One small D. Va change would be a huge help.

One small D. Va change would be a huge help.

During the respawn time, every character can see their ultimate meter in it's current state. D. Va shows her mech recall ultimate. If this could be changed to show her self destruct ult meterwhile respawning, it would be so much more beneficial when trying to coordinate your next push. Just an opinion.

UPDATE the responses are great! However, I keep seeing people who are saying "well what about the Mercy res..."

When you die as a baby D. Va and get res'd by Mercy, your mech is always available for recall. So seeing that meter should have little to no impact on the thought process of the friendly mercy. However, if D. Va could be res'd in a group of enemy players with her self-destruct ready, or on a payload, for example to push the other team back, this could be very helpful in planning your push.

I've seen this suggested several times since closed beta. I don't think blizzard considers this a priority. I do agree though.

I 100% agree is a pretty much D.Va main, it would be such an easy change for them to implement too, not sure why anyone would need to know when the mech is coming back in the first place

I don't think they consider Dva a priority as a whole. She has had the Reinhardt bug since release and nothing has been done to fix it.

I agree. She's pretty bug infested. Her balance in the game has pretty much always been awful too.

She was considered not underpowered for not even two whole months out of her whole existence in a tank centric meta formed by a busted healer that continues to exist after her nerfs. Both her survivability and combat ability are both much weaker then pre-buff, and those were the things the devs saw as too weak and in need of buffs!

If you think this is an easy thing for them to implement, you need to think about what happens when Mercy resurrects a player. Keep in mind that the ultimate meter displaying on the screen is probaby of some code inherited by every hero.

So do you think Blizzard would like to implement this change by switching the current hero from Baby D.Va to Mech D.Va as soon as she dies -- but if Mercy goes for the res then the game needs to switch the player back to Baby D.Va with however much ult she had left, which would need to have been remembered?

Or would they do some manual overriding of the ultimate charge meter display (while allowing the meter to charge normally, as ult meters do while players are dead), but still manually change the meter back if Mercy resses Baby D.Va?

I think the first option: changing the player's current hero from Baby D.Va to Mech D.Va upon death would be the best one, because I presume all the needed ultimate code will be tied to the "current hero" (e.g. like how the rip-type seems to be a hero, and stuff). And also I just read in another comment that when Baby D.Va gets rezzed, she gets given 100% ult charge straight away, so the game wouldn't even need to do any remembering -- just some sort of quick hero swap at the right moment in the rez process (which might be trickier to pull off without bugs or glitches than you think).

And how many other edge cases could there be that would need to be tested and bugs fixed for? Sometimes it's hard to think of them all off-hand.

I would love them to make this change, though.

She feels totally fine to me. She's not the invincible super tank that she once was, but she's definitely very useful. I use her all the time against Pharah, Junkrat, Symmetra, Reaper, Roadhog, etc. Defense matrix is amazing, and especially now that it saves hooked targets from a Roadhog attack, or squishy supports from a Reaper in the backline. I imagine she'll be even more useful once Orisa comes out and she can eat her left-click and her mini-gravitons.

If you die while being charged by Rein, you get the red emergency overlay, and sometimes you just get black screen as well.

Charge still being on cooldown is Mercy's way of reminding you what got you killed in the first place.

First off, D.Va always has full ult charge after being ressed by Mercy, so the game doesn't have to remember anything if that "switch" was required to get this functionality.

Second, even if the above were not the case, would it really be game-breaking for Mercy to res D.Va while with D.Va already in her mech? That would also be a nice change to D.Va. It's not like Reinhardt get's ressed with a broken shield.

With both of the above said, I am not claiming that it is easy to make any changes to the code. It's literally impossible for any of us to know without information about the architecture's in place.

We've been asking for this since Overwatch released, it's very frustrating.

That's...pretty much what I use her for. Eating Ults and getting behind the other team for a Q of the game.

Isn't the bug caused by the last hit you take being a melee one? And Rein just happen to do it more often since he melees more and for more damage?

I just want The black screen of "red Korean eject warning" when I'm not in mech fixed.. Is that really too much to ask? Its been forever

Honestly I've gotten used to her health change, but it's easier now more than ever for people to avoid being killed by D.Va by just walking away from her... The damage nerf was too much. Exact same scenarios post-nerf I don't get nearly as many kills as I used to, just a lot more frustration for something that wasn't a problem to begin with. Maybe that has to do with the mech health in the case of some MUs like Soldier but characters like Pharah I had no problem doing damage too and taking care of before, now it's a lot harder to kill them and a lot of the time not worth doing anything other than holding out DM while somebody else shoots at her.

Yes. Any melee

I tried reading this comment a few times and I still dont know which side you're mocking...

are you ok

I played against a strong Genji player, it was hell. He'd jump out of nowhere and reflect my alt-fires, he'd jump in front of my cannon and reflect my left-click, he'd get behind me and kill my supercharger. God damn that was a nightmare.

With that being said, I love how the new heroes are really opening up the meta. I almost never saw Genji last season, now I see him all the time. I think that with Sombra's translocator CD change she's in a perfect place, and now we have great reasons to play dive comps (to counter anchor-heavy comps that use stuff like Rein/Orisa/Mercy/Bastion), great reasons to play more static comps (Sym and Bastion are loads more viable now than they were last season), and we have more tools to disrupt cheesy hero/ult combos (Orisa alt-fire, Sombra EMP). There's no clear on-meta or off-meta comps, at least at mid-Diamond where I play.

TBH I don't think the game has ever felt this balanced to me. In the past week I've won games with Tank/DPS/Healer comps of 3/2/1, 2/2/2, 2/3/1, and 2/1/3. I feel like so much is viable right now. I really like the way the new heroes have affected the meta, and I think Orisa is going to be another step in the right direction.

She was never an "invincible super tank" by her lonesome. Even with an Ana pocket that is still highly questionable and debatable because of rank differences.

As of right now, D.Va is only being used for DM. For any character, that is extremely unhealthy.

If D.Va would have never changed between pre-buff and now, her pickrate would be the same if not better because she would be better outside of just DM. That is the problem.

If you were to go from pre-buff D.Va to current D.Va, its an overall nerf. A pretty bad one at that. All people want is at least a middle ground between pre-buff and post-buff. Blizz didn't do that in the slightest.

Is she still usable? Sure. All heroes are "usable." The pre-buff versions of Sym, Bastion, and Sombra were all "usable." Does that mean that D.Va is balanced? Absolutely not, and that is the problem. I, as well as many others, would take her pre-buff self over what we currently have because it is overall much better. Even when you account for the DM fix. Her current state took away one of her basic playstyles she had always had since launch.

The more logical steps for Blizz to have done to D.Va would have been to just lessen or take away the HP buff they gave her since that is what most people said was questionable to begin with. But instead they went super overboard. Her current state is not okay, and how the handled her changes is not a good precedent at all and should be highly questioned and opposed by players.

EDIT: The main point is, if you were to transfer all of your D.Va skill onto another tank hero, you would be much more useful to your team as a whole in almost every situation. This is a really big problem. Especially for high ranked players because the higher you go, this more apparent this is, and it really sucks.

It's not like Reinhardt get's ressed with a broken shield.

Not a broken shield but with cooldown on his abilities. Actually every hero is rez'd without reducing the cooldowns - which I hate. Ever been rez'd and wanted to go in for a charge only to find out that it's still on cooldown? Hate that!

I'm no expert, but I bet the nice folks at Blizzard would be able to figure out how to display the meter if they wanted to. I think they might have a teensy bit of experience with this whole programming business, they might not actually need our help with that part.

I also wonder if they know how to playtest their changes, too... or is that giving them too much credit?

What bug?

This is why I personally think that the best changes for her would be a full S2 revert, then just add the speed buff.(Also the DM fix but I don't count fixes as buffs) Most people said she probably didn't need the HP with the speed to begin with, and most peoples complaints were that she "never died." Obviously one 100 normal HP on a character that practically always take double damage is almost nothing and did not make her some monster by her lonesome, but she could have probably lived without it. If these changes were not enough though, then they could do something super small like just add 50HP or something.

Knowing Blizz though, I have a feeling those changes would probably never happen, even though they are probably best since they have a lot of data on her previous self as is, so just removing or lessening the HP should have been the right path. Also bot many people talk about it, so there's that too...

The more "realistic" buffs she could get would probably be 300AR/300HP and a spread reduction + small falloff reduction for her guns. I believe those changes should put her at least on par with her pre-buff self or in the least allow her be used outside of just being a crappy DM bot. These changes are, sadly, more of a "realistic expectation" when compared to option one. I'd definitely appreciate either one at this point, but I would still much prefer option one, as I think it is much better for her and balance overall.

Zarya is very stronk in gold and silver for sure. People freaking unload into her bubbles every damn time she pops one.

Every time I see a Zarya on the other team (around 2000 SR), it's full charge. Every time I play Zarya, I'm above 60 the whole match. It's crazy.

You two described different things

You get your meka back instantly when you are rezzed.

I dunno, blizzard is only one small company. I dunno if they have the resources or manpower to find a fix.

at least around plat levels, Orisa is a lot of fun to play Zarya into. People are so spammy with her machine gun that you basically get free energy all the time. I'm really excited for her to land

As a platinum Zarya main, I'm also almost always at 60+ charge. It's not crazy, it's amazing.

People always say things like that, but DM is about 2 seconds shorter than those ults. Sure you can absorb most of the damage, but I always end up getting kicked out of my mech and insta-killed 90% of the time.

AND sometimes your pistol doesn't work. AND there's a defense matrix bug.

Is this that thing when you eject the middle part of the screen turns black for a second?

Sneaky dva is my favorite thing to do. Because she's strong enough that it usually distracts a couple enemies at the front, giving team a chance to push through to the point

I don't know why we always end up discussing how difficult these things might be to implement. Let Blizzard figure that shit out.

Edit: I have unintentionally perpetuated the discussion and I regret it.

I think a good solution would be that if you press and hold z, you can left click to show meka recall and right click to show self destruct.

I think the main reason why meka recall is currently (stubbornly) shown is that it's relevant in case you get rez'd.

edit: TIL You get meka instantly when rez'd. nvm :)

As well as the ult icon in the tab. display... found myself as Zarya once, trying to quickly synergize with DVA's ult that appeared to be ready... turned out she was ready to get in her mech -_-

That's not a bug? Hanzo ult starts as a projectile?

Yeah I've seen so many small Indie companies like Blizz get it wrong. An issue like this is likely to set their kickstarter back by about 2 months/

100% agree, I find it really annoying and I can't think of any logical reason why they would have deliberately chosen to have her ult callout while respawning to be her mech recall. Seems more to me like it's an overlooked mistake, where Mech!Dva and Pilot!Dva are seen as separate entities by the game with their own separate ult callouts, and because of the rez potential you're still perceived as Pilot!Dva while respawning, so it just keeps the standard ult callout for her. Just a thing they've overlooked. But yeah I want it to be changed!

weird only seems to be the mysterious Red zarya that gets charge in my games :D

still wondering if you are ok

Agreed. Especially this one. "Will the game remember the other ult"? Of course it would. I'm a full time software engineer and have no clue what the discussion is even about. Have you ever tried to pop an ult and the game is like "oh I can't remember your ult status".

To not show a specific ult to your team is well within the capabilities of blizzard.

I guess that's true, never thought of it that way! But it does need to revert back to the self-destruct callout upon death

And not every character that has received one has been nerfed into the ground

People forget that matrix is up there as one of the best none ultimate abilities considering the number of ults you can eat.

If I see a couple of teammates unloading into a Zarya bubble, I join in. It's almost always more worthwhile to pop her bubble quickly and either focus her or get her HP so low she has to back off, than it is to leave her alone.

But you're not in it for some reason.

But when mercy uses res, you get your mech back anyway. (I'm pretty sure)

It wouldn't really make sense for that to happen. Players would almost immediately be able to use their abilities twice in a row. Just imagine Soldier having his helix rocket back after 2 seconds

She could never 1v4 in her life. Stop spreading lies.

Her HP and combat ability, both things the devs saw as too weak before and in need of buffs, are both much weaker than they were in her pre-buff state.

A fix to defense matrix does not warrant that or make any of that okay. She got overnerfed, plain and simple.

I hope you realise she had the toggle DM before she got the 100 health and extra movement speed. For a while aswell.


sure, but i think the more important thing here is that "red Korean eject warning" is an incredible mathrock band name.

I hope they change her armour to maybe a 300/300 split too, she feels weaker now more than ever :(

Also, keep in mind Self destruct is being remembered anyways, since it isn't reset when you get into mech.

From coder's point of view, no, it wouldn't be hard. "Remembering" is nothing to a game like OW that has an incredibly sophisticated system for storing all kinds of variables in various game states. We know this because the game has features like resurrecting and tracer recall. Of course any part of the past can be perfectly re-rendered during PotG and Highlight sequences perhaps best displaying the capacity of all the data on timeline the server is storing.

All the information is there, it's nothing but matter of querying the correct variable and displaying the correct GUI. Programming-wise the return type for query could instead of single struct be an array of structs that contain the ultimate information, name, icon ID and percentage float. As a D.Va you could then have the option to show either one of them or both. After all Sym has 2 ultimates which would be kind of in line with this ideology that one hero can have multiple ultimates with separate or shared CDs.

And fix the black screen bug please. I absolutely lost a game last night to the bug.

...I see what you did there... ... ... ...and agree! ;-)

What point are you trying to make here?

But this is while you're waiting to respawn. You'll spawn in meka, the meter is pointless no?

If the Zarya is too deep then yes, pop the bubble and kill her, if she's just peeking, don't do that, she'll be at 60+ charge very quickly and that is not fun.

There is: Eating a graviton surge or a Blizzard

DM is the single most powerful ability in the game

biotic grenade

As another D.Va main... indicating when I have my meka back seems useful to me (even when it doesn't take much time to get it back). I like to tell my team when they could expect me to tank again : )

It is literally just Jeff Kaplan and whoever isn't busy working on their more popular games like Heroes of the Storm.

It's not Rein only "bug", this "bug" can happen with every explosive(pretty much anything that has an aerial effect) I never thought of it as a bug though, I thought that's a feature

DM is the single most powerful ability in the game

biotic grenade

Speed Boost

They also said that pre-buff Sym was fine and we were using Sombra wrong, among many other things. Stats supported those notions too.

Just because they are devs does not mean they do no wrong. Also, stats only tell so much. She is much weaker than her old self. She has much less overall HP than before and the speedbuff she was given to help pressure enemies got completely negated and more with the gun nerfs.

All she probably needed was the speed buff to begin with, but instead of reverting that buff, the one that many said was unneeded, or trying to find some sort of middle ground, they went super overboard. People are still complaining for a reason, and surprise surprise, it isn't just D.Va players. Stop trying to label people.

EDIT: Some words

Bastion and Zenyatta would disagree with you.

Friendly dva ults say "initiating self-destruct sequence" don't they? It's just enemy ults or yourself that says "nerf this", and you should know if it's you ulting.

Lol salty hanzos

It's not just about tracking it yourself, but sharing that information with the team.

He gets it back after popping ult though... He does not. I am wrong. It only reloads his clip.

In addition to OP, I have a suggestion: every character gets one of those gasps when their health is down to 75hp. I would like one for D.Va's mech. Some sort of electronic warning sound.

The worst for me is when you die at high charge as Zarya, and when rezed, the charge is all gone and the shield is on cool down, infuriating.

Here's a video

When your mech is destroyed by a melee attack (usually Reinhardt), the screen will flash black briefly after you're out of the mech.

It's been that way since launch, and what with having 150 HP and no defensive abilities, frequently gets you killed.


The gun bug happens to me on other hero's as well

But the benefit is primarily because of the time it takes to get in the mech. If you just started in the mech, there'd be a lot more benefit.

That's an Alternative fact

i find her DM is incredibly useful for bastion. if you can flank and put DM on bastion he gets wrecked real fast. at least before the super healing that is.

yeah, nothing more satisfying than eating up a crucial roadhog or soldier ult

Well, it is useful aslong as you are still alive, but after that the information becomes obsolete. Either you respawn with your suit or you get rezzed by mercy and then the cooldown is gone anyway. But to add some constructive criticism: I'd like to have a special "ult" wheel when out of armor, f.e. show me the mech cooldown as it is and add a ring around the current emblem to show the status for the Self-Destruct.

When mercy resurrects you you automatically get Mech Recall. Doesn't matter what charge it's at

That's exactly what I meant. You don't res inside of the mech, but I was pretty sure that when you get a res your mech is immediately available for recall.

That exaggerating needs to stop. That crap is what got her nerfed this hard in the first place. It's a straight lie that many people actually believe and use as "evidence" against her.

Also, your rank plays heavily into how effective she is. Seeing as you said that you dove into outnumbered situations, I can only assume you either aren't that high or just used DM to stall until your teammates arrived, in which case many heroes can do that. Mei can 1v6 if that is the logic we are going by. I just know for a fact that D.Va could not just kill multiple people actually shooting at her alone.

The higher you go, the worse she gets. At higher levels, she is just a DM bot or a crappy shield-maiden for Rein. She was never meant to be used like that, nor has she ever been used like that. You can "make use" of her all day, just like you could with the pre-buff versions of Sym, Bastion, Sombra, etc. but it does not mean she is balanced in any way nor does it mean you are being that useful compared to if you had the same skill level on another hero.

I've heard this is caused when DVa's mech is destroyed by something other than a primary weapon.

That's how versatile she is though.

Better than that, reaper ults. Reaper drops in thinking he's got a triple+ kill and DVa just DM's the whole ult.

with 140 ish hours on D.Va, i can guarantee there have been hundreds of times where i accidentally showed my call mech progress, either that or people are like " has ult, let's combine _____ with it" while i'm dead and i'm like uhhhh psych

They always seem to give Dva the short end of the stick. I mean, the major changes since the game launched were here defense matrix, and her armor/health.

Or concentric rings, one of which is grayed out depending on which state you're in (Meka outer ring and inner ring).

You would be a good IT manager.

classic Scout Tank