does anybody know what she was yelling?

I also loved that the President simply responded with "I can't do that" when the crowd started chanting "FOUR MORE YEARS" to drown out the loud lady.

A moment of silence in rememberance is the polite way to honor that kind of sacrifice.

Applause is not appropriate, even if well intended.

Lol Thats the first R. Kelly reference I heard. I'm sure it will not be the last

Republicans implemented the term limit specifically because FDR was so popular. It is not Roosevelt's fault the that progressive policy was so widely popular that the GOP literally needed to change the rules to have a chance at power.

Mods really falling down on the job today, 3+ hours late on the Sessions megathread, no megathread for the POTUS farewell.

Some loud ass lady..

It's one of the best speeches I've ever heard, and one that should resonate with most Americans, regardless of their political leanings.

Fucking Roosevelt.

I'll take a few more years Obama.

The mods suck around here

If there was ever a need for it, it was this time.

You're missing "Make America #1 Again"

Guess this is the megathread then? =P

Guarantee she's a Trump supporter

Shit, that's it :( Goddamn, that's it.... Goodbye Obama, you will be dearly missed.

I hope he continues to be active in the public. He could still be a leader even after his presidency, but I wouldn't blame him in the slightest if he took a quiet retirement.

pissed "on" like Trump

Wtf was she yelling about, really took away from the opening. I'm glad folks started yelling 4 more years as she was yelling

My friend was upset that no one clapped when he talked about the soldiers who died at Iwo Jima to protect our freedom. Am I crazy or wouldn't clapping at that be incredibly disrespectful?

It was a historic speech. We need encouragement and hope right now, and motivation to work against the obvious threats to our democracy. Hey, turns out there was a megathread, but I kinda liked being on our small post. Thanks to OP!

I can't believe he was able to soldier through that, I would have been like cmon now lady.

I'll miss him. I hope he is not the last American president, given today's news.

Seriously, can't believe I had to search so much just to even find this thread.

Goodbye, Obama. We'll probably never see the likes of you again... you will go down in history as one of our great presidents. In the meanwhile, we have to deal with absolute scum... hope you are around as a citizen activist to help us with the fight!

I feel the same, but what makes me the saddest is that despite all the shit the Republicans threw at Obama(I mean birtherism, muslim, going to take our guns, ect) he always was at least dignified. Our incoming President can't handle a criticism that doesn't even mention him by name without resorting to unrelated personal attacks.

Please end with...


Mic Drop

How we got from this.. to ... sigh..

I'm going to miss having a president who was respected the world around.

It's YouTube, what did you expect?

If you climb in the sewers, expect to find shit.

Please declare martial law, please declare martial law, let's kick this year off with a bang...

The echo annoying anyone else? I'm watching on MSNBC and there's an echo, it sounds like it's coming from the room itself.

Dat echo. Sound guy getting fired.

That is what I thought and said too. I guess he was just looking for something to criticize Obama and liberals for. Clapping would almost be saying that you are happy about their sacrifice.

Or a game thread

Just an extra half second of getting to hear the last coherent president speak. I'll take it.

I don't really get the point you're making

You missed one from the big lady herself: "Trumped Up Trickle Down"

I like the echo. Makes it seem a little more epic

A single protester.

Am I the only one who thinks the echo is a little cool?

Aren't the Russians the ones doing that deal with Iran?

He left on his own terms, sorry.

illegalize for-profit prisons, go to war with Big Pharma and tell them where to stick it, legalize pot federally, or start a process to end the electoral college.

You do realize that the President has the power to do exactly none of those things, right? The first three fall squarely in the powers of Congress, and the fourth would require a Constitutional amendment.

Sad! D: , haha thanks though I laughed :)

$20.09, Obama sports a full beard in a year.

The chat on YouTube is fuckin sickening. It is absolute pure cancer

The GOP funded some intel checks on Trump, and found a video held by Russia of him being peed on by a Russian prostitute.

Edit: it's more than just the Golden Showers thing, but that's what our puerile minds have fixated upon.

That echo is KILLING ME!!!!

Got that epic Lou Gehrig reverb going on. Nice.

Those probably have a bit more dignity