Optical illusions

I wonder if these work if you are actually there, not looking through a monitor

The arrow one confused me, now I don't know weather to upvote or downvote.

I feel cheated by my brain

Forced perspective man. Without 3d view and parallax, your brain just can't tell the difference between a tiny car that's close and a normal size car that's far. Our brains are simultaneously amazing and horrible.

You can make the block of six circular tubes that become squared in the mirror. Flatten an empty toilet roll holder and cut a curve into the top, then open it out again.

I made them when something like this was posted ages ago and it worked.

That spinning arrow really hurts.

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What's being debunked? That they're not actually impossible shapes?

As someone trying to make computers see depth... Our brains are fucking amazing. The amount of depth queues we get WITHOUT stereo is actually quite high. Just try it yourself, close an eye and try to guess distances out your window or something. You'll get it right 99% of the time. Our ability to use our memory of similar objects and how light interacts with them makes us pretty good at judging distances. Of course that same ability makes us susceptible to being deliberately tricked. However, the alternative would be to blank out and declare ''I don't know.'' It's way better to have a brain that still produces an estimate that's actually quite good when no one is deliberately trying to fuck with it.

Of course you would.


This shit needs to stop. Seriously. We're not Imgur or 9gag. What's wrong with just linking the YouTube video? Ffs.

Do you have a gif of it? I'd love to post it on /sub/opticalillusiongifs.

still don't get it

I wish they would've done a few slow turns. The other illusions were relatively common but I've never seen that before.

Oh god I'm not on Wi-Fi.

I'm not crying, my brain just pissed itself.


Really good debunk video by captain disillusion shows you how some of these things work.

Someone needs to make that an upvote gif.

I'll explain:


Nope. I disagree with all of this.



This'll explain it http://i.imgur.com/R390EId.jpg

This'll explain it

Then make sure the roll is not empty. You'll need the toilet paper.

Do what you feel is right.

Don't tell me what to do.

I'm really proud of that subreddit and it's fun to look at.

Only if someone wants to! Don't feel like you have to, someone. Do what you feel is right.

That circle to diamond one, what the hell.

I finally understand. Thank you.

I believe that was the point where I blurted out a "fuck you".

Stop trying to take all the credit from /u/IranianGenius2 /s

sounds like a porn name. ELI5?

Reddit's obsession with gifs is unhealthy and very hostile to people with poor bandwidth connection. Stop itplz.

All of the ones that they shift afterwards require that you not move the entire time, and that you look at the illusion at specifically they perspective they allow. And a few were pretty obvious, even then.

Ariel haze

The balls on the roof thing hurt my head

seriously, someone help. I looked all over google (aka looked for like 15 seconds) and couldn't find an answer.

I have better shit to do.

As someone trying to make computers see depth...

Can we get an ETA on our robot overlords? Humans have clearly jumped the shark imo.

This is how I found out hahaha

The circular side was higher. Once it was turned with the top angled down towards the mirror, we could see curves from our side, straight lines in the mirror

What kind of /sub/blackmagicfuckery is this?

Ok but what you posted is not the source...sooo?

To be fair it's not our brains fault. It just gives us it's best guess at depth, when it doesn't get enough information from the eyes.

add smoke to miniature sets


Basically, thanks to atmosphere 'n stuff, there's like a bluish haze over stuff that's far away from you. The more far away, the blue-er and fuzzier it is.

This is why people to help convince your brain that they're "real" and why videos showing large distant objects on the moon are kind of a brainscrew.


Can't believe I had to scroll so far to find an explanation

The balls on the roof illusion only works through a monitor. If you look at it directly the balls fall right off.

I'm gonna need diagrams

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well good for her

That one makes no goddamn sense


It's like I just watched a Christopher Nolan movie.

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Never seen this guy before. He's pretty awesome!

You went in an odd direction with that one.

For some reason this made me laugh out loud hahaha

Oh good. That's what I thought too.

Any that involve depth perception would not work, at least not as well. Having two eyes is pretty important for this kind of stuff. Any that don't involve depth perception should definitely work though.



The top is beveled, not flat. Top right/bottom left are raised.