Police officer filmed beating homeless woman with baton 'after she begs for money'

Police officer filmed beating homeless woman with baton 'after she begs for money'
Police officer filmed beating homeless woman with baton 'after she begs for money'

Yeaaaah, if ya'll could not prey on our most vulnerable citizens anymore that'd be greaaaaaat.

Just look into her past and find some crime she committed. Then she's just another "thug" who had it coming and the officer will be found innocent after the police investigate themselves.

Until then ignore the video because it "doesn't show the full story."

My favorite part is where she rolls over/gives up so he can cuff her, and he rolls her back over on her side so he can hit her more.

Does the mother fucker not know she can't really put her hands behind her back after he hits the fuck out of her shin? What's the first thing you do when you hit your shin or any body part with enough force? You fucking instinctively rub it. So everytime he hits her she's "resisting" arrest because she's instinctively trying to rub the spot that's hit. Also she looks like she's maybe 130 pounds. If a fucking grown man can't force a 130 pound woman's hands behind her back and cuff them then he should've never been able to become a police officer.

Guess he was ready for a paid vacation!

Back in 1987 she was caught shoplifting at age 12. Some people just can't help themselves with the law.

That's the trick they use to beat you more. Cops also have a way of twisting someone's arm so they're physically forced to resist. Knowing how to exploit the body's physical reactions is important for justice.

I heard she used to jaywalk.

"Put your hands behind your back... so it's easier for me to strike the parts of your body I'm aiming at!"

Independent.co.uk - oh shit I can't believe a member of the police force would do that!

Click - US? Aghhhhhh right....

Lemonade standing without a permit

"Stop resisting or I'm going to shoot you" This dude couldn't fucking handle an old woman so he had to threaten her with his gun? What a piece of shit.

Holy shit, that cop should be in prison. What the fuck is wrong with him? It's a less than 150 lb woman, and he is beating her with a medal pipe... I'd be squirming too if you keep hitting me with something, if my legs still worked I'd have gotten up and ran actually, it's called acute stress response (fight or flight).

Yes, this whole thing must be very stressful for him.

Yeah... at first I thought maybe she just wasn't complying to stop resisting but then literally 7 seconds into the video she does stop resisting. And then the police officer just begins beating her again for absolutely no reason. That is the very moment this police officer went way out of line. That was criminal on his part in my opinion.

And then to say, "Stop or I'm going to shoot you." Come the fuck on. This clearly was not a situation where use of a gun would ever be necessary. To threaten shooting her was just so unprofessional. Unprofessional isn't even a strong enough word for it... To threaten someone with a gun like that is essentially bullying. It is abusing your power as a police officer.

I have to say that in some of these types of incidents I find myself defending the cop just because I see the citizen not complying in a situation where the police are worried about the person having a gun pulled on them. In this case though, this woman is no real threat and at one point she did stop resisting, so this is just police brutality 100%. This guy has no ground to stand on for a defense.


so it's easier for me to strike the parts of your body I'm aiming at!"

In Guatemala some soldiers where caught on video beating up teenagers, the soldier would get angry if the guy would not put his hands behind so he could properly kick him, they kicked them until at least one puked.

Look deep in your ass for that source.

Literally, that guy should just go straight to prison. I don't understand how there is anything to even investigate here.

Lollygagging too.

You don't have a problem with any of those sentences?

I remember when that one cop bought a homeless man a pair of shoes a few winters back. Sure wish we had a few more of those guys on the force.

State violence is sanctioned and kosher in America. They really couldn't make it any clearer for us.

Before they fire this guy and put him in jail

HAhahahahahahahaha ohhh, I'm sad now.

"I feared for my life. I thought she had a gun."

"It was a can".

"The edges on those things can be pretty sharp!"

It's actually a death threat, and illegal.

That's according to the cop's report, right? It seems that the initial report might not have been completely honest hence the probe being re-opened.

I've actually had this happen to me when I was a teenager. They kept twisting the handcuffs and would tell me to shut up when I complained the metal was digging into my skinny wrists. When I couldn't help but instinctively push back because of the pain, one yelled to the other I was resisting and tackled me to the ground. A scrawny 120lb high schooler in handcuffs. Decide for yourself how justified they were but I'll tell you one thing; I've never even been in a fight in my life. So was the mandatory two days in jail for that necessary?

And say what you will about me being trouble or whatever back then(I'm on my way to law school now), but here's the big thing; my parents were affected by that too. They're two immigrants that never committed a crime in their life, and the only crimes I committed were back when I was a teenager, but the truth is even they trust cops less after having to surrender me to a jail unnecessarily for two days. So if you're on the side of the cops and wondering why they get so much shit nowadays.. There you go. I'm not saying it's right-- in fact despite my experiences I think most cops are good people trying to improve their communities-- but actions have consequences. That's what cops always like to tell everyone.

Step 2- bring a self hating person from the same minority group (Black/Asian/Hispanic whichever applies) on Fox news and tell the viewers how its the person getting their teeth kicked in by the cops are at fault and deserved it.

"If only they respected the cops more"

Honestly I'd settle for cops that just do their jobs and don't assault, murder, or molest innocent people.

That guy should have at least a nickle off his next paycheck. Show them how seriously the bosses take it.

First degree tomfoolery... with intent!

Cops are sadistic criminals.

If they weren't they would have cleared out the "bad" ones decades ago. Instead there are no good ones because they all are "bad" ones and are willing to protect the entire bad lot.

The problem is that cops as an organization have never figured out how to be professional. They have been allowed to be amateurs because they've always been able to get away with using amateur techniques like beating people to hell as their sole mechanism for "serving and protecting" the public. They've been able to hide their amateur ways from the public. Now that cameras are showing who they are, when are they gonna become professionals?

They have an entire subreddit for it here and it's called ProtectandServe.

Poor guy obviously feared for his life

No shit. Seems he chose to whale on her with his baton just because she shoved by him as she was walking out of the store. Who's the pussy in that scenario?

Beating a suspect AFTER they are restrained is not justified, absolutely regardless of what the lead-up events were. Such an action is ALWAYS excessive. Stop trying to justify brutality.

I wanna fuck that cop up, that's what I want to do. That kind of shit disgusts me and he doesn't deserve to be a police office. She's an innocent fucking lady, regardless of the fact that she's asking for money. He didn't need to use so much power in restraining her. Poor girl, I hope she can sue the fuck out of the police department and get her money that way

He's angry about someone defenseless getting abused. It's not like he's just being cocky.

Somewhere in the shitsphere that is social media, someone is defending this officer's actions.

Waaaay up there Morty.

It's a less than 150 lb woman

She belongs to a lower caste, he belongs to a higher caste. Its not that complicated. Its how all uncivilized cultures operate.

fucking animals.

Yeah, nothing is going to happen, unfortunately.

Holy shit, someone is going to get one hell of a paid vacation.

Yea he will be on paid administrative leave, if that, until the DA decides to not pursue any charges.

Unless you make that threat while wearing a badge.

He's not trying to cuff her. He's trying to beat her for making him have to come there.

Homeless people don't sue the police. It's incredibly difficult to find a lawyer that will sue police, she'll be lucky if her public defender can remember her name in a couple weeks.

I cant believe people get paid leave for this shit. My work has someone on paid leave now after they have been harassing a female upstairs, and schools even put teachers on paid leave while investigating child abuse and sexual assault. Our system is ridiculous.

Edit: I'm talking about obvious cases such as this where its recorded and such. Not just a random speculation.

After a paid vacation that doesn't come off his accrued vacation time.


Immediately following the shootings, the Lakewood Police Independent Guild set up a memorial fund for the officers. As of 2012, about $3.2 million were donated to the fund. In March 2012, Lakewood police officer Skeeter Timothy Manos pleaded guilty to using the account set up for donations as "his own personal piggy bank." Speachless.

Yeah, it's only a matter of time before civilians treat police the way police treat civilians. SOME police officers abuse civilians that don't deserve it. SOME civilian is going to abuse an officer that doesn-


Oh hey, we're already here. What do you know.

Is there a valid time to beat someone senseless? If they are resisting, you get them to stop, and then you arrest them. If they aren't resisting, you don't beat them senseless in the first place.

There's not going to be a good reason for this.

I don't believe it but... they'll say that the video is out of context because it does not show the entire incident. The officer kind of seems to be enjoying himself, seriously, it looks like he's getting a thrill out of it.

"Let it go or I'm going to shoot you". The thug threatened to murder someone if they didn't stop trying to defend themselves from being beaten. They should have shot him instead of just filming it, they would have been well within their rights to use lethal force to defend against an armed assailant who was beating an innocent and threatening to murder them.

We'll have to wait and see if more video comes out. So far the only thing we have to go with according to that is the cop's initial report. And the new video evidence has been deemed enough to re-open the probe.

He bought tickets to Cancun and this is probably how he was asking for time off

Every case has a trial. You can say that this is an open and shut case, but that doesn't matter, innocent until proven guilty. You don't punish someone for being accused of a crime, you punish someone for being convicted of a crime.

The shitty thing is that police officers seem to be the only ones that this applies to. Many people suffer horrible consequences for simply being accused of a crime.

I'm definitely pro police and I don't just talk shit to talk shit like I see a lot of people doing. That being said, dudes obviously strong enough to subdue that woman and put her in cuffs. I feel like he crossed the line with beating her with a baton from the get go. I have a hard time imagining a situation that would require that level of violence. Guy needs to be given a psych evaluation, he needs to be fired, and he needs to be brought up on charges. Unless there's some information that wildly changes the way this looks he needs to be in jail for this.

I had a tuff (tough) time with that one, but Google said wail meant cry, and the fish whale (mammal) also means to thrash soundly. I wanted to spell it "whail" but that means nothing. Yeah, without spellcheck I'm fucked.

Source: http://grammarist.com/homophones/whale-wail-or-wale/

Case dismissed.

Sup, PnS, how's things in the authoritarian shithole today?


Anybody here watch V for Vendetta. Remember that scene where that piece of shit cop kills that little girl, and then all those brit's mob up on the guy rip him from limb to fucking limb. Yeah soon that shit will happen if our government does not step in. Not advocating violence just saying you fuck with people long enough they do something.

For context:

Threatening someone with a gun is assault

It's happening in this very thread.

So when you see the videos you have to always ask yourself "what led up to this."

Or, conversely, what could possibly justify a professional beating of an unarmed homeless woman with a baton for a prolonged period of time?

Unless the answer is "I was honestly afraid that she would devour me with a single bite if she ever got to her feet again...." that officer needs to find a new line of work not involving the general public.

You'd think we'd recruit people physically capable and trained to restrain people with just their feet and hands without dragging it on for a baton-beatdown eternity.

Oh, wait, we do. They're called soldiers and Marines.

Enemy combatants on foreign soil are treated better by people actually trained to kill.

Maybe the U.K. can send over some of its professionals to put these bums through actual training.

This bulky police officer couldn't pull his baton away from a 105lb soaking wet old lady? This justifies what he said to her? Pfffffffftttt he's a fucking coward

Be careful....We are watching and filming you at all times. Funny what comes to light thanks to a camera.

Before they fire this guy and put him in jail they should be giving him a good beating with a baton in front of his ex-police buddies at the public square. Stop training officers to act like this!

You need to get out more if you actually believe this.

Go fuck yourself. Any instance of police brutality is worth more publicity than countless good deads.

Maybe instead of just getting angry at the cops, we should work on getting the homeless off the streets in a way that isn't arrest or medical emergency?

Maybe we should do fucking both and stop making really fucking stupid excuses for brutal pigs?

I'm gonna have to ask you to stop that.. "shouting"

I'd say he's justified in using the baton but not to the extent he had.

No, not really. Why do officers have to always fucking resort to violence when they don't need to, but they are dubiously justified in doing so. You'r a fucking officer, have some respect for yourself and the community your sworn to protect. Try talking to the person, try being a good person for fucks sake. A homeless woman not leaving when asked to leave should not be a justifiable offense for a baton beating. Wtf is this, SE asia?

"Stop covering the parts of your body that I'm hitting with a steel baton!"

Okay, what could have happened that would justify the beating?

I don't see how it's evident he was "enjoying it." But what in the flying fuck made him think saying that he will fucking shoot her was not the dumbest shit in the world. Of course beating her senseless for no reason is also the dumbest shit in the world.

Illegal for a civilian, perfectly legal for a cop. Though, cops are civilians, just low-level servants doing a job, so gotta wonder how these servants got put on the pedestal that let them think murder of their fellow civilians is acceptable.

I'd rather reach into the other guy's ass as it appears that's where it was pulled from.

Inb4 /sub/nocontext


He was repeatedly yelling at her to put her hands behind her back, but it appeared to me that he was continuously holding her in such a manner that would prevent her from doing so. Somebody else kept telling her to stop resisting, but she appeared to me to be acting normally as a result of being struck repeatedly. At one point, at least, she did stop moving, but he struck her with his baton despite the fact that she wasn't moving.

Finally, he tossed the baton, a weapon, away and behind him. The baton was then out of his control, but easily accessible by the civilians standing behind him.

That's my take.

Well I hear the Syrian government uses mustard gas on its people, so... haven't heard of US police doing that.

Unless cops start consistently beating middle class white kids, this will probably never happen.

This cop was abused as a child and he is just using the "abuse technique" his parent or parents used on him as his "police technique". He may have been trained in the police academy to use other methods but in the end he resorts to the sadistic way he was treated as his professional technique as a police officer. This will never end until police are scanned for mental illness caused by childhood abuse, then trained properly how to be a professional policeman, not some amateur sent out to abuse the public and call it policing.

Weeks? Try after lunch.

Rumors say just before she was beaten she was loitering in a no loitering area....the harlot.

Go away with your enablement of sadistic criminal behavior.

You are what is wrong with America.

It might come as a surprise to you but corporal punishment is actually illegal. You're not allowed to beat someone as a punishment for something they did.

Not unless it's your own child you're beating, then you're good.

Source? (about the police officer being abused)

There is just no middle ground. Once you start violently opposing LEOs the only real endgame is your death or a full blown revolution.

So you (and maybe your buddies) confront a LEO and he tells you to GTFO. You attack him. He responds with lethal weapons. One of you is going to die. If the LEO dies, what now? You think you can just go home and go to bed? You just killed a LEO! They are ALL coming for you now and they do not intend to take you prisoner. You are going to die.

The only way you are NOT going to die is if you and your buddies either kill them ALL or you kill enough of them to make them feel they can no longer win (this would mean killing a large majority).

Since all of this is ridiculous and completely impossible without a well armed, trained, and motivated militia, nothing short of a violent revolution is required before you can "win" any kind of violent confrontation with LEOs.

In short, nobody is going to violently confront a LEO even if they are behaving in an immoral and illegal manner. The exception is someone who is willing to die immediately and has no intention of surviving the fallout, even if they do survive the initial engagement.

Immigrants?! Well there's your problem. You existed in America as a non-white or with a noticeable accent. How dare you.

"wail" not "whale"

Mercy is just a character on overwatch. She's not real you know.

What? The cop is going to get paid vacation, and possibly a promotion. He might be able to even claim medical relief for swinging his arm too much.

I wish my job would give me vacation based the customers I assaulted. :-/

Why did you tell him/her to go fuck themselves if y'all both agree ._.

They can't hide their true colors.