Photo essay: Mom adopts two Chinese girls, and these are the rude and intrusive comments people make in front of or TO her children

Photo essay: Mom adopts two Chinese girls, and these are the rude and intrusive comments people m...

Why would you make your kids dwell on these comments. There is no way the younger one could really choose if she wanted to do this.

The comments are disgusting but this seems exploitative.

Some of these are terrible. But I could see some of them just being friendly conversation that was asked a little insensitively. Like, "Are you real sisters?" was probably just someone asking if they were biological sisters. At any rate, I support adoption and good on those girls parents.

I agree with you. I have adopted kids of another race. I occasionally get similar comments. Many comments are just poorly worded expressions of curiosity or support. I try to take it in the spirit in which it was meant. If the speaker is truly ignorant or racist, well, thanks for letting me know that you're a jerk! Dwelling on the negative is a ticket to making yourself miserable.

Some of the terrible ones are hilarious though.

"They send their babies here so that they can become spies when they get older"

I was hoping the last one would be "why do you embarrass your children by making them hold these awful signs"

Good thing she found away to exploit them.

That older girl looks PISSED!

I agree with this. Many people don't have the language to express what they want to say, some think they're funny, and there's also a healthy bit of people wanting to know things that aren't really their business.

When people say "real family", usually, the mean "biological family" and don't mean to imply you're "fake family" by contrast. Though you have to wonder about the "she isn't your real sister" person.

"You got one of the pretty ones." was clearly meant to be a compliment, despite all the problems with that statement. The same can usually be said for the variations of "I could never see someone who isn't my child as my child". It usually means "you're better than me to be able to do that".

"How much did she cost?" is actually a fairly common one. Usually, people aren't trying to talk about them like they're property, but wondering how viable the process might be for them. There's not a lot of accurate information on adoption domestic or international out there and it varies so much from state-to-state, situation-to-situation that it's hard to tell what expectations to have before you jump in. That's not to say some people aren't just...rude.

Similar to certain depressed individuals, who hear bad things about themselves constantly (typically in their own heads), calling out what's being said and addressing it with positive statements can be a positive experience.

Here, the girls, hopefully having just experienced some of that calling out, maybe having asked their mom about it having heard something particularly nasty, are now calling others out on their idiocy or naivety. My hope is that this accompanied a blog post or social upload with language claiming and defending her daughters in response to the quotes.

I feel bad for these kids getting parents like this.


I mean frankly that's genius.