Najac, France

Najac, France

I've been there and they told me this awesome story. The king of France had a claim on the *county of Toulouse IIRC so he invaded it. Najac was a major town at the time and the castle was one of the hardest to attack. It was the last standing and the siege promised to be very long. The king could not bother to wait that long.

So he declared the creation of Villefranche de Rouergue 10km from there. "Villefranche" meant it was a city free of royal taxes. By the end of the year, half of Najac had moved to live in Villefranche.

Nowadays, Najac is an irrelevant village with an enormous castle and church. And Villefranche de Rouergue is the local urban center.

Now you know that tax breaks can win wars.

NB: This is a story I'm telling from memory of what the guide told me there. I really should check if it was romanticized.

Well it's French, so it's inherently Romantic.

This picture and more from the same region.

Really thought there was going to be an undertaker and mankind at the end.

Here's a picture I took this year, very pretty village.

Here's a picture I took this year, very pretty village.

It's facing downhill. Clearly it was bought at the top of the village in 1980 and has been slowly making its way downwards since.

Love the 'hooligan parking' at the end of a steeply inclined road. Looks like Pierre came home drunk from the taverna last night...

Tu veux voir ma bite

I'm French and I agree with that. French language is seldom neutral :p

Does anyone have a pic of the same shot / angle that isn't super photoshopped? I feel it would look a lot better.

So the car is always at the same spot? I thought it was put there for OP photo.

It's the sort of thing the books have more of actually. The writer is great at giving flavorful history to all the various random locations in that world.'ll never see THAT in Game of Thrones...

I like France, it was the first ever country outside of the UK I went to and thus was the first country to make me realise the UK isn't how countries are supposed to be.

Lol I have a house built in 1868 and from my balcony I can see this castle. Been going there since I was born, seriously amazing over there. I recommend every one of you to visit this part of the world.

The original photo looks way better - much nicer shots. The editing was so unnecessary.

Wow. I lived there years ago. In autumn mist sits in the valley and its looks like the the castle is floating.

2017, same car on photo 5 years later !

It looks like a Citroen Dyane, I'm surprised it can even make it up that road.

I also visited this place back in 2012. The photo's I took aren't great quality, but they're photo's non thee less.

Given how slow that car is, I suspect that it was parked at the bottom, and the hill has risen up beneath it.

The simple fact I'm born French makes me happy. Luck of the draw and all that.

Just checked on Leboncoin (French Craigslist), there's a 2-bedroom 30m² house for 350€ a month and a 30m² studio for 180€ a month.

Yeah but like we say in france, it's the asshole of the world (location in the middle of nowhere).

I disagree, the vibrance may be a tad too excessive but the original looks flat.

It's likely yeah, the car is certainly owned by someone living in the neighbourhood (probably the owner of the house next to it).

The car looks quite old (people further down the thread have said that it might be a Citroën Dyane which means it's ~30yo at least) and those small villages (Najac has only ~700 inhabitants) tend to be deserted by the youth as soon as they can drive so it's not rare to see (really) old cars parked for weeks/months at the same spot since their (senior+) owners only use them on rare occasion when they need to leave the village.

Probably quite cheap. There's nothing there.

I mean you really have to make a choice there. Do you want to tell a fun anecdote, or do you want to meme around and imply the comment is totally made up?

If I don't survive, tell my wife, "Hello".

Well I guess in the grand scheme of things we're definitely way better off than a very large proportion of the world. But I have to view the UK in comparison to countries that are similar in terms of economic standing.

We seem to have an economy that is more and more falling back on low paid zero hour contract jobs.

Our public transport is mostly expensive and slow bus services.

We constantly sell off vital greenland and sports facilities and then wonder why less kids are exercising.

Houses are more and more unaffordable, even rented property.

And right now we appear to be becoming more and more right wing. We're going to end up the 'Deep South' of Europe before long.

On that topic, it's interesting to note that one of the inspiration for GoT was The Accursed Kings whose story dealt with French monarchy during the XIVth century.

I have no strong feeling toward the French language one way or another


June '16.

June '16.

If I don't survive, tell my wife, "Bonjour".

It's common to park like that in small villages where there are no specific parking spaces.

Yes, in fact /u/loulan posted the same photo without the /sub/shittyhdr.

Stpuid French, lording their beautiful scenery over the rest of us.


the first country to make me realise the UK isn't how countries are supposed to be

Bit of an overreaction there mate, no ?

somewhere in between would be perfect IMHO

I wonder how often that dyane was caught on camera over the years

Well I've been there a couple years ago and most of the inhabitants are British senior citizen, they are very friendly.

Yes you're going to get downvoted because you don't judge people based on the personal experience of some random anonymous dude on the internet.

Funny thing is, I grew up near here in a town called Lectoure, and didn't realize how beautiful it was until i moved away, i just thought it was normal.

That one


I missed an awesome opportunity. Damn it !

Farming or tourism.

fatortu said it was irrelevant though

Same view on Google Street View

What could possibly be so bad ? It's debatable how the UK ranks against other well off countries, but it is definitely way up there when it comes to living standards.

I like you, Englishman.

Different town, but same feeling. I moved to the U.S few years ago, and everytime I go home I am in awe by how beautiful it is, yet my whole life I thought it was normal.

The things that people all over Europe in small towns do: mostly service jobs, some farming, but also some industry jobs if there is an "industrial" area nearby.

Assholes tend to have assholish friends though.

I've been to a lot of small mountain villages across France and Spain and seeing people drive their cars in those narrow steep streets always amuses me. Most of them are full of scratches and dents. I saw a lady cruise a beat up jeep through a street maybe only 5cm wider than her car like it's child's play. Her mirrors scraped the wall at one point and she didn't give a fuck.

A great phase I was taught in school is: ' Americans think 100 years is a long time and Europeans think 100 km is a long distance '

Docu about Cam to Cam, and the Narrator said this sentence, it became quite viral in France after that ;)

Looks like the opening to a disney movie

Always the nice touch from you French people

The two things are kinda mutually exclusive.

because it is in the grand scheme of things, but a place being irrelevant today doesn't change its history or beauty.

Unlikely in this region. The castle was built around 1200, so 650 years before Cali was even a thing, and had been standing there since :)