Pocket of water under some grass

Pocket of water under some grass

I was waiting for him to break through and disappear...

Like this?

Stab it.

The mole people have him now.

Bop it

Twist it.

Flick it!

If anyone has grown up with someone who had a waterbed, then you'd know exactly how this man feels.

Leaking water pipe.

Fuck it!

This doesn't feel like a real fact, but thanks for the nightmare fuel anyway.

It's probably only a broken sprinkler pipe, the repair itself would only cost around 15$ in materials (the standard rate for labor is a 1 hr minimum @ $55/hr) but if the homeowner has a shovel and is savvy enough it's fairly inexpensive to fix :)

Source: I'm an irrigation technician

How does this even happen?

So that's how they grow waterbeds...

New home owner here, saw this gif and can only imagine how much it's going to suck to have to fix that..


Kind of like what I imagine running on a breast implant looks like

I know nothing about lawn maintenance but I'm sure something is wrong with that.

Running over breast implants would be springy and bouncy. This is like running over normal breasts.

Not far from the truth. Though unlikely, this could be what's called an invisible sinkhole thats miles deep with a high air pressure holding up this grass bubble.

Stop it.

Is that dude wearing Crocs and Socks?

My poo goes in the water.

In the sewage pipe

Scan it. Send it. Fax-rename it

And an Olympic medal? 🥇

No it's a water pipe not a sewage pipe

That flail of terror as his brain realises something wrong.

Use cleats.

This one gets popped, though.

Most disappointing part was not seeing it pop. So much more satisfying.

For the viewers on the other side of the planet.

False. This looks nothing like running on a bag of sand.


N...Name checks out...?

Someone check up on Elizabeth please?

It's all fun and games until he falls into a sink hole


Without the screaming and misogyny


Oh no! I need a body bag.

Can confirm, my dad made me fix sprinkler heads as a kid :(

Buy it!

But I really wanted the misogyny..

Mole people mole people mole people. Taste like mole, talk like human.

Why is the replay part mirrored and upside down lmao

Poo water (sewage lines) aren't under pressure so it's extremely unlikely a leak would inflate the lawn like a balloon. More likely a leak in a freshwater pipe or possibly a lawn sprinkler pipe, those are pressurized.

Looks fun, now I want my own lawn pimple

Quick rewrite it.


Finish it

Nothing wrong! The hills are alive with the sound of muusic! 🎵

Most likely the lateral lines in the sprinkler system either cracked or broke, causing an excess water to pool underneath the sod in a short time--> causes water bedding. This happens fairly frequently in irrigation systems.

Source: I'm an irrigation technician :)

Saw the video to this 7 or 8 years ago. His sprinkler broke. And yes, it did pop and water got everywhere.


Or like this?

Can confirm isn't very deep. Am novice landscaper with poor shoveling skills.

...or else.

Reload it!