My 79 year old grandma has a meme framed

My 79 year old grandma has a meme framed
My 79 year old grandma has a meme framed

My grandma used to keep a manila folder of memes, of course back then we just called them jokes or cartoons.

You roll out of her house..

Yeah, it is common courtesy to steal your grandma's money

When you inherit it, be sure to go to /sub/memeeconomy to have it properly assessed for value.

My mum did this... she'd print them off from her email, and they'd get passed around. I myself had a book of memes and funny chain emails!

Haha, my cousin showed it to her from Facebook a few years ago. She laughed so hard she wanted it printed

"Auto-grandkids, roll out!"

C'mon, thats precious af. U have an awesome grandma.

Or maybe you made it in MS paint when you were 2, and she loved it so much she framed it. Maybe YOU'RE the meme master here 0.o

She's pretty fab. She also has a picture/meme of a little kid getting annoyed helping his grandparents with WiFi, it's just on her mirror though (it's a running joke in the family)

It's really interesting to see how the word "meme" is evolving

I think it's supposed to be you because grand kids usually leave their grandparent's house full of food and given money to take home. I wouldn't know though because my grandparent's died when I was little.

Is the fat one holding a five dollar bill?

Back in the 80s my grandfather had a file cabinet with folders of jokes and pictures that would get xeroxed or faxed and passed around the factory where he worked. There were two drawers that today would be marked "Wholesome Memes" and "NSFW".