Officer Yanez found not guilty on all counts in Minnesota shooting of Philando Castile

Officer Yanez found not guilty on all counts in Minnesota shooting of Philando Castile
Officer Yanez found not guilty on all counts in Minnesota shooting of Philando Castile

Yanez claimed the shooting would not have happened if Castile was not high on marijuana. What bullshit

Hey man, marijuana is crazy. Castile's intoxication caused him to do... exactly what you are supposed to do when you are pulled over by a cop and have a firearm. Hell of a drug.

He even told the cop, he was carrying. This is a case where clearly the police are in the wrong

This is the reason why there is so much animosity towards police.

Police officers are virtually never held accountable, no matter how clear the misconduct is.

Another clear example... the cops who shot up a truck in LA while on the manhunt for someone else. The truck didn't even match the description of the vehicle.

When people get the sense that police officers can do whatever the fuck they want without consequences - and they can - that is how you end up with people randomly shooting cops in revenge.

That's also how you lose the benefit of the doubt in most people's minds.

We all know that cops will do whatever it takes to get themselves or their fellow officers off the hook.

The judge did not allow prosecutors to introduce a key piece of video interview evidence of the officer describing what happened shortly after. (He kept saying he saw "it" but never specified he saw a gun.) Controversial decision by the judge, and it very well may have swung the case.

The prosecutors say trial rules should have allowed this video evidence to be entered during cross-examination, where they felt it would be most powerful-- to view the video and question the officer about his statements piece by piece. More about this is in this article:

"Because I said so" -Judge Leary

I'm not even being hyperbolic.

I live in Minneapolis. I wonder what's going to happen.

"If you don't want to get shot, don't break the law."

"If you haven't done anything wrong, then just comply."

"Don't carry an illegal weapon if you don't want to be perceived as a threat."

"Well then, if you have a legal weapon, just be smart about it and let the officer know."

"Okay well, just don't be rude at a traffic stop if you want it to end well."



"Fear of the Dark" is a great Maiden song but a terrible excuse for the jury.

I don't fucking blame her

There's an Iron Maiden concert at the X tonight, right down the street from the courthouse.

Things could get... interesting.

Apparently Castile's mom shouted an expletive and left the courtroom after the first not guilty verdict was delivered. Just an all-around terrible situation for everyone involved.

Castile did everything right. He was licensed to carry his gun, informed the officer of this, and complied with the officer's request.

And it got him gunned down in front of his family, left to bleed to death in his car.

What are we as citizens supposed to do around these trigger happy police officers who so often are not held accountable for killing innocent people?

Telling someone to kill them self via text = manslaughter

Shooting someone for no reason ≠ manslaughter

He was killed for being black. There's no other reason for Yanez to have done it. We've got this image of the "black thug" and it's ingrained in everyone's heads to the point where people have to consciously remember that a group of black guys messing around is no more dangerous than any other group. Wanna know what systemic racism is? Officer Yanez believing Philando Castille was ever a threat.

If you actually read it, you would know that the judge not only worked against Castile's prosecutors but even told the jury to go F themselves when they requested additional information.

This judge might as well have been a lawyer for the defense...

This shit is so fucking frustrating. Every single time a black person gets shot by the police a whole bunch of concern trolls come out the woodwork. “Look, I would be on their side, but the black person in question resisted arrest/had a weapon/was a thug/was disrespectful/breathed wrong” and “I’m liberal, I want police reform. I used to like BLM until I saw that they are race baiters; there's no problem of systemic racism, this a POOR person's problem, so why do they have to focus on race?” and "I'd be on their side if they were just nicer about responding to systemic racism; this isn't what MLK Jr dreamed of! Why don't they protest like him?!"

This guy did everything right and still got killed for it in front of his girlfriend and daughter. He was a good guy who was a staple in the community- will all those who insist that isn’t a systemic problem but can’t use their boiler plate “just comply and you won't die” defenses be out and protesting now?

After this I say fuckin do it. I generally don't approve of protests on freeways and shit but fuck everything about this. An innocent man died for no reason and the defense had the gall to blame his own death on him because he was "high" and the dumb fucks on the jury ate that shit up.

Edit: some of you responding are either mentally challenged or have no reading comprehension because half of you are responding to me about rioting, when I literally did not talk about rioting at all. I'm talking about protesting on a freeway. Not once did I say anything about rioting. Literally, the comment I reply says "Protesting on the 94 maybe?" No where in that comment or mine is there talks about rioting.

Also, to the other half of you saying shit like "protesting on a highway is stupid, it makes you look like assholes, if I'm there I would run you over" did you mother fuckers forget the Selma to Montgomery Marches?. Where MLK and company marched across 54 miles of highway for civil rights? And how they needed the fucking NATIONAL GUARD to protect them from officers brutalizing them and fucking killing them? But I bet you assholes would have told MLK "bro don't protest on my highway bro it makes you look like an asshole!"

You people fucking disgust me.

Where the fuck are all the NRA members at? This is something you think they would be all over.....

Wrong skin color & wasn't a paying member

This verdict is such shit. While I imagine being a police officer in situations like these can be challenging, there is absolutely no reason why an officer should shoot somebody 8 times at a routine traffic stop. The fact that the verdict is not guilty means that absolutely nothing will be done about changing police training. Damn shame this happened in my home state, one that considers itself so progressive, yet cannot seem to make the right call when it comes to police brutality and race relations. The marijuana evidence is also whack as hell. This whole case was and is fucked

Why was it not allowed?

The problem isn't just the police. It's the people who vote to acquit them and the people who vote for politicians who claim to be tough on crime even whole they take bribes. The many "moderates" - white, Asian, and even a surprisingly large percentage of middle-class blacks and Hispanics - hold some pretty terrifying views if you think about it.

Where is the NRA in all this? We have an innocent gun owner shot for nothing

You know, I was always skeptical of BLM. I thought they were jumping to conclusions before the actual investigations. When Philando Castile was murdered along with the other incident with Officer Slater in South Carolina, I used these as examples to reassure people that justice would be served and called for trust into our judicial system.

I was wrong. Very sad day for America.

I literally don't know. Someone, I think it was MLK Jr, said something like "a riot is the language of the unheard". Don't condone rioting sometimes, but I understand why people riot. This verdict is fucking ridiculous

The prosecution didn't enter it into evidence, it's their fault. They tried to pull a smooth one and ended up shooting themselves.

The defense, on the other hand, maintained that Yanez acted in self-defense and argued that the shooting wouldn’t have happened if Castile wasn’t high on marijuana.

Not sure how the jury bought that.

Justice does not exist in the state of Minnesota America.

They originally withheld that video to force Yanez to take the stand in his defense so the prosecutors could cross examine him. Had they presented that evidence prior, Yanez would likely have not taken the stand and likely allowed the video to speak in his defense free of any questions from the prosecutors.

The judge did not believe this was fair to the defendant who has the right not to take the stand if he feels it is not in his interest.

Personally, I feel like this was a flaw in the prosecution's strategy more so than any wrongdoing by the judge. They had to know going in there was a chance that video was going to be disallowed. I doubt this is something that would come up in any type of appeal. I'm not a lawyer though, just my take on it. I would love to hear a lawyer's take on it though if there are any lurking around. (Pretty please, I find this stuff super interesting).

Edit: Thanks for the gold kind stranger.

I live down the street from where Philando was murdered.

I'm mad. I'm a little scared. I hope that piece of shit Yanez never steps foot in our community again.

What a clusterfuck of a Justice system we have.

Justice system over and over again: Black lives don't matter.

"If Philando could die under these circumstances, each of you could die under these circumstances." - Judge Glenda Hatchett

We lost of setting a major new precedent. In such an obvious case.

Edit: Judge Glenda Hatchett was the Castile Family's private attorney, not the acting judge of the suit. That was Judge William H. Leary III.

Neither do I. This is a fucking travesty. Justice does not exist in the state of Minnesota.

Gotta love the ol' Blue Wall of Silence.

Did your buddy on the force fuck up and do something unconscionable? Just talk about how you fear for your lives every time you put on the badge even though your job isn't even in the top 10 for most dangerous (domestic!) jobs. Play to the jury's emotions. Categorically deny any wrongdoing.

Then go home and claim you're a good cop who would never tolerate corruption.

/braces for impact

Unfortunately, as a user of a federally-banned substance, Castille was illegally in possession of a firearm and so, though many of us are pissed off at the way this verdict went, we have a general rule about not supporting illegal gun owners.

Castille did everything right and the fact the cop got acquitted is a travesty, but you're not going to see the major orgs or a lot of their members stand up for this as they try to keep their distance from illegal gun owners, which Castille was.

One of those victims is white

Don't forget Charles Kinsey. He was shot (he luckily survived) lying on his back, hands in the air, yelling he was trying to help his patient who was playing with a toy next to him in the street. Still waiting on justice there.

Michael Slager actually got a mistrial because one person on the jury would not convict.

Yeah this is why BLM exists, this is it. And people on here complain about it. Total BS. They exist because time and again people say their lives don't matter.

Yanez is a product of modern police training. The crime is the very definition of manslaughter. Be that as it may I'm horrified that the St. Anthony Police Chief said in court and on the news that Yanez did nothing wrong.

Just an all-around terrible situation for everyone involved.

Not for the cops. They got to murder an innocent man and get away with it. Pretty incredible situation for them.

And one of the accused wasn't Blue.

Well, you can count on the president to have a thoughtful response designed to deescalate the situation and keep everyone calm.

Systemic racism isn't necessarily the one person (Yanez shooting Castile), it's the fact that there's support for the cop, that the judge prevented a vital piece of evidence from being presented, and that the jury gave a not guilty verdict. But the first part of your comment still stands.

I live in the Twin Cities as well. Definitely riots tonight

Our guy Barack always comes through in the clutch.

Wait... fuck.

How to get away with murder in America:

Step 1: Be a cop.

You have a right to a jury trial composed of people old and retired enough or rich enough to be able to afford to be a juror. This works out well if you are a cop who shot a black man.

Until employers are required to pay full wages for people on jury duty, the pool will be skewed.

There is a dash cam video why have they not released it? Assuming it would cause everyone to lose their minds.

Not for one second.

Yanez emptied his fucking clip. Doesn't that indicate excessive force? Doesn't that indicate very poor judgement.

I mean, is this real life anymore? Seriously? What kinda world is this?

Edit: Here's the Unicorn Riot livestream Yanez trial reaction on the ground in Saint Paul


rides off on high horse

Y'all better remember this next time right wing twats post their threads here asking "why are black people protesting"

EDIT: Stop downvoting the motherfucker below me, he is goddamn right. It's not just right wingers. Self professed "bleeding heart liberal as it comes" are the largest contingent of anti-BLM users on here.

At least if I go to the Donald I expect to see it called a terrorist group. But the amount of times I've seen berniecrats and true blue progrssives whine endlessly about BLM protests shows there is a bipartisan collective blindness to the reality of institutional racism in America.

Not in Minnesota. My CCW instructor told us the systems are separate and your carry permit isn't connected to your driver's license or tags.

I'm happy to see this here. People tend to look over the fact that the riots gave the civil right movement leverage. If they couldn't do it Martin's way, they were gonna do it Malcolm's way. So when people say "MLK wouldn't approve of this" it pisses me the fuck off.

I want to know where the NRA and other gun rights advocates are on this one, or do they only care about people's right to carry a gun if they're white?

Want to hear something weird? Yanez started with the St. Anthony police force on 11/21/2011. The next day he was sworn in. The day after that, he took a 28 year old black man to jail after he was pulled over for a burned out brake light. That man's name was....wait for it....Philando Castile.

As far as your question though, if you get pulled over and don't pay your fines, your license gets suspended. If you get pulled over with a suspended license, they take you to jail. You can't get your license reinstated until you pay your fines, but you can't pay fines unless you keep going to work. You keep getting pulled over, and the fines keep going up. This is an example of the 'cycle of poverty'.

In that town, 13% 7% of the population is black, but they receive 44% of the traffic citations. On the day that he was killed, Castile was pulled over because the officer thought he resembled a robbery suspect because of his "wide set nose". Castile wasn't involved in the robbery though. Yanez had the wrong guy.

Edit: I was wrong about the percentage of the population that is black. It's even more disproportionate than I thought.

The magic words are "I feared for my life."

Note: This only applies to officers.

He wouldn't have even known that. It wasn't found until the toxicology report. Additionally, it shouldn't have been allowed in court. It's not about what he consumed. It's about his actions, which were the results of a command from yanez

A legally registered firearm.

Choi declined to say whether his prosecutors should have played an hourlong interview Yanez gave to investigators from the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension (BCA) during the state’s case. Prosecutors told jurors at trial that Yanez used “it” several times instead of “gun” or “firearm” in the interview recorded the day after the shooting, proof that he never saw Castile’s gun.

But prosecutors didn’t play the audio recording during their three-day case, which is the common practice. They tried unsuccessfully to play it during the defense’s case in an attempt to catch Yanez contradicting himself. Leary denied the move.

Did I miss something in the article? It literally only says "Leary denied the move."

And people wonder why Black Lives Matter is a thing. It's because of this. It's because a cop with an itchy trigger finger can kill a minority while his family watches and the cop gets away scot free. Fuck everything about this.

The jury duty laws seriously need to be updated. Once you get the letter, you're expected to just be on call while they take their sweet time deciding if you should come in or not.

Then if they do, you have to get your ass the the court house somehow. If you drive you got to pay for parking yourself, or if you take public transit, they won't even reimburse you. Then you spend the whole day kicking your heels while they decide if they even want you or not.

It's such a colossal waste of time and money. Yes it's our civic duty, but we also have our real life everyday duties to deal with as well.

I am now firmly convinced that a cop can start taking pot shots at a kindergarten and kill several children and, if he's on duty, be found not guilty. Acquitted of all charges. Even endangerment by intentionally shooting a firearm. Speaking as a criminal attorney, what a fucking joke this trial was.

In this case, "high on marijuana" is code for "being black."

There is but the BCA says it won't be releasing it. I'm guessing you're right as to why.

The local judicial bigwigs said the judge did it correctly. Any emphasis of one testimony over another can be considered undue bias. The jurors saw the original testimony in question. They should use their own memory of it in context with their memory of other evidence.

The jury does not get to decide the timing of the presentation of the evidence.

You go to jury duty and say you don't believe cops word as an infallible testament from god and you'll be dismissed instantly.

I've done it twice.

Both times they asked "why don't you think an officer's account is more valid?"

"Because I work with officers. They're just normal people."

Attorney: "please dismiss juror #3"

people forget that during the civil rights movement there where over 100 riots , not peacefully protest, in one summer . MLK him self said the largest barrier for him was not the clans men , but the white people who would rather have everything stay nice and convenient. Its fairly obvious normal non obstructive/damaging peaceful protest do nothing without being on a massive scale.

EDIT Bc I typed this at 12 and wanted to clarify a little bit, yes peaceful protesting on a massive scale can help and lead to a huge Iconic event like the I have a dream speech and march. But then look at the womens march of this year or the day for science last month or the countless blm protest and how many of those have lead to significant legal change and or more than 3 days in the news cycle while being on pressing and important issues? Thats right not a single one. Hell look at flint MI they still don't have water,still have not been compincated by the government in anyway and no one is going to even pay a fine foor poisoning thousands of people while they should be getting years if not life. The. only recent peaceful protest to stay in the news was a football player not standing for the anthem because it offended to many people. These people the same people who defend officer yanez, people of all ethnicity's, are the same as the moderate white people MLK talked about all those years ago, and if you can't take an hour out of your day once a month or usually even less, to drive a round an obstructive protest or even better yet join one you are part of the issue. Because when you don't acknowledge them, and the fact that they have been wronged they feel powerless because justice is not served, and the only way to get people to notice them if its not peaceful protesting is rioting.

Got into it with someone on twitter today referring to Philando as a felon. Because 22 arrests for traffic infringements obviously makes you a felon, even if none of those crimes were felonies, right?!

died for no reason

oh, he died for a reason. a really shitty fucking one.

We don't have a justice system, we have a legal system

I mean... while this ruling is horrible that girl 100% deserves to go to jail. If you read the texts, it's awful how far she was willing to go to push her boyfriend to committing suicide.

I can't imagine a scenario where someone is a greater risk to your life when they're high on marijuana

Because it helped his case.

Anyone know if the vehicle was in Castile's name? If so, the officer would very likely have already known that he had a CCW.

Seems that is not the case in most states.

This case was supposed to be the benchmark.

Because Reagan and the GOP successfully brainwashed all of America into believing that weed is PCP.

If the defendant makes statements in court which conflict with prior statements, normally the prosecution could reference those prior statements during cross examination. That's what the prosecutors tried to do here. The judge would not allow the actual video to be shown, for some reason.

The prosecutors would not have just pulled this tactic out of their ass. They saved that video for when the cop was on the stand so the video would have its biggest impact on the jury. Unfortunately once the judge didn't allow it, the prosecutors were screwed. It had to have been massively unexpected or they wouldn't have done it that way.

Pretty normal situation you mean

Yanez emptied his fucking clip

Magazine man your going to get the gun people on here trolling you.

Well, I'm black as fuck right now.

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Racism. Police worship.

Look I agree that black lives matter and all that...I just don't see why I have to be slightly inconvenienced by your protest, it's really unfair to ME. I get that black people are being murdered and their killers aren't being punished, but try to understand from MY perspective, I'm just trying to live my life and not have to think about this shit okay?

Do judges usually allow evidence to be introduced by the prosecution after they have closed their case and the defense is presenting theirs?

“Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable."

― John F. Kennedy

There are so many people in this country who will never ever find an officer guilty of anything - they could shoot up a classroom and you have many conservatives who would find reasons to defend the officer - no concept of a bad apple or anything - just blanket the cop is always right - this is their thinking

Correct answer. The NRA will shout all day to enforce the laws we already have on the books.

Legalizing weed so that people can own guns isn't their fight.

"Drugs are bad, mmkay?"

After Tamir Rice, after John Crawford, after Eric Garner, after Aiyana Jones, yet another example that Black lives do not count in the American "justice" system.

Police threw a grenade into a crib when SWAT entered the home of innocent people and burned the infants face off. No charges and the sheriff said the infant and family where terrorist because they where distantly related to a drug dealer.

If something can be destroyed by the truth, it deserves to be destroyed by the truth.

My understanding from speaking with a few prosecutors I know in Minnesota (I have a family full of lawyers) is that this was a mistake made by the prosecution and not by the judge.

The whole point of initially withholding the video was to force Yanez to the stand. Unless Yanez had been able to recall everything he said in that interview verbatim (which even if he was innocent would be difficult to do), the prosecution could have used that video to cast doubt on his testimony. Thus, the judge deemed this not fair to the defendant. Had they introduced the video earlier, Yanez never would have had to take the stand and the prosecution would not have been able to cross exam him.

While I'm withholding my personal opinion of what the judge should have done (because really who cares?), this was my understanding of what happened based on my lawyer people's explanation.

Anyhow, just trying to add to the conversation. I think most of us can agree the case was, at the very least, interesting.

He cried like a bitch on the stand too, played it up for the crowd

So the guy points out that the reason the recording wasn't allowed and you jump to a completely different point. It's common practice not to disallow transcripts into a jury room, things like that have to be reviewed in open court.

Gun rights advocate here: this verdict is a travesty and should have gone the other way.

Oh but it is! Welcome to america

Yeah, my buddies (white) with CCWs find it's like a having a golden ticket for traffic stops. Most likely they'll have a 10 minute conversation on guns and the cop will leave giving them a warning.

"If Philando could die under these circumstances, each of you could die under these circumstances." - Judge Glenda Hatchett

Just want to point out that Judge Glenda Hatchett is not the judge on this case, but is a family lawyer for the Castile's.

He's complying with our orders! Shoot him!!!!

There's no way to know that is true. It is the official position of the BCA that no drug test on the market today can accurately tell if someone is high or not. It only indicates if there is a presence in the system.

With a toddler in the backseat.