Not funny at all #2

Not funny at all #2

Fucking hell, I'd do a #2 as well...

In "the Exorcist" there is a split second shot of a spooky demon spectre thing.. not the thing Linda Blair morphed into, just a really scary evil face. One night I cued up the DVD player and paused it on the few frames of that face.. and turned off the TV. Turned TV on just before bed knowing my GF would walk past it on the way to the toilet later.. in the dark. hilarity ensued!

Edit: this face here..

If that was me opening it up I would close it just as fast, nonchalantly, & quit my day.

That made my heart race just looking at a picture of it, I think I may have actually passed out if this prank was done on me in real life.

Sucking a little more dick than I normally would.

Better than the other option.

Ah yes, I hate sucking less dick than I normally would.

My flatmates do this.

We own a Jigsaw mask and hide it in random places. Cutlery draw, fridge, wardrobe door - it's terrifying.

Once came in from one of the drunkest nights I've ever had, opened the door to this mask hanging from the hallway light. I just (apparently) fell to the floor and, in my drunken state, just screamed with my eyes welded shut.

It's good fun. I highly recommend any flat trying this.

The face was that of the actual demon that possesses Regan in the movie. Pazuzu is its name. The statue that Father Merrin sees in the early scenes at the dig site is also Pazuzu.


OMG that's why the professor named his gargoyle that!

I would not only quit my day. Hell, i would quit my life man.

Occupation: Demon

I'm done.

Edit: Does anyone have its resume?

I haven't seen this movie in years....what was the creepy face for? Was it something Linda Blair's character was hallucinating in that moment or something?

"Hi, yeah, I'm ready to die because someone played a prank on me."


I'm hard to scare but that fucking nun from The Conjuring 2 spooks me.

Valak from the Conjuring 2

Why the fuck are you on reddit, you're in class you twat. Pay attention. Who knows, maybe you'll actually pass the class.

Looks like the face of the evil nun from The Conjuring 2 to me. Hope that helps.

And the story of Pazuzu is blown open in campy hilarity in The Exorcist II which features a tired and fed up Richard Burton trying to put out a fire with a single crutch, Linda Blair in scanty clothing, and James Earl Jones playing an African Witch Doctor.

I'd laugh a little bit if Marilyn Manson were in my wardrobe.

1 800-273-TALK Never quit living man

Found it, from a week ago.

It's so fucking well done. James Wan is a fucking genius. All the people making that movie are so talented. They're making a movie about the nun exclusively in 2018, so we'll see more of her then! Can't wait!

Goddamit, I am in the middle of class with around 100 people. Fuck you so hard.

Where's #1??

We used to do something like that but it was a giant double ended dildo in the microwave

If they were truly evil (or if you want to be evil getting back at them) they'd get it printed on a piece of transparent acetate and stick it to the actual mirror with a tiny amount of double sided tape under the printed parts.

So the person opens the door of the wardrobe sees it and freaks out, and then you look around inside the wardrobe to pull the print out down, and it's not there, but it's still on the mirror.

Mate, you did this to yourself.


A picture of "it"? Is that face something specific? Am I out of the loop again? Dammit!

Dude, that's just Steve Buscemi.

you're missing out on the new trend

What are you talking about? The Conjuring 1&2 are easily 2 of the best horror movies to come out in the last 10 years. They earned their R rating not because of violence, nudity or language but purely because they were deemed intense and scary.

I'm not being a shit to you about it if you don't like them but I would be interested to hear why you think they are poop since they were pretty much met with nothing but praise.

Cute :) How's life being single again?

uhh.....osbourne cox?

Sir, are you telling me that you "literally can't even," right now?


There were actually a few of them.

The only ones I recall are the one OP linked and another one in a Kitchen scene.

I remember back in the VHS days being a kid and having to try and pause, rewind, play, pause, repeat until I could find them all.

I was a weird kid.

Getting your dick sucked isn't so bad.

I couldn't sleep for two weeks without a light because of that fucking nun.

That was one of the most jaw dropping scenes from a movie I've seen.