Popular online streamer forgot to turn the camera off.

Popular online streamer forgot to turn the camera off.

Not as cringeful as ZilianOP. That guy pretended to be disabled and during one of his streams he suddenly walked.

Yeah I remember him, but that was more of a /sub/rage material than cringe. Getting $10k's in donations from people by pretending to be paraplegic is fucking disgusting and truly infuriating. He got banned and subscribers money have been reimbursed, so the justice was partially served.

Edit: a word.

Picking your nose is the social norm, but eating it after is gross.

Tell that to my strong immune system.

Here's the scumbag caught in the act.

I imagine him freaking out behind cam and then in a moment of panic, awkwardly points the camera down like that will fix the situation.

"Hey guys, that wasn't real and never happened!"

Don't forget I am LOD nsfw


He claimed to have "fallen out of his wheel chair" hah


He claimed to have "fallen out of his wheel chair" hah

Could be way worse. I remember the Locodoco fapping incident.

Yeah it was a poor attempt at a play on words. I wasn't being an elitist.

Locodoco jerked off on stream thinking he had turned it off

Is there a link to the vid?..id love to see rage

this guy sucks. i wanted to kill him after 8 seconds watching this

Are these guys actually buying his story?

I don't wanna sound like a dick, but he has a pretty punchable face.

2012? I believe. He did an ama about a year ago and every time it was brought up he was pretty cool about it. He even changed his stream tag to "caught fappin" at the time lol

I can't blame them. If you knew someone well and were totally used to them having a disability, it would be difficult to suddenly change your mind in an instant.

From our perspective, all we know about this guy is that he was caught in this lie, so when we see this footage we're expecting to see him stand up and walk. But to someone casually watching with the mindset that he's disabled, it can take a lot more than a moment to realize they just saw something really important.

He looks right at the camera before popping it in his mouth... feels fake to me like maybe he did this in hopes of bringing in more viewers.

Eh. King Kongor's an asshole anyway. Not surprised.

Some of them did. His fan base is generally pretty young.

Dude is a lazy lover. Holy shit.

I spend a lot of time on twitch, and so far it seemed that it was not intentional. He deleted the video-on-demand from that day, and is doing his best to ignore the references that viewers make to this event. But again, that's just from what I've seen, there is a chance he could've done it to get attention, but it's rather low. The guy is a known scumbag, scammed his viewers for in game items, constantly bashes on the success of other streamer and is an overall drama queen.

League of legends ex-pro streamer wanted to fap after a long day of streaming but forgot to turn off his stream.

Yup! Here is a screenshot... NSFW

...to rule34 Tristana porn. That's dedication to the game.

Yup! Here is a screenshot...

...to rule34 Tristana porn. That's dedication to the game.

It's worse. At least person who was masturbating didn't cheat anyone and basically made people pay money for it. I hope.

Wait.. What's wrong with Rise Against?

35 minutes, yeah not watching that.

Truly dreadful.

The actually event for anybody interested ->


Its ok I have a cum-wall instead.


And here's a video of the guy above talking about ZilianOP

To the lab!

There should a subreddit for livestream mishaps.

He must be a good Catholic

He must be a good

Here's the video

I want to see that asshole in action

Somehow it's creepy when I say that in public.

"I was thinking why is this girl with a guy who can't walk?"


At first I thought ZileanOP was a douche.

But this fucking guy.


No worries - he IS a dick.


Courtesy of /u/VenserPW from /r/livestreamfails

Courtesy of /u/VenserPW from /sub/livestreamfails

"It's not like I ate a booger!"

When did that happen?


Not as bad as a streamer who forgot to turn their camera off and proceeded to have sex with his girlfriend. NSFW

edit: misspelled an acronym.

I think of it more like pooping, everyone does it but don't do it in front of other peoole.

no. scarra is only cute boi.

My thought too. He talks for 35 minutes about scratching his balls? Yeah no thanks.

that seems like a reasonable reaction..

Jesus Christ that's a whole new level of fucked up.


Cringing because someone accidentally masturbated in front of a bunch of people is pretty reasonable

His hair is the worst part.

I think he was making a joke about him pretending to be in a wheelchair and them being called "Rise Against". That's how I took it anyway.

My God. If one of your hobbies or professions involves appearing on webcam, its pretty stupid to... well, do anything in front of it without pointing it the other way! What an idiot!

Prince Hans of the southern isles would never have done anything like this

Ya but loco is a cute boi

Now what was REALLY cringy? That streamer who thought he turned his broadcast off and began fapping in front of everyone! There's a small video of it and the Twitch chatlogs around.

Ohhhh... He "forgot" to turn off his camera.

Also...Kripparrian we are still waiting on that porno.

Wow what a champ, he doesn't move the whole time...

Isn't that the guy who was also trying to be an officer in the military and it got him essentially shitcanned?

Excuse me, sir, he is a prince!

Did I dream this or was someone streaming his family and his son started jerking off the dog on cam?

Well, atleast someone who plays WoW is getting laid.

It would just be daily re-posts of LegendaryLea accidentally giving the world an upskirt...

Steps to being popular on YouTube or Twitch:

Don't be unattractive.

Have a British, Australian or Eastern European accent.

BOOM! You'll be popular enough to make like, $100 a month with your videos.

He got banned off of twitch... so...

Can someone actually be good at whatever this is that he's doing?

He also keeps banning people that use the word booger or emotes referencing it in the chat.

I heard he got divorced, depressed and wanted to off himself for a while. But he came back eventually trying to hang in there.

There was another like a year back. A WoW steamer had sex after saying his goodbyes. It lasted like 4 minutes.

OMGGG it's a miracle the donations worked!!!!!!!!1

His statement after the incident

Not as bad as when the DOTA 2 Commentator Zyori scratched his balls and took a huge whiff of it on stream.


I am LOD jerked off to tristana porn

That... actually makes a lot of sense.

How romantic ^

Holy shit the way his gf desperately tried to divert the attention away from him walking made me cringe harder than anything I've ever seen on this sub.

That was WoodysGamertag the youtuber. I think his son has autism though.

You can see him continue walking in that direction, which rules out that he just 'fell'. Although, of course, it's blatantly obvious he didn't even without the reflection.

You'd stop talking to a person just because they have a wall covered in cum?

How dare you. How very dare you.

It's worse with dogs. They'll just sit there with a big grin on their face like they're cheering you on or something.

Everyone does it.

The look on his face...

Are there really a lot of people that eat their boogers? A mere thought of putting that thing in my mouth makes me want to vomit, but that's just me I guess :/

Please elaborate

HOLY SHIT that girl talking was annoying as fuck.

Airforce pilot. He got kicked out and his wife (or maybe it was fiancee) left him.

He started up again and he's trying to make a name as an EDM producer. He's actually a really nice guy, just was in a shitty situation. Figured he could make some extra money and no one would notice.

King Kongor is pretty scumbaggy as well, huge douche

Fuck KingKongor, item stealing little shit.


Here's one -

When another streamer meets up with him.

Scientific studies indicate that eating your own mucus helps build your immune system by introducing new bacteria into the body via. oral ingestion of course. He's just doing it for science, cut him some slack.

Just kidding.

I've watched his steam for brief moments before, his attitude infuriates me.

I saw a guy doing this while driving once. He looked right at me and gobbled that shit down. Some lack shame.

Better to capture your weird porn than to masturbate infront of hundreds of underage children.

True story,.. apparently I know "ZilianOP". I watched the video that was linked below and without a doubt it's the same guy. He used to play WoW with me, even visited for a vacation with me and a cousin of mine to visit 6 flags for my birthday... I even bought one of his tattoos ;P.... He told almost nothing but lies, ranging from he was in the military, lived in Hawaii and was temporarily put into a wheelchair after a skateboarding incident. He hilariously always had some answer and back story to cover up all the plot holes, until his sisters' boyfriend let everyone know all his lies. Talk about a shocker to hear he's still a liar (and now a thief) 5 years later. It's almost TOO funny ... completely made my night though! :D

Edit: Another site listed rl name.. confirmed snicker

Should have said "he listens to rise against, how ironic" or something along those lines

There was a video, and all he did was stand up, pull his pants down, then he realized he had the stream still turned on. He literally facepalmed and turned it off.

Yes, but does a tissue thoroughly get all the dried crusty boogie that clings to the innards of your nostrils?

Hey man, you haven't lived until you've pooped with your cat as a captive audience.

They're all like, WHY, and you're all like, yeah, I'm poopi-URGH.


Any video of that? I want to see that asshole in action