One of my favorite GIFS.

I love how her eyes follow the cube. Cute gif

What a waste. And I mean that. She is a total waste of skin and organs.

Didn't notice that until you pointed it out. Nice catch

Sounds like something GLaDOS would sa- oh.

To me she looks like the pride of [subject hometown here].

That loop is gorgeous.

I wish I have a superpower to see details on gifs

Listen, we've both said some things that you're going to regret, but I'm willing to put it aside for science, you monster.

If just the portals were bigger, it'll be like the infinite skydiving.

Because the developers didn't have access to every idea every person would ever come up with.


As someone who has skydived and almost shat my pants, I almost shat my pants reading this.

I would assume so bc every object has a terminal velocity

Rather than dropping a love cube, drop a magnet and have a copper coil in the middle and ta-da, infinite electricity.



It is thing can be had.

"Did you shit your pants?"

I'll be honest, we are throwing science at the walls here to see what sticks.

You haven't seen muh dick then bruh.

Maybe the plot of Portal 3 involves using time dilation to solve puzzles?

Jk we all know Valve is never making another game.

Do an AMA

Can children not be cute? I guess you could probably take it in a creepy way but I mean I'd say my young niece is cute for example?

Edit: Ah Yeh I get you now


i wish i had superpowr good see

Pencils are yellow because American pencil makers wanted a special way to tell people that their pencils contained Chinese graphite. In China, the color yellow is associated with royalty and respect. American pencil manufacturers began painting their pencils bright yellow to communicate this β€œregal” feeling and association with China.

Why was this not considered as a loading screen!

Curious, is there a max speed the cube would gain if it goes down in an infinity-loop?

The largest, in fact.

Why did this get so many down votes?

Your dick is covered with skin.

Nah, the magnet slows down going down the tube. It wouldn't reach a velocity great enough to heat it up like that.

You would know

You'd need a copper tube exactly the length of the distance between the portals so that the magnet would enter the top of the tube just as it left the bottom.

Then a bunch of them in parallel.

But if the gif is based off portal wouldn't that girl be the adult female protagonist in the game? I assumed it was a cartoonistic style that portrays the character as looking young even when they're technically an adult

Isn't skin an organ?

Cutest Chell in existence.

Hey GLaDOS, how did dying feel like?

This was a fun AMA. Need to do it again sometimes.

Because it's a bit creepy. The first guy already pointed out the gif was cute. The 2nd guy had to go ahead and point out that the girl specifically was cute. Except this isn't a real girl and it's also a child. It's just a weird and unnecessary comment.

Think of it this way: if you're watching a video of a little girl playing on swings, and someone says "aww what a cute video" and someone follows it up with "yeah and the girl is cute too." That's suuuupppeeeer weird.

Yeah, we call that terminal velocity. It's a relationship between gravity and air viscosity.

Unless it was in a vacuum. Then it would just keep accelerating towards the speed of light.

Then why didn't they make a list of all the ideas they didn't come up with and take it off that?

You mean Portal 2 Episode 1?

I know it's supposed to be Chell, but I keep thinking she's Moira Brown for some reason.

Duh, if you put springs in your heels though you can land just fine though.

You mean they don't just absorb the impact of the ground like a man?


Yup, Lenz law or some shit.

Damn it, now I can't unsee.

You always take it in a creepy way to protect the well being of the internet

Why wait? Let's do it right now.

smear you'd see a lot of ridiculous shit like this in game like Skullgirls


It's always such a pleasure

Someone once told me portals were practically impossible. Fired him. Literally, through a portal. Turns out he was wrong about the terminal velocity thing, too. Also, testing sphere 17 is closed until we can pressure wash the vents.

"Portals are also practically impossible though sooo..."

With that negitave attitude sure. All we need is a ton of moon dust.

Be careful, dude up top just got like 80+ downvotes for saying she's cute

a love cube

Goddammit he has a name you monster.

"Did you shit your pant?"

After many loops I still failed to figure out how did the cube bounce back to the girl.

EDIT: Guess now I know why I'm bad at Portal back in the days.

Thanks for reminding me of this. "we've both said some things you're going to regret" remains one of the best quotes in history.

Now that I think about it, wouldn't the magnet just burn up, after sometimes, because of air resistance?


Love it 😍

Here is a still of the frame where that happens, demonstrating your point.

It hits the right hand side (as you're looking at it), and that pushes it back to the left. As it's going at a high rate of speed, the deflection is quite sufficient to change the angle that sharply.

Remember that the "floor" and the "ceiling" are the same surface as far as the portal is concerned. That might also help you.

Ah yes the good ol stroke in the brain

Yeah it would be fun until you realize that as you are infinitely free falling there is no way to get back out. Even after 1-2 seconds gives you enough energy to go splat. It would be fun way to commit suicide though

Maybe it's like watching a toaster. You know what's coming, but it still startles you every time.

Remember when you tried to kill me twice?

Heyyy, wait a second... You aren't OP!

So then let's put the portals in a vacuum chamber! Relativistic cube drops here we come!

Also plugging /sub/plastuer if you want to set it as your wallpaper

With portals that close, terminal velocity would be much higher, as the air in the falling column would be accelerated by the cube. The resistance would then be the fluid friction of the moving air column in the stationary air surrounding it.

Oh how we laughed and laughed

People usually have parachutes when they go skydiving

Total vacuum is practically impossible, even in space, but we could certainly increase its terminal velocity by quite a bit!

Portals are also practically impossible though sooo...

Have you played Portal 2? :P

Except I wasn't laughing

because portals aren't already breaking the laws of physics...

Not from the Jedi.

I imagine keeping the portals open uses up more energy than you can generate with them.

His dicks are covered with skin.

And by the way, a fractal dick would need an infinite amount of skin.

God I just want it to have 2 more frames of the cube peeking over the edge of the top portal right before it falls.

going to put our differences behind us


What, I've fapped to worse.

"In layman's terms, speedy thing goes in, speedy thing comes out."

Gravity is normal through the portals (relative to the surface that the portal is sitting on). The best example of this is when two portals are placed on the floor: whatever object is dropped in will "bob" in the middle of the portal window as it switches between the relative gravities.

Momentum is also maintained as the object passes through the portal. Best example here is... well, the OP's .gif. Because the portal doesn't generate any gravity or force of its own, whatever is dropped into it will simply adhere to the normal laws of physics.

-GLaDOS, Portal 1

Edit: clarified quote

Weighted companion cube. Now that I think about it, is a weighted companion cube just a scientist's (or test subject's) version of a waifu pillow?

It's an aperture science weighted storage cube. It is heavy. And she is moving it with a zero point energy field manipulator equivalent tech built inside the portal gun. That why it looks light here.

Sometimes Reddit users just throw logic out the window when they decide on what they should downvote, that comment being a prime example, especially considering how that comment chain proceeds.

At a 100 now. Wtf.

Hmm. Or if you had one opening at sea level and another in low orbit,, would atmospheric pressure push all of the atmosphere into space? #portaldoomsdaydevice

Plus terminal velocity for most objects isn't fast enough for friction to cause significant heat. Things only "burn up" when they hit the atmosphere at speeds above terminal velocity.

So in a science sense wouldn't the air continue accelerating through the portals just like the cube. Wouldn't this make hurricane force winds?

Creepy is thinking it's creepy.

I swear the best use of an engineering degree is sounding more knowledgeable on reddit when discussing fictional things.

I'm devoted.

And you're a horrible person. That's what it says: a horrible person. We weren't even testing for that.

But why is she so surprised when it hits the edge every time? I mean she's watched it happen at least infinity times. Hasn't she learned to anticipate the path of the box after the first time?

Valve is like the budget engineer mother we never had, re-using the same engine and refusing to make a 3rd game per title.

Except this isn't a real girl and it's also a child

Chell doesn't look like a child.

There's some weird downvoting in this thread