One side of the street is wet, the other is dry.

One side of the street is wet, the other is dry.

I sat at a red light one time dry with my window down and the car next to me was in the rain. Can happen.


There is a big puddle on one side of the road and all the cars going in that direction carry the water along. Just mildly bemused by how even it looks. Guess the conditions are just right

I refuse to believe anybody calls Birmingham, Alabama "Seattle South"

Funny thing is the real Birmingham is notorious for the locals having accents that make you want to kill yourself, the only interesting real Brummy is Ozzy Osbourne, but i suppose he is the exception to the rule

That side of the road has just been sealed with tar

I am assuming this is akin to how football pitches have different patterns mown/rolled onto the pitch and that the direction of traffic has something to do with this.

I call it that, goddamit. I do. I'm anybody.

No sides of the street are ever dry here in dreary Brownish-gray Boringham, AL. Or "Seattle South" as we refer to it.