Over 2.5 million take over the streets in Venezuela

Over 2.5 million take over the streets in Venezuela

That's pretty significant considering their population is a little over 30 million.

That's equivalent to 25 million protesting in USA

Women's march is estimated to be around 3 million

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That's equivalent to 25 million protesting in USA

Around the population of Texas.

Women's march is estimated to be around 3 million

Around the population of Iowa.

And not a single port-a-potty in sight.

I foresee a problem.

Around the population of Iowa.

In other words; tiny and insignificant


You know, sometimes I try really hard to think up witty and insightful comments that end up getting no response at all.

And then I end up getting 350 upvotes on a comment like this that I didn't put too much thought into

If you want to have all 25 million of us Texans protest anything at the same time outlaw football, BBQ and say any other state is better




Imagine the change they could bring if they each carried a can of Pepsi

Oh my God I've never thought about that

On the one hand, I support their cause, and wish them the best in getting their country back on track to prosperity and freedom.

On the other hand, most of those idiots voted repeatedly for Chavez, even after he gutted their constitution and started nationalizing industries, and used blatant strongarm tactics against his political opposition, while running the country economically into the ground.

If one were so inclined, one might be able to extrapolate a lesson for other countries: the lure of politicians who promise "more free stuff!" is powerful, but ultimately destructive.

As they say: democracies get the leaders they deserve.

Can't have the plebs getting any ideas.

Yeah but at least we aren't Wyoming

Dear venezuelans, while I don't envy the state your country is in, I envy you for coming together to fight your corrupt government. I'm from Croatia, and while we are in EU, our politicians are robbing us blind. There's corruption at every step for 25 years now and it's making a lot of people to emigrate. Everyone is aware of the situation we're in but noone is protesting. Me and my wife are also thinking of emigrating but we don't know where to yet, and it's really hard since we have two toddlers to take care of. I hope you will succeed in your fight and pave the way to a better future for you and the generations to come.

The police and the military still support the government.

Whenever you hear stories of citizens "forcing the dictator to step down" what that really means is the military wanted the dictator to be removed so they turned a blind eye and let the citizens storm the presidential compound.

As long as you control absolute control over the main pillars of power (police, military, courts) you will remain in power indefinitely, regardless of how many citizen marches you have. Power doesn't change hands until the police, etc start to side with the protesters.

Well, actually I suppose you can try to overthrow the president without the support of the military and the police. But you should probably ask the Syrians if that was worth it.

God I'd hate to be stuck in the middle of that crowd on a 85+ degree day.

lol We want a demonstration not a blood bath.

No guns.

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Ok, you go first I'll be right behind you dude.

You've obviously never been to Mardi Gras...

I'll never remember the look of Bourbon Street at 4 am.

At the same time, it's not like the US is in a state of mass starvation, hyperinflation, and social breakdown. There's some videos of cops shooting into houses at random, armed gangs under the control of the government, and so on. If those conditions were happening in the US, you'd see these kinds of mass protests as well.

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If only they had Pepsi.

Why no coup?

As an American, I'm sad

Venezuela arrested Pepsi workers for not making enough Pepsi.

I'll never forget the look of Bourbon Street at 4am.

Edit: Pics as requested, NSFW but not in a good way

Seriously, how the fuck is this still not in my local news? The only reason I know about this is reddit.

This tweet hasn't aged well

Threaten to close WHATABURGER

I read people complain "how are the news agencies not reporting this?" about current events all the time, when these people don't even catch up on the news themselves. However this event is genuinely not getting any press.

Heh, yeah they're protesting the super pro-capitalist government of Venezuela.

This is a persistent problem called "Old Europe disease". When central and South America were colonized, the Europeans brought with them their feudal system of nobility and peasantry. The modern echoes of this are countries with a few very wealthy families with the majority living in poverty. And the wealthy cannot enjoy their wealth unless they are surrounded by poverty, so they do not "share the wealth". The flip side of this is radical egalitarianism that never results in prosperity, just swapping out the few old very wealthy families with new ones.

Compare Bill Gates with Mexican billionaire Carlos Slim. Gates has created dozens of billionaires, hundreds of multi-multi millionaires, thousands of millionaires, etc., and it doesn't bother him one bit.

Slim, on the other hand, only allows the big money to flow to members of the other dozen or so very wealthy families in Mexico, with everyone else working for low salaries or wages. So he has not created any peers that weren't wealthy before.

Importantly, the American system and the Old Europe system are not compatible at all, which has stymied investment in both directions for a hundred years. In Mexico and Latin America, everything Carlos Slim touches turns to gold. But when he invests in US companies, he loses his shirt, much to his surprise.

This is all a real curse to central and South America. For many years they were caught up in perpetual revolutions that never resulted in prosperity or satisfaction. Even the Woody Allen movie "Bananas" depicted this insanity.

Brazil is an excellent example of how the Old Europe disease poisons a society. Several times they have had windfalls from oil and other things, but they always squander it and end up impoverished.

Venezuela before Chavez only seemed to be in great shape. Its wealthy families were quite happy and it was slowly developing a middle class. But the poor were wretched, miserable, living in anguish and with no hope for improving their lives. It was this that created Chavez and brought him to power.

Without opportunity for improvement, in a grossly unequal society, people have little choice but to revolt. Either peacefully, if they can, or violently, if they cannot.

No one notices

I'm sad too! 20 years ago, Venezuela was in great shape. They were a stable democracy and the richest country in Latin America. High growth rates, low inequality...and then poof. Gone in a flash of socialism.

Oh shit you're right. You know theyre so terrible I was repressing my knowledge of their existence, but now that you mention it...man...buncha cave-dwelling spider-eaters over there. Too many nose pickers not enough thinkers.

In my house my brother was supposed to do the dishes, but he took the day off in protest. Thats equivalent to 85million people protesting in the US

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Democracy is not as simple as just some people voting for who they want for leaders and parties. There are many "levels" of how democratic an election can be. For example you have democratically elected Putin and Erdogan where opposition politicians are killed or jailed and news papers going against the party leader is basically outlawed. Then you have places like USA where you have to be a rich man or have many rich friends to ever hope to get elected and you will never stand a chance to do anything of significance if you do not ally yourself with 1 of 2 parties. Fact is elections can be gamed, not just by rigging votes but just as much through lies and control of media. You call them idiots for voting for Chavez. Well in that case, where in the world do we not have half a country of idiots? Trump, May, Le Pen. All demagogues using irrational fears and lies and succeeding in "well functioning" democracies. 2,5 million voters on the streets proves that people care and they will try to put their vote where it matters. The fact that they can be tricked, lied to and decieved is because of an inherently corrupt system where truth doesnt matter, only votes.

Rhode Island slowly backs out of the room

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This will never happen in the US. With a 2 party system, one side just fights with the other side. And the politicians win.

Central Planned Economy is Best Economy!

Ohh thems fightin words.

Bernie Sanders essay where he wrote the American dream is more apt to be realized in Venezuela didn't age well either.

definitely from Wyoming

80°F under a bright sun, tons of people squeezing you yelling in your ear, and no where to move once you're inside that mess. You're trapped, a metaphor for your financial life. This is why the elites fear demonstrations, it's easy for people to go crazy and turn into senseless zombies once a critical mass turns violent. Andale Jose, lets go storm some castles.

Damn Venezuela goes hard when it comes to 4/20.

Truth to this. I spent two weeks in Texas and my biggest take-away was that Texas loves Texas. The state outline is on fucking everything. EVERYTHING.

Was there yesterday.

Basically, we where marching on one of the city's main highways. Sure there was A LOT of people, but you weren't suffocating or anything. Maybe towards the front where the most people were crammed in, kinda like a concert. Also, you could walk to one of the adjacent avenues if you were feeling particularly tired and buy a soda at one of the local establishments.

This was early into the protest tho, later police starting throwing tear gas and dettaining people so I guess at that time soda wouldn't have been a particularly good idea.

2.5 million people. Do it zombie style. What are they going to do? If they start shooting US is going to get all wet and come over real quick.

Need something like this outside Erdogan's palace.


Wow. A 2-party system has almost nothing to do with why we're not revolting. By comparison to Venezuela we simply don't have anything to complain about. They have soaring inflation, lacking food, a terrifying crime/murder rate, and a horribly corrupt government.

We have some corruption to be sure, but our Corruption Perceptions Index (CPI) is 70/100 where 100 is perfect. Venezuela's is 17 and falling. It's a couple steps behind fucking North Korea in terms of corruption at last measure. If we were to measure today it might pass NK. You might be living in a bubble if you think Gary Johnson being treated unfairly is all that's keeping us from a 25-million person march.

We have crime, but Venezuela's murder and crime rates are arguably the highest in the world right now. It's hard to say because the data is intentionally obscured by the current government. The latest figures (90 per 10k) show that their murder rate has risen to at least 22x what we see in the US. We're talking twice as bad as Detroit as a national average. Imagine how bad the worst areas must be.

Let's be reasonable from our relatively peaceful and wealthy positions. These people are incredibly desperate in a way we may never experience.

Im in Venezuela, the daily tear gas leaks have me in bed with chest problems, Do you want to know why these marchs? or how venezuelan socialism kidnapped this country? read my link or my AMAS.


I amazingly saw about 15-20 seconds of video on CBS This Morning this morning. They just said they're anti-government protesters due to the ongoing economic crisis in Venezuela. Really not much detail at all. But honestly, I'm impressed when the MSM spends any time on foreign affairs that aren't related to the U.S. directly.

So socialism lead to an authoritarian regime which is more oppressive to the proletariat than the bourgeoisie it vilifies?

Woooooaaaaahhhhh, like...what are the odds?! Has this ever happened before?!?

Socialism: The beginning.

They run out of toilet paper in September so ...


As a Texan, I think y'all are underestimating how big Texas really is

As a Texan, I think y'all are how big Texas really is

I do, i was too young to drink. And it was on new years.... im scarred for life.

My #1 concern. And it's not like they have sanitation crews who are going to clean up the streets afterwards.

I foresee smellz.

Good luck buddy. I'd say come to new Zealand but they just tightened the immigration laws so that only rich Chinese property speculators can get in.

I'm gonna try and keep it brief, but this answer has many aspects to it.

In short, people are afraid.

Chavistas who aren't corrupt, their supporters, are mostly low-class people, who only know a worse way of life from the governments before Chávez, and adore him like an idol, so they feel a sense of loyalty to him and his party. They are afraid of what would happen if they lost power, that they would loose the few things the governemnt basically gives them for free, with a very low level of quality (i.e. a box with some scarce goods like rice or oil at subsidized prices).

Poor people who are going through tough times have to make lines all day just to buy food, surviving amongsts this mess with a very low income, are mostly ex-chavistas. Some are starving, some are not, but their whole quality of life, which came to be fairly good under Chávez, has taken a hard hit. Sources say most people are eating twice a day ( http://www.huffingtonpost.com/josefina-salomon/vevezuela-in-crisis-if-yo_b_10658660.html , http://dailycaller.com/2017/02/21/socialism-has-made-average-venezuelans-lose-19-pounds-due-to-la... )(I'm sourcing but I can verify this from talking to low income people like cleaning crew at my office or on the subway.) These people are afraid of the so-called "colectivos", armed gangs or paramilitary groups that are loyal to government, who patrol the low-income areas making sure no protests ocurr, often using deadly force in their efforts. It is my belief that a good chunk of the people in the slums or barrios are armed, they just haven't gotten to the point where they are willing to go all out againsts their paramilitary opressors. But then, maybe they are just ignorant and don't believe any good can come from risking their lives. Maybe the government was victorious in convincing them that there is no better way of life under another governing party or group.

Then you have the middle class (who mostly belong to the poor-class now) and the upper-middle class (some of whom have managed to maintain their status, but mostly they have moved to the middle class and some to the poor class now). They are afraid because most of them don't want to risk their lives, and are in the general, un-armed. They have to fear not only the police and the armed guard, but the criminal paramilitary groups which are mostly made up of slum thugs who do not hesitate at killing.

In my opinion, the government willingly has made itself to appear violent, all-powerful and non-hesitant in a way that has gone mostly undetected by the international community, buying off other countries during the oil bonanza of the first decade of the 2000's. This has made it to be an enormous boogey-man in the minds of the Venezuelans which is impossible to defeat, so they became afraid of fighting violently againsts the government.

Maybe these protests are the wake-up of the people, who now realize that the dictators are weak, and have hardly the support and man-power they used to have.

On the other side, Chavez cleansed the high ranking military posts of any adversaries and filled them with supporters, and he and Maduro were succesful in dirtying their hands with illegal business and huge amounts of money, so they have nothing to gain from making a coup because they would go down along with the chavista officials, facing criminal prosecution on many different charges. Maybe this can change once enough low ranking military officials become disgruntled with the country's situation and organize to go against the military high ranking leaders, or when some big cats realize they would have massive support in tumbling the government.

Finally, everybody fears a civil war. In Venezuela, a lot of people have guns, and homicide rates have long been through the roof, reaching almost 29.000 deaths in 2015 ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Crime_in_Venezuela ). The country is afraid of what would happen if all this violence and death breaks loose in the event of a coup and ensuing civil war.

Tl;dr: Everybody is afraid.

How long until reddit intellectuals start lecturing people on how Venezuela just didn't do the right kind of socialism? IT HASN'T BEEN TRIED!!!!!

They aren't eating much of anything now.

The flip side of this is radical egalitarianism that never results in prosperity, just swapping out the few old very wealthy families with new ones

It's no coincidence that Chavez's daughter is the richest woman in the country.

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I was in Venezuela end of '13 and everyone that could find and afford toilet paper carried it around with them. We went to the pharmacy and there was no milk in town, only a little bit of powdered milk which you could only by one of at a time. Waiting in line at the gas station was a 2 hour event, this was on the border of Columbia. Every aspect of life for them was like this... 4 years ago!

They also didn't have any sort of plan for when the oil ran out - no rainy day fund, no gradual growth of other industries, nothing.

Compare to Norway, which put most of their oil money into a sovereign wealth fund that holds literally $1 trillion USD and keeps the expansive welfare state solvent.

There are plenty of ways to set up a stable and successful welfare state based on finite resource wealth, and Venezuela did none of them.

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Idaho never harmed nobody no how. edit: Jesus this blew up! I thought I'd get an up vote at best and not a single reply. Guess you can pick any state and have a problem with them lol.

Cough* harbors neo-nazis *cough. - signed - your WA neighbors who didn't forget.

Edit: now to neo

Ask your news stations

And people aren't starving...

Best of luck luncroatic


This was back in September 2016.

Hopefully something changes this protest.

This was back in September 2016.

Hopefully something changes this protest.

See zombie style only works for zombies because they don't fear being shoot at.

Well, yes and no. The problem wasn't inherently about the price of oil. Saudi Arabia's petroleum sector accounts for 92.5% of Saudi budget revenues, and 55% of GDP. While they have long-term budget issues as well, overall they've managed their cash flow much, much better.

The real problem was that as the price of oil rose, Chavez immediately spent it all on new entitlements, while using that "success" to gain political support for nationalizing other industries and silencing all opposition. He didn't even bother to perform basic maintenance on the source of all that money.

All this stuff could be seen coming from a thousand miles away, and to their credit, some Venezuelans tried to stop it, but not enough of them.

Describing the women's March as tiny and insignificant is pretty fucking shitty though

They nationalized the oil industry in 2007. They nationalized food distribution a couple of years ago. Yesterday, they nationalized GM's facilities. I

mass protests

I think you'd see something a little different

Venezuela is the face of socialism. They even just started nationalizing things. This won't end well.

Montana is worse. Just a bunch sheep fuckers and slack jawed idiots. Deliverance was supposed to be filmed on the Clark Fork river but Burt Reynolds was too scared to come back to Montana. It's fucking terrible there. The Bears are extra rapey and cougars will steal your children.

That was the other pic, not these

"White is purity"

WTF, why is the media not covering this? All I see on NYT, CNN, and Fox News is something about Venezuela seizing a GM plant.

How is 1 person being shot in Paris bigger news that this Arab Spring level protest?

Like, what's even their agenda here?

Possibly, yeah.

An aside, but a standard trope is that it's impossible for a citizenry to rebel against a central government since governments have heavy weapons but that doesn't take into account the nature of governance, the nature of civilization, the objective most any government has (which is productivity and stability, either to immorally enrich itself or enrich the country) and the limits that most governments have when it comes to dealing with a large internal rebellion of citizens.

Like, what we're seeing in Assad is a pretty good example of what happens when a government is turned against a group of citizen rebels... yet they (the rebels) are still there, fighting, creating chaos that EVERYONE wants to go away. And yes, the government has the ability to perpetrate atrocities against them at any time and indeed has/will, but it always must stop short of wholesale obliteration since that would not only reduce its own capacities, but create more rebels, which is the governing thesis in:re governments having heavy weapons and their theoretical ability to just 'kill everyone' that ultimately, they cannot use if continued civilization is the objective.

Turns out, when shit gets bad enough that people are inspired to rebel, their being armed is often times enough to tip the scales in spite of the Air Force.

What's with the pic on the right? Are people actually spilling over the side of the bridge?

My #1 concern.

I get it

that is one of the explanations for whats going on there, but not in the way you're using it. They did nationalize the oil to reduce poverty overall and knock out a larger chunk of extreme poverty.

and then the price of oil tanked. http://www.macrotrends.net/2516/wti-crude-oil-prices-10-year-daily-chart in 2012 when the party took over it was around 90 dollars a barrel. this economic crisis started around 2016 which is when oil hit a ten year low of of 27 dollars.



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7? Are you even trying? Do you even Texan bro?

At least the first dude aint going to starve

He's been silenced. Press F to pay respects.

Love reddit. Picture of fantastic act of unity - Turned into a USA slagging match.

2.5 million? That can't be right, I've got this picture of 1.5 million people and it doesn't look anywhere close. I'd guess 15 million. Maybe even 20.

2.5 million? That can't be right, . I'd guess 15 million. Maybe even 20.