Not facebook/Google but still...

Not facebook/Google but still...



Thank god he didn't want to know what Bukkake means.

Isn't it sudoku? /s


What is the name of the first Hawaiian king?

Answer your grandma's phone calls.

Considering Seppuku was in common use far before WWII and was most popular in usage in Feudal Japan, I can only assume he's looking for "kamikaze," which was far more popular during WWII than Seppuku.


No that's a puzzle game, the word you're looking for is Roku.

answer your grandma's bukkake calls!

Komito suisido

No that's a streaming device, the word you're looking for is Sephora. Your comments are ALWAYS FILTHY.


Hara-Kiri, Seppuku, or Kamikaze, im guessing


I think you mean karma chameleon.

High Chief Bill, Monarch of the Hawaiian Islands

No that's a perfume store. The word you're looking for is Sephiroth.

No that's a final fantasy character. The word you're looking for is September.


No that's a month. The word you're looking for is spaghetti.

No, that's an Italian noodle dish, the word you're looking for is Spongebob

No, he is a really tall English fellow, what you're thinking of is a Samsquanch

No that's a popular children's cartoon show what you're thinking of is Stephen Merchant

Charge your phone homeslice, this is no time to be on Reddit!

Seriously fuck the fuck off. This is the equivalent of running up to people and kicking them all in the balls repeatedly, and then saying "if you don't like it, shoot me"

Jackass. I'm going to find who made you.

That bot is with the lord now.

Kamikaze means divine wind, and can only be done by pilots in something airborne. Seppuku means stomach cutting and can be done by anyone who has a sword handy and a lack of honour.

Harakiri ("harikari")



Sure, if you like to swallow.

My grandpa once closed out of his browser and asked me "where'd the google go?"

Bukake is also a type of japanese food.


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I stand with /sub/botsrights most of the time, but this bot is unnecessary, it must be destroyed.

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Watch the sass!

Kamikaze chameleon

First of his name.

He comes and goes.

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No, that's the only way to get Aerith to shut up. The word you're looking for is Sepulchre.

Google is on vacation, gramps

Sure, they're different words for the same thing. Source: I watch a lot of anime

Seppuku is suicide out of shame done to make it so the enemy can't capture you or to somehow make up for what you've done, e.g. stabbing yourself in the gut after losing a battle. Kamikaze is a war tactic that's basically suicide bombing with a plane; take your plane, and fly it straight into your target.

"Enjoy your favourite Japanese noodle soup flavours even during the hottest of summer days with bukkake udon noodles. A delicious summer dish, bukkake noodles with sauce poured over them and various meat protein garnishes scattered on top."

Kreamed Kornholio

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I'm sorry I was thought I was in Google.


Japanese term in WWII for committing suicude

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Can confirm.

Kami-kami-kami-kamikaze Chameleooonnnn

you should have sent him the answer. he would trust your messages for his "searches"

He comes and go-oh-woah-ohs

and harakiri is basically the same as seppuku?

I'm sorry I was thought I was in Jeopardy.

Hey everybody! Cubs win! Cubs win!

Thanks, Einstein!

Harakiri and seppuku are the exact same thing, harakiri is a slightly less formal way to say it.

That's actually a kind of tomb. I understand how folks are getting confused over this. However, the correct term is Sanitarium.


Oh shit I completely forgot about Harikiri.

I only know of that one from Yoshimitsu in Tekken lol

Risky click of the day

Because he already knows

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)



I bet he thought it was called Hara Kiri, but just learned that it was called seppuku and was double checking. I have had this conversation with multiple elderly people.

Good bot, saving me from potential Rick rolls.

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