Please please please god vaccinate your kids

Please please please god vaccinate your kids

I'm sitting alone drinking to much again and just need to get this off my chest. Three years ago I had a baby girl, her name was Emily and I loved her more than anything in this entire fucked up world. She was a mistake and I'd only been getting my shit together when I found out I was going to have her. I spent a long time thinking over whether or not I should have her or just abort her because I wasn't bringing her into a good place, but in the end I planned things out and did everything to make sure I could afford her and we wouldn't be living in poverty. I did everything I could for my baby with doctors visits and medicine and working a shit retail job at 8 months pregnant all by myself just so I could bring some happiness into my life. she was born in October and was so so beautiful. I'd messed up a few things in my life but I wasn't going to mess up with her if I could help it.

Then when she was 8 months old, too young yet for an mmr shot? she got sick. She was sick for a while and I'd never seen anything like it. I took her to the doctor. She was in the hospital and she looked so bad, she was crying and coughing and there was nothing I could do. I felt like the worst mother in the world. After I got her to the hospital she got worse, got something called measles encephalitis, where her brain was inflamed. I hadn't believed in god in years but you better believe I was praying for her every day.

She died in the hospital a week or so later. I held her little tiny body and wanted to jump off a bridge and broke down in the hospital. The nurses were sympathetic and I was, well I made a scene I'm pretty sure.

I found out later via facebook of fucking course that the neighbor I'd had watch my baby was an anti-vaxxer and had posted photos of her kid sick and other bullshit about how he was fine.

He was fine? He was FINE? My kid was DEAD because she made that choice. I went over and talked to her and she admitted he'd been sick when she'd had my kid last but didn't think much of it. I screamed at her. I screamed and yelled and told her the devil was going to torture her soul for eternity you god loving cunt because she took my baby from me. I'm sure I looked crazy, at the time maybe I was. I'm crying writing this now, and in my darkest moments I'd wished her kid was dead and it makes me feel worse.

I'd like to say I'm doing better but I'm really not. I'm alive, going day to day, trying to be the person I wanted to be for my kid even if my little Emily isn't here anymore. That's the only thing keeping me going anymore. I don't have anything else left.

Please vaccinate your kids, so other moms like me don't have to watch their baby die. It's not just your choice only affecting your kid, you are putting every child who for some reason hasn't gotten vaccinated in SO much danger. Please please please for the love of god please vaccinate.

EDIT: I spent a long time thinking about if I should edit this, after being horrified that I posted this in the first place and puking and crying. I still can't deal with any of this when not drunk. Thank you to everyone for the support, saying that doesn't really cover how I feel, I'm just glad there are good people out there, and I'm sorry to all of you who have suffered a loss. To everyone who told me I was a murderer, that it was my fault, that I was an awful mother, that my child spending time with a boy who had measles was NOT the reason my baby got measles, that I never should have had a kid because I was poor, and that I should kill myself, I have only one thing to say to you, because anything else isn't worth it: I hope you are happy. I hope you live a long and happy life with people in it who love you and care for you and that you do not suffer like I did. I hope you are loved.

To me, being an anti-vaxxer is a lot like being a drunk driver. It's usually not you that ends up hurt the worst.

It's just a tiny hair past midnight. I'm sitting here listening to Judge Judy, eating cold digorno pizza, browsing Reddit idly while at my fingertips, just above my keyboard, glows a video baby monitor. On it, is my (just barely) 7 month old daughter.

She was a planned child, but motherhood was never "me." The first few months of her life were a haze, but the first time she smiled at me? Magic. This little girl is my entire world. I would willingly lie down and die for her.

She's vaccinated. She will always be vaccinated and I will always stress to her how deeply important it is that she stay vaccinated, to protect those that cannot be.

I will also take my daughter in my arms, when she (inevitably) rouses, and I will hold her to my chest and I will hug her tight.

I am so tremendously, deeply and sincerely sorry for your loss. I cannot imagine the pain you still keep in your heart. Tonight, I will keep you close to me, and even closer to my daughter. I will cry with you, tonight.

Peace, comfort, and all of my love to you.

Especially as the anti-vaxxers often were vaccinated themselves as children, but their own kids are the ones going without. So in the case that tragedy does strike, it's not the parents who get sick or die, it's their children or someone else's child.

The problem is.. that if someone is an anti-vaxxer they aren't going to believe that your story is at all related to vaccination.

If they believed that vaccinations worked they wouldn't be anti-vaxxers.

I've been there, sadly. At 7-weeks old, my baby boy, Jordan, passed away. They still aren't sure from what.

While my wife and I have his baby brother to love and hold, I miss Jordan every day. I have videos of him so I can hear his voice, but I was ready to do myself in after losing him.

If you ever want to talk, please PM me. We can work through this together...somehow.

If you would rather your kid have a deadly disease over autism, you shouldn't be a parent regardless of what pseudoscience you believe in. One can kill you. The other can't. It's not that hard.

Just do the Aussie way, ban them from schools if they're not vaccinated.

Sure the kids will suffer but the parents may cave when they realise they can't get childcare etc.

I often hear people say 'who cares if they don't get vaccinated, you just get vaccinated and you'll be fine.'

This saddens me. Babies can't be vaccinated until their of age. Cancer patients on chemo can't be vaccinated... People with immunity disorders can't be vaccinated...

When people chose not to get vaccinated or have their children vaccinated, they are putting people who cannot get vaccinated at risk.

I am so sorry about OP's loss. A parent should never have to bury a child. Never.

Also... IT DOESN'T CAUSE AUTISM!!!! Jesus Christ these people must be stupid.

Sadly most of them will be too dense to realize this. I mean do what you want to your child for all I care, but the moment you run the risk of affecting others, that's where the line needs to be drawn.

Edit: On a separate note, don't stop fighting OP, especially now more than ever.

I'm very sorry for your loss.

The anti-vaccine movement is a disgusting abomination. I am so sorry for what you've suffered.

I'm so, so sorry for your loss. It's my worst nightmare. I bet your Emily was an adorable little armful who was cuddly and giggly and the light of your life. It's too cruel to lose her like that.

My son has measles. Right now. He's four. He had the MMR at 13 months, the follow-up shot and all of his vaccinations up to the preschool boosters last year. I even paid extra for the varicella (chickenpox) vaccine, which isn't routinely given here. He's been getting hotter, and more tired, coughing, scratching and not eating for nearly a week. The rash starts at his cheekbones and covers every part of him down to the soles of his feet. I don't know where he got it or how he got it. The practice nurse said he should be so much sicker - and it's probably only because he was vaccinated that he's had a milder dose. It's still lasted longer and been more serious than anything else he's had in his lifetime. He's just woken and is coughing and coughing.

My one year old is vaccinated and thankfully she hasn't got it. But the night before he got ill, my kids were playing with my best friend's four month old baby. So we are waiting and hoping and praying the little girl isn't affected.

I'll keep Emily in my thoughts today. X

Well, my new Sister in law says that she believes the vaccines may work but that the risk of side effects is too much of a worry. She does believe in the whole autism link thing unfortunately. And they are not vaccinating their child.

No, yelling at your neighbor is not crazy, not being angry at them would be crazy. As a side note, as a child I was diagnosed with PDD-NOS which is on the autistic spectrum. So far it's much preferable to having measles, mumps, rubella, polio...the list is quite long.

File a wrongful death lawsuit. Set up a crowd funding campaign to fund a team of lawyers. Make an example of that idiot. Maybe once people start getting hit in their bank accounts they'll start taking this shit seriously.

I'm the child of an anti-Vaxxer, a very outspoken one who believes in the Autism link and chicken pox parties. As horrible as your lived experience is I have to thank you for sharing it, it's because of similar ones I made the choice to catch up on my childhood vaccines. Keep speaking out and telling your story, it really does make a difference.

You're not allowed in most US schools without being vaccinated either, but there are bullshit religious exemption loopholes.

I swear to Dionysus that I'm going to start my own religion so I can claim religious exemptions for my personal beliefs. I will never have to wear pants again and I'm mandating a shot (vodka? Heroin? Propofol? Who knows?!) every hour just like prayer times. And I'm totally wearing a hijab because I hate doing my hair.

Fortunately a growing number of pediatricians/MDs are refusing to treat unvaccinated families- it's too great a risk to their other patients.

'Gullible' is probably the right word. I've never understood why gullible people will believe the first thing they hear on a subject and not the second.

Also, many of these people have never seen the horrible diseases we need so much to vaccinate against. They don't understand how much worse things like the measles are than chicken pox or a stomach flu. Ironically, this is because those diseases were virtually eradicated in their area by widespread vaccination.

Thats also not how vaccination works. No vaccine is perfect, but with good coverage the chance of you running in to someone whose vaccine also didnt work (for millions of different reasons) before you feel sick enough to go to the doctor is slim. In this way the spread is severely limited and allows an occurrence to 'burn itself out' because whatever your prognosis noone else got sick.

When coverage levels drop the chance of spread rapidly increases, especially in dense modern cities. And the longer it persists allows for mutations etc, risking even more people.

This is why anti vaxxers are so dangerous, they are in fact risking everyones health, even those who have had every jab and due to the nature of infectious diseases it only takes a few of them to risk many.

You just brought a tear to this dude's eye. Thanks for the loving reminder.

Please teach her why it is important and not just force it upon her.

If vaccination education becomes anything like religion it will cease to be as immensely effective as they've been. A vaccine is only as good as the people willing to take it.

So be strong, and smart about how you teach your kids. If you don't know how they work, do the work to learn how.

Yep... currently laying next to my 7 month old baby daughter who is and will be vaccinated. I am a bit weepy from OP's post and joining the ranks of moms who will give an extra special snuggle to their little one to honor OP's Emily.

Well worse as most of this antivaxxing crap came from a now debunked study by a doctor who more or less made shit up to be famous. I swear they should charge him with murder for every kid killed by his crap. I have 5 kids and you'd better believe they are all vacinated.

That neighbor was a dumbass for not getting vaccinated and absolutely horrid human for being sick and watching a young one like that while sick herself.

I cannot fathom the pain op has gone through here as a result of the neighbors self centered behavior

Jesús fucking Christ, what country are you in?

I'm a vaccine advocate and public health professional. The US has only had one measles death in the last many years, and it was an adult.

Can I hijack this comment to ask how a 26 year old who has lived in multiple cities could find info on their past vaccinations and learn about any vaccines they may need in the future?

I'm asking for a friend. That friend is me. Known that guy all my life he's great.

Is there anything and I mean anything at all that doesn't sound horrible about the next administration? From this to environmental issues, women's rights, drug enforcement etc... it is so bleak.

Mississippi is one of the most religious states and they allow NO exemptions whatsoever.

In fact, the "religious exemptions" have been broadened to "personal belief exemptions." Seattle has the highest rate of unvaccinated and it isn't religious at all.

Each of you should contact your Senators and Congressmen as well to make sure they are truly representing you. We just learned that Donald Trump asked an anti-vaxxer to head a commission on vaccine safety.


4 Diseases Making a Comeback Thanks to Anti-Vaxxers

Anti-vaxxer Mom Changes Mind After her 3 Kids Fall Ill

Anti-vax mom changes her tune as all 7 of her children come down with whooping cough


Edit: Additional information below

World Health Organization - Myths and Facts about Vaccination

World Health Organization - Vaccines

Centers for Disease Control - Vaccines in Civilian Defense Against Bio-terrorism

NOVA Online - Bio-terror

National Institute of Health - Edward James and the history of smallpox vaccine

Centers for Disease Control vaccine information

It's not a movement. It's farce. It's also an ego-stroke by egocentric parents who put their pet-causes over their own children. Not immunizing your child should be consider some form of child abuse.

Thank you for approaching this issue in such a responsible way. Many parents with kids that got sick despite being vaccinated would get a change of heart if they were in your shoes and would join the anti-vaxxers.

But in fact this is exactly the reason why it is important that virtually everyone gets their shots. We need herd immunity, because no matter what, vaccines will not work for some individuals. However, they will be protected by the fact that people around them will have a proper reaction to vaccines and will be immune. They will not spread disease.

Now, I hope that your best friend's baby is going to be OK. But consider the fact that your son probably got infected by some kid with irresponsible anti-vaxxer parents: those selfish bastards can't see the bigger picture and cannot comprehend that their actions (or lack of) might put a 4-month old baby's life at risk.

Just horrible.

Sure! So firstly I grew up in an area where conscientious objector were quite common and there was a big anti-vac community. My childhood friends were unvaccinated and I just didn't realise it wasn't the norm for a very long time.

I remember taking a heavily crossed out form with the words "DO NOT VACCINATE MY CHILD" on it to every in school vaccine and then being told my the family homeopath to avoid drinking out of the bubblers or I might get what ever they were vaccinating against.

I was extremely lucky that I never got severely ill, though my sister had a few scares.

By the time I was old enough to be studying biology an vaccines in school i had heard the stories of big pharma, autism link and all the other drivel to brush it off. I didn't even start to question the anti-vax movement until the year before last, it took a while to realise my mother was wrong and make the decision to rectify it.

By a very lucky twist of faith I made a friend who was studying science communications and had a special interest in immunology. She knew how I was raised and never pushed me, but happily shared what she was studying with me. Talking to this friend I realised I knew nothing about vaccines and asked her to explain it to me like I was five. She went through every anti-vax myth with me and explained how people could believe them but also how they were wrong. Following this I got my first lot of vaccines.

I have never confronted my Mum, I've thought about it but it will only destroy a tense relationship and won't change her views. She knows I have had a few vaccines, but I down played it as needing to do it to travel (a decision she didn't support) She is still partly supporting me and I can't afford to piss her off.

My sister an I have decided that we will break the cycle and vaccinate though.

The two things I didn't really expect when I started educating myself

There is almost no information for us. Any info that is available is very biased and doesn't deal with the misinformation we may have been told as children. Most of the info about childhood vaccines are for parents and doesn't cover how an adult should go about catching up. Most doctors also don't have any experience in the matter.

While a country may cover childhood vaccines there is no safety net (at least in Australia) for the children of anti-vaxxers and it is very expensive for us to catch up.

I asked Jenny McCarthy if she was proud of her work after the Disney outbreak.

Then I asked her if she had cured her son's autism with kale shakes, what was so bad about vaccination that may cause a disorder that can then be cured with kale?

She blocked me. (On twitter)

Came here to ask if there were any grounds for legal action. I would donate to this at the drop of a hat. A groundbreaking case could change things. Do you know if anyone has ever filed for this and won?

I am so very sorry for your loss. I have 4 children and this is my biggest fear. I hope that you go to grief counseling or go to a group therapy session with other parents who have lost their children. I hear it helps. I hope that one day you can find some sort of peace. I know I am just an Internet stranger but please pm anytime you may need someone to listen.

This needs to be drilled into people more.

It's not perfect -- It's more effective if you don't come into contact with it at all -- Which means every unvaccinated person that gets sick represents a new chance that a vaccinated can get sick -- anti-vaxxers are a threat to humanity at large, including themselves.

It's foreseeable that by not vaccinating your children other people could get sick. This is beyond civil negligence, if provable, it would be a criminal homicide.

They put people away with HIV for infecting others knowingly, and this is along the same lines.

And dads!

And the President Elect just named Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., an anti-vaxxer to head a committee investigating vaccine safety.

ASD, speaking from experience, is nowhere fucking near being worth death.

Much love to you and your wife x

vaccines need to be mandated

we respect everyone's freedoms and opinions just up until they represent a mortal threat to us

the point of personal freedom is the choices we make only benefit or hurt ourselves

if the choices we make hurt others, it's not our freedom that is at issue, it's our responsibility

too many people just lack the knowledge, are too heavily propagandized, or have not enough intellectual honesty to see that choosing not to vaccinate harms others

it has to be mandatory

and for a certain sort of person, they will scream government intrusion, they will scream fascism, etc

and to them i say there are two understandings of freedom in this world:

the immature and irresponsible "i can do whatever i want, damn the consequences"

and the mature and coherent "i can do whatever i want, as long as i don't hurt anyone else"

the first definition of freedom isn't really freedom at all. if you don't respect the freedom of others and how your choices might hurt them, you are no lover of freedom at all, you don't know what freedom is

I'll add to this that you have amazing strength and patience. I would've literally gone at my neighbor right on the spot. God knows what I would've done in your situation. Prayers out to you

Yeah, the problem is when three of four presidential candidates did not take any stance on anti-vaxxing, people feel like their fears are validated.

You can go to the doctor and have a blood test done, called titres (spelling?) and it will check your immunization levels.

My private catholic school wouldn't let you in if you didn't have a vaccine history. One family tried to claim an exception on "religious" grounds and my school laughed in their face and kicked them out. They were surprisingly progressive in certain areas for a catholic school.

Ignoring the pro/anti-vaccination side, not informing a parent that your child has a disease that could kill their child seems pretty negligent. People are charged with a range of crimes for deliberately spreading HIV. While the intent may not have been to spread the illness or kill OP's child, there was definitely negligence by allowing exposure.

Even if the neighbor believed in vaccines and their whole family had annual MMR boosters, they still had a baby in the same house as a very sick child.

This whole statement baffles me, I would rather have an autistic child then a dead child? It's almost as if the parents are saying, autism is worse then death!

Add teary eyed grandpa's to this vigil!

I wish we'd do for Anti-Vaxxers what we do for Sex Offenders: obligate them by law to go to every house in the neighborhood and inform everyone of their ways so they can be avoided.

I'm so sorry for your loss.

She knew her kid was sick? Vaccinated or not, common sense should have been enough to cancel babysitting. We have a teen babysitter who called us to let her know she felt like she was getting a sore throat. She asked our thoughts on still babysitting. This is a freaking teen acting more responsible than the parent.

"Cows cause smallpox"

This is ironically close to the truth. Cowpox, which comes from cows, can be used to inoculate against smallpox. It was actually used for the first smallpox vaccine, which was itself the first vaccine ever.

Yup my daughters pediatrician requires that any patients follow the vaccination schedule or she won't serve them.

My mum became an anti-vaxxer after my brother was diagnosed with autism and I was diagnosed with a sensory processing disorder, both fully vaccinated. It was an understandable response, my mum wanted something to blame for the reason her children were suffering.

My mother became fearful of vaccinations, just after meningococcal and just before HPV vaccines came out. She forbade me from getting gardasil (HPV vaccine) by the time I was old enough to get it without her permission, it was no longer free to me, I couldn't afford it, and my doctor told me since I wasn't a virgin anymore there wasn't much point (lies! Get the HPV vaccine no matter what your status!)

Anyway, we now know that my father has autism, and my brother and I both have connective tissue disorders that cause sensory processing issues. So my mother was prepared to admit vaccines don't cause autism.

In 2015 I was diagnosed with stage 0 cervical cancer, very easily just burnt off, and non HPV related, but still enough of a scare for my mother to finally concede she was wrong and an idiot.

It saddens me that people do this. All because of a false article saying that vaccines cause Autism. It's absolutely selfish for parents to do this. They don't want to have the risk of autism, but what would the kid think? Would the kid be laying on his deathbed thinking, "at least I don't have autism"

It's disgusting. AND because of the anti-vaxxers, where I live (Texas) measles are getting out of control.

I had a friend who got meningitis when she was too young to get the vaccine, and it ruined her life. Luckily she survived it. But now she's 23 and looks 12, because the swelling damaged her brain and disturbed her bodily functions. It triggered an autoimmune disease, and she is constantly malnourished, skinny, and medically monitored. I feel bad enough for her, I can't bear to think of all the kids who would go through this.

I am sorry for your loss. I hope you are okay, and you can message me anytime to talk.

Yeah, that is why it's important that society have as many people immune as possible - it's a phenomenon called herd immunity. If nobody is immune, the diseases will spread unchecked from person to person like wildfire. If almost everyone is immune via vaccination, two people who aren't immune and where one gets sick will have many immune people between them and the disease will never reach one from the other.

When I was a baby (around 22 years ago) this whole autism scandal came out and my mother was worried over whether I should get vaccinated. She was really tempted to not do it.

She did the intelligent thing and went to our local doctor and asked him "Should I get him vaccinated?" My doctor replied with "I already have mine done"

Who are these individuals that think they are so entitled and more intelligent than doctors think they can do this. Surely if the autism link was found there would be more evidence.

That doctor that released that study saying it causes autism has single handedly caused deadly diseases to makr a come back, diseases which were almost eradicated.

And anything you say to an anti vaxxer they have their own evidence for;

Argument: "When vaccines were brought in disease rage dropped, here is the evidence"

Reply: "The doctors just started having a cleaner practise and washed their hands properly."

Argument "No doctors have backed up this claim"

Reply "They don't wanna lose their job"

Argument "Diseases like measles are more present now adays because people don't vaccinate"

Reply "It's always been there, media publicises it"

I don't know what to do. It's so depressing children are suffering because of their parents stupid ideas.

Doubly so if you actually have ASD. The idea that many people would rather their kids be dead than be anything like me as a person is...isolating.

And the Seattle area has a rather prolific whooping cough outbreak, too.

Username doesn't check out

saw a story about a girl who was probably in her 20's at the time - got polio thanks to her anti-vax parents... GFY anti-vaxxers. Take a science class you fucks.

So she's "protecting" her child from autism, but reaping the benefits of herd immunity in the meantime. Lovely.

People with immunity disorders can't be vaccinated...

You also never know who around you could have a disorder like that either. I worked in a pediatrics clinic and saw a kid who had HIV. He looked like a normal healthy kid (I know it's not the death sentence it was in the 80s and 90s but still...)

I honestly think Oprah letting Jenny McCarthy (a Playboy bimbo) on her show to talk about vaccinations and autism was one of the worst things TV ever saw.

Oh yes, Oprah, the welfare to talk show asshat who caused more stupidity and damage in America than 30 years of TV sitcoms ever could.

Fuck we ALL know the Kardashians are the epitome of mind numbing stupidity and bad for society and yet even they don't cause as much damage as Oprah has with her talk show (which was nothing more than a ratings whore).

Elon Musk will be a consultant so there's that

I caught whooping cough during the 2010 outbreak in Los Angeles because I babysat for a family with two unvaccinated children. They caught it at their posh preschool, then it passed on to me — two months before my college graduation.

I didn't know what was going on until about three months in, when I was still coughing so hard I vomited daily. What I thought was a bad cold or something brought in by chain smoking during my thesis writing was, in fact, an entirely preventable sickness.

Those were some of the most physically painful months of my life. I was 22. I cannot imaging how awful and horrible whooping cough would be for an infant or young child. I wouldn't wish whooping cough on my worst enemy. Vaccinate your kids. You never know who you're going to harm because of your inaction.

I'm sorry to hear about this. That would be fucking horrible. My sister who was 17 at the time got encephalitis and my god it was the worst experience me and my family have gone through. She used to wake up screaming, having seizures, having cardiovascular issues. Shit got worse and worse and worse for months on end. I had to watch her learn to speak, walk, eat, swallow and stand again. Nothing to do with sickness and death is easy or close to it. I'm sending all the best your way. I hope you find happiness

The fact that you only yelled at your neighbor instead of murdering her is a win. I'm so sorry you had to go through that, you are so strong.

Would you mind sharing what your experience was like growing up? Did you ever wind up coming down with anything severe? Have you ever confronted your parent? Thank you for being a responsible member of the community and catching up on your vaccines.

I found an argument that actually worked and convinced my grandfather.

If Climate Change could be disproven the first one who would do so would get so much money and publicity because he showed what all big oil firms want to hear. Instead every study which "proves" the non excistens of climate chance is only shown on a random facebook-page.

Somehow this got through to him because he always knew our country(Germany) would be the first to show this study to everyone, because of our car and coal industry.

Not only to be famous, Andrew Wakefield had a patent on an alternate MMR that was less effective.

But they never saw any evidence is the thing. It's like me saying "Cows cause smallpox" and they just beleive me for no reason. They're too stupid to be called fit for parenting.

the risk of side effects is too much of a worry.

Yeah well...death is also pretty big worry but y'know...clearly she knows more than me, and to a further extent doctors who spent literally 8+ going to school for this.

No offense to your sister-in-law...but is she really that selfish that she'd run the risk, the HIGH risk, of her child dying simply because she doesn't want him/her to potentially autism (which btw has no proven connection)?

Hey, obviously not OP but my parents were radical religious people, who among other things, were anti-vax. Never got a vaccination during my childhood. My parents didn't believe they needed doctors either, first experience at a hospital that I can remember is when I severed my finger. I'm in a bit of a weird situation where because of never seeing doctors, I can't accurately report some of the illnesses I had because I still legitimately don't know what I was going through. I remember being sick as a young kid A LOT. I got what I suppose were common flu strains about 4-6 times during winter, probably due to bad health and hygiene practices of my parents more than anything. I also went through some intense stages of sicknesses for which only some I can categorise. I know I got the whooping cough, swine flu and chickenpox. At the time I just thought it was what I had to get through and all kids dealt with stuff like that. Now that I know better, obviously I know some of these things could have been prevented. My parents (primarily father) are a little more extreme nutjobs than the average anti-vaxxer, there were a lot of more serious problems my siblings and I faced during childhood. Once I filed a DVO against my father and got room to mature and think for myself, I quickly caught up on my personal shots and made sure my mother vaccinated my baby brother. I'm just happy I am personally rational enough to see the necessity for vaccinations. Even thinking back to when my father ranted about how vaccines basically contained the virus itself (and devils blood) I remember it made sense to 'lock' the body up from experiencing the real virus.

Honestly, I feel it should have the same punishment as well. If you endanger others by driving drunk you should go to jail. If you endanger others by not vaccinating without medical reason, then you should go to jail.

Thinking about it, I wonder if some sort of reckless endangerment suit could be pursued here? I don't know if it would help OP, but it might provide some form of closure, and if successful would be a step towards deterring people from not vaccinating.

I actually read an article that showed that showing anti-vaxxers pictures of kids with the diseases vaccine's prevent generally has a better effect on them than arguing.

The majority of anti-vaxxers know that vaccines do prevent illnesses, they just figure that the illnesses are not a big deal. Showing them the pictures proving the suffering that they can cause in their child by not having them vaccinated is very effective.

Here is a link to a photo series about children with vaccine preventable diseases, I hope it helps you.

Make sure you update your mom about recent discovery that Autism cannot be developed after birth. It's now 100% proven that Autism develops while baby is still in the womb (Likely due to Vitamin D deficiency).

Also this little page:

Found this great site dealing with this issue. (before people downvote me, actually click on the website)

Jokes aside, I'm really sorry this happened. I have no children of my own but it always infuriates me whenever I see parents refuse to vaccinate their children because they think a link between vaccines and autism exists, which honestly is one of the most idiotic things someone can believe, and how they think they themselves know more then doctors and experts and nurses who spent years studying this simply because they spent 2 hours on the Internet and managed to find some website on the 5th page of Google that confirms their belief. It's horrible that you had to see your daughter suffer through this and ultimately die. That neighbor of yours by the way doesn't deserve to have children, as harsh that sounds.

Not a bad idea, but a lot of anti-vaxxers are rich. So they'll just enroll their kids in some private schools/care that validates their poor grasp of human biology.

This is the same way I feel every time my father sends me the latest "CLIMATE CHANGE IS FAKE" article.

Like, yes, it is easy to find someone on the internet who agrees with you. But why you would believe them over actual scientists makes absolutely no sense.

Supposedly her kid isn't even autistic....That being said I paged through her book about raising an autistic child and one of the signs of autism was "super smelly diarrhea" I work in a daycare and have changed my share of diapers and have yet to be around diarrhea that's not super smelly (some kids can clear a room)

It's ironically the exact opposite of true, cows prevent smallpox by giving you cowpox.

My son is undergoing chemotherapy for leukaemia. As a result he is immunosuppressed and all previous immunities and vaccinations he has count for nothing. Chicken pox could kill him. But we're continually exposed to these risks by people who refuse to vaccinate their children. Science will protect your children, not God or organic kale or some other such bullshit.

Anti-vaxxers don't always deny the vaccines effectiveness (though, I know most do) they across the board, however, believe that vaccines cause Autism, which is the most garbage shit ever.

"I'd rather my child, and other young children, die rather than risk the impossibility that my kid 'catches, autism from a vaccine for a disease that will kill them slowly. Yep. Autism is the worst!"

Excuse me while I go roll my eyes so far back that I can see the wrinkles on my brain.

And definitely not for others to decide. Not that vaccines gives ASD to begin with.

I'm guessing Europe? Measles is surprisingly prevalent there. It is also where the modern antivaxx rhetoric arose.

If they don't understand WHY those diseases are rare, which is the implication, they probably don't understand the science behind the vaccines.

Yeah, I had that thought about a girl who's in a feminist group with me. She thinks vaccinating her son gave him autism, so when her daughter was born, she and her husband decided not to vaccinate. And that was my exact thought--that she'd rather risk her daughter's death than risk that she turn out like her brother.

catholic school..."religious" grounds

More like the school said "What religion? Catholicism has no problem with this."

I have an 8 week old baby girl. My first. I read your whole post. I will be sure to get my baby vaccinated. Thank you for your post.

Don't forget that measles they all got over there on the west coast.

I work in the Emergency Department and we get "frequent fliers" - patients who come to the ER all the goddamn time. Unfortunately, one of them is a 2 year old, who I remember his parents have chosen not to vaccinate him. In the past five months, I have seen him a total of four times, for febrile seizures. Which means he contracts a viral illness and becomes sick, and develops a fever so high that he actually gets seizures from it. When parents do not vaccinate their kisd, you are decreasing their quality of life.

Had a friend of my husbands over with his wife last week to meet our newborn. They brought their cute two year old to meet him, too.

Found out yesterday that they are anti-vaxxers, and that their kid recently came down with something you can get a vaccine for... I feel sorry for the kid, but it fills me with rage to know my little one could have caught something from them!

Hit me up, Ive been in heaps of cults and this one sounds as great as the others were

It might've had a bigger impact on them than you think, especially if it made them just pack up and move away. They probably didn't feel comfortable going to the funeral of a baby they inadvertently killed.

Propofol is the shit. Do it.

Edit: not literally suggesting you do propofol.

There's not as much anti-vaccine sentiment here in the UK as there was when the Wakefield article first broke (I'm old enough to remember that!) but measles is definitely a concern. My son's lab results aren't back yet but I've heard there's already a confirmed outbreak in our borough so it seems likely.

I don't think it's likely to be sourced from anti-vaxxers so much as children who can't have the vaccine for whatever reason. My kids are preschool age; we go to toddler events where there are a lot of small children. I personally know many children too young yet for MMR, a few who can't have the vaccines for medical reasons, and as I've found, there are some who do have the vaccine but still catch it anyway. That's why measles is so dangerous - it's not just spread by people who choose not to protect their children, but those who don't have a choice, or would if they could. It's highly contagious and protecting as many children as we can to develop herd immunity is the only way to keep each other safe.

If it brings any comfort, countless parents will hug their children that much tighter tonight. I am so sorry for your loss.

Yup, they check the levels of antibody you have to various pathogens and see if its a protective amount. Then you can get the immunisations or booster shots that you might need.

I suppose, I'm still angry though, the very least they could do is write a letter saying sorry

As someone else with ASD I totally get it. I don't have anything wrong with me, I'm just slightly weird. If your kid not being invited to the " cool kids' " birthday party is worth death, then I just want to go over there and shove a jet plane up the parents ass and turn on the engine

Make sure you point out to her that the people got the whole autism bit from a line in a government pamphlet. The very following sentence in that pamphlet states that one of the trial subjects died of a car accident. So you could draw a direct parallel and say that vaccines cause just as much autism as they do fatal car crashes.

This was me. Varicella (Chickenpox) vaccination failed on me as a child. Not as bad as mumps, but I received the worst case doctors in my area had ever seen. I was 8-9 years old; just old enough to understand that I was on death's doorstep. At 20, I still have extensive permanent scarring.

Vaccinate, please.

It is. I don't know what that person is trying to say but 'anti-vaccination' is not a thing in Europe. At all.

Sorry for your loss. Losing a child is one of the worst things a human can endure. Stay strong. I'm not religious either however if there is an afterlife ( regardless which religion) your child will still be watching over you. Live life with the same values you would want to teach her. I agree with the whole vaccination thing however exploding with anger will never solve your problem. Again sorry for your loss and good luck.

I contracted measles a month shy of my 8 year old booster shot while on vacation in Mexico. Apparently the neighbor bots has measles and while they were isolated, I was around other members of their family enough to bring it back to the states with me. I lost two weeks in and out of consciousness. I look back and I can only imagine what is what like for my parents. Im so sorry for your loss. I do everything I can to counsel my friends to keep up to date in vaccinations for their kids and do real research. Again I'm sorry for your loss.

Hmm, check out the edits on this article. Seems to be a lot of confusion about how many deaths there actually were due to unofficially confirmed reports.

From this source they give: Seems there may have been quite a few more deaths..including at least one infant back in 2000. Nothing within the last 3 years though as OP said. Although there seems to be others reported as dying from "subacute sclerosing panencephalitis" which could be what OP is referring to.

It wasn't the report that made it bad.

The report was bad but it was Jenny McCarthy getting on Oprah and spreading the lies to all the Oprah dipshits.

Those two should be fucking jailed for spreading such damaging lies.

In bed, tears rolling down. Pregnant wife asleep. Vaccinated 2.5 year old daughter asleep.

I wish you patience, peace, and relief. Somehow I think they'll never come.

Well, the shot is only 97% effective. 3% of people do NOT become immune after receiving the MMR shot's 2 recommended doses. These people also rely on herd immunity without even knowing it.

Me either. He was a monster who abused autistic children.

See... a backed up cited source that took 3 seonds to find :) ergh.

I just want to say that I'm sorry you have to hear people saying such horrible things about people with ASD. You have value, and I hope you don't ever let anti-vaxxers make you feel otherwise. In the immortal words of mister rogers, I like you just the way you are.

Herd immunity only works when 80% of the population is immunized. Eventually this will play out very badly. Not for my kids though. They got their shots.

They probably didn't feel comfortable going to the funeral of a baby they inadvertently killed.

Boy, I'm sure glad they were thinking of their feelings in that situation. Because that's the important thing, right? Not the family with the dead baby.

Edit: having checked /u/Cancer_squadron's post history, they're almost certainly a troll.

Edit2: account deleted, troll confirmed. Dear God.

Shit, is it? I thought this was one of your weird American hang ups like abortion.

Wow what the actual fuck man.... I feel like some kind of compensation should be had because that is awful. "Oh hey, my son killed your baby? Whoops, better move, kthxbai"

It's a frightening mentality.

To be fair, they might have seen some "evidence", i.e. the Wakefield paper. But why they would believe this and not the many other studies subsequently debunking this paper, I will never understand.

Edit: I agree with the commenters that these people clearly aren't reading scientific studies (debunked or not). What I should have said was that anti-vaxxers probably heard from a friend who heard from their first cousin twice removed who knew a guy who once heard Jenny McCarthy mention this study on TV.

And this, this is why I spent 600+ dollars on the new men b vaccine for my daughter. Shit isn't covered in canada yet, I'm sure it will be. Because fuck meningitis.

Seriously. Those parents should be forced to vaccinate their kids or else they go to jail and the kid gets either adopted by family member or taken away by CPS

This story broke my heart. I cannot imagine what you went through.

Vaccines should be mandatory. PLEASE people, if you, or someone in your household is sick, stay away from infants. This is incredibly irresponsible.

Your baby will develop a small fever most likely from vaccination and it may scare you a bit. It totally did when my 2 month old was pretty hot to touch at 2am the day after his vax appointment. I couldn't sleep and watched him breath the rest of the morning.

Even though I was freaked out, I knew it was totally worth it. His body was getting a fever from a vax, so he wouldn't have stood a chance from the real thing.

Read about the side effects before and know how normal they are. I knew he was supposed to develops a fever and it still freaked me out!

I would seek out legal counsel. Screen shot her Facebook posts about anti-vaccination, and go talk to someone. Some attorneys will only charge you if they win.

Who knows… in their minds, it could have been out of respect for the broken family. Just a thought