My wife, who played her first arcade game ever in Dec 2015, just did over 24 hours straight on Tapper on a single credit and beat the world record by 35%

My wife, who played her first arcade game ever in Dec 2015, just did over 24 hours straight on Tapper on a single credit and beat the world record by 35%

We got a tapper kill screen coming up if anyone wants to watch.

Random kid: "Can I have a go please"

Your wife: "Just one more go then you can"

Man, I love Tapper. However, I didn't realize that the color cabinet was "ultra rare," and I'm curious just how rare that is. Up Down in KC has a color cabinet and that's the only one I've played. Good times.

This looks like a related article:

More like,

Your wife: Of course, as soon as I die.

The title mentioned she did it with one credit. ;)

Nice reference bro

According to KLOV (whatever it's called now), only the first 100 of 3300 had color sides.

The King of Kong

I saw a documentary on Netflix about some guy trying to beat an arcade score. What he did was get like 100 lives then he would have like 15 mins to go to the bathroom while they were running out.


Fuck Billy Mitchell and his mullet.

It is. The plan was to use the color version, but after getting 5,000,000 on it a few months back, something got glitched bad in the machine. They worked on it off and on but could never get it healthy enough, so a different one was used for the record that she had been practicing on. And it's the same machine she first ever played, so it's great. :)

For anyone who hasn't seen it, this movie is awesome and I highly recommend it.

There's also a famous place in the maze in Pac-Man where none of the ghosts paths cross you so you can park there and take a break.

Yes, that is the joke Browneskii was making.

How did she pee? Diaper?

The cabinet looks the same as well as the layout of the cabinets next to the Tapper machine so I think it might just be legit!

You have to do specific patterns and then sit in that spot in order for the ghosts to stay in their patterns. It is not always safe.

She arranged with them to stay open for the record attempt.

what is it reffering to?

We had the arcade move the machine near to the bathroom and she would sacrifice 3-5 lives.

Ohhhh. I assumed that meant there was a color and non-color version of the game itself. Now I feel like an idiot. But on a related note, after doing some google image searching, isn't that the non-color version in the picture?

I have never been so clueless as to wtf is being discussed here

Her jacket says tapper pro for Christ sake, I'm gonna give the benefit of the doubt on this one!

She also has the same hair as the lady in the article. Glasses too. And the same exact jacket she's wearing in that photo is tied around her waist in this one. Seems like OP was a good guy today

She's tipsy right now so you get an answer: one trip involved a poop.

Was not present in the ladies room so cannot confirm nor deny the usage.

I found a flash version of that game and it's pretty cool but why the hell are people shooting at me when I just want to give them beers?

Free Play Arcade in Arlington, Texas. They called and set it up for her attempt and eventual victory

The arcade just stays open for her until she finishes her turn?

The twist is OP is just some random dude, not at all married to her.

Met him once while making a TV show... Dude wears a fucking cod piece, it's weird. +1 fuck that guy though his hot sauce is decent... Lol

This was one of those cool arcade machines that had an actual beer tap that you pulled to pour he beer. I remember loving this game in the 80s, and I doubt playing the flash version would feel the same without those controls. Sad

lol I just read the article posted in another comment, I am just a random human much like you

Now that is impressive.

What establishment stayed open for 24hrs to let her break it?

I swear I've been killed there on the cabinet version...

This is giving me major anxiety

You can beat a world record for something without Guinness confirming it, you just won't get any recognition for it in world record books.

She streamed the run on twitch....

Well he didn't do as good a job as he could've

Fuck that. It's time for arcades to make a comeback.

I'm not gonna deny that he's an asshole, but it's pretty obvious the documentary was edited to make him look much worse.

Ive seen a bunch of his interviews, and while definitely coming across as a dick, he doesn't seem quite as bad as he was in King of Kong.

There's an arcade in my town where you pay $5 and you can stay for as long as they're open.

Sauce: Billy Mitchell

I can't believe you didn't go with this.

Well it also said she had 35 lives at one point, so yes you can die.

Essentially yes. It's pretty much when someone gets farther in an arcade cabinet game than the developers programmed for so the software becomes really buggy.

OP, divorce her so that you can wife her again.

Was it 3 lives for a 1 and 5 lives for a 2? That #2 speed is impressive.

Found Billy.

The rumor Comes out: does op is gay?

Exactly how big of an otter fan are you?

If I was forced to play that for an hour, I would kill myself. Let alone 24 hours. Holy shit. I scrolled to 16:00 minutes to see some actual gameplay and I couldn't even watch for longer than 6 seconds.

Yea that lost me haha. I love reddit

BOOM. Tetris for Jeff.

He makes the most flavorful wings in the world. Source: Billy Mitchell.

It's my understanding that with record attempts such as this one, once you rack up a shitload of extra lives, you can just walk away and let the game run through its paces while you stretch, pee, eat, etc., and then just pick up where you left off before your lives run out.

The 'cabinet' is the large box that holds the actual game and monitor. On this particular game, only a small number of the cabinets have the pictures on the side in full color. On the vast majority, the sides are black and white with a splash of red.

"Hold on honey, I think I'm really good at this game. It feels so natural" 19 hours later.....

Thought the game was simple enough until I skipped to 42:00. wtf is happening????

We all wanna know if OPs wife pooped

Oh shit it's good to see Up Down get a head nod here. One of my favorites for chillin with friends

Not sure, but I know that the red ghost is the only one actively trying to hunt you.

A cod piece or a cup? I wouldn't be surprised if he had a history of people kicking him in the groin.

So wait, you aren't OP, who are you? Or do you both have the same wife?

"Honey! Reddit wants to know if you pooped!"

classic Browneskiii

Freeplay arcades are a thing? If my city had one I'd sell my graphics card and spend my days there instead.

Or just take 14,000,600 รท 10,361,500 and get 1.3512, which is 135%.

Not just buggy, literally unbeatable.

I would argue that a kill screen is beating the game.

Subtracting the old record from the new record gives us the difference between the two.

14,000,600 - 10,361,500 = 3,639,100

Then dividing the difference by the previous record gives us the percent of increase.

3,639,100 / 10,361,500 ~= 0.3512

Multiplying that by 100 gives us 35%. So it's probably the right article.

Makes sense.

this awesome video

For anyone who has,

Check out on the history of the world record.

It's by a dude (Summoning Salt) who does awesome videos on the history of speedrun world records (and he's held at least 1 WR in Mike Tysons Punchout IIRC), he deserves more views IMO.

Probably for free as its good marketing for them

My life is complete

Not just any splash of red but the only thing that is color is the Budweiser logo. Wouldn't be surprised if the color was taken out to subconsciously draw attention to the logo, at the request of Budweiser.

Dam corporate fat cats taking away my color!

Toki, that is a strap-on dildo, not a cod piece.

Going to need additional proof of this. I just don't buy it. Feels like a Karma grab.

You have the power to confirm this.

Free Play in Arlington, TX. She's a regular at the Richardson location, and we stayed open for her, yes. Source: I work in the kitchen there.

Time for somebody to make a VR version!

Except that the movie is basically a lie and makes Billy look far worse than he was by editing and omitting scenes.

I enjoyed that movie but was disappointed at just how fake the narrative is.


The guy in the doc that was trying to beat the Kong record, said (online, I think?), that the day they met, all that footage was cut to make it look like there was a lot of hate going on between them.

A kill screen is a screen upon which the game can no longer operate. Most old-old games didn't program in what would traditionally be considered 'endings' to their games. The game just continues until the machine runs out of memory in some way, or throws some other, similar error (A number getting too big, etc).

Then the game typically flips out and becomes unplayable in some way. Pac-Man, IIRC, can only draw half a level at some point.

OP is gay is the most discussed in the media in the few years ago.

I dunno. That name seems like BS.

It's the implication

you dont remember the name STEVE WIEBE. how dare you.

After watching and thinking about it, I thought Billy got some rough treatment in the editing process of that film. He's probably not the nicest or humblest guy but I don't think it was super fair towards him.

THAT GUY, however, was a total knob. Between home invasion and jut being a little toadie douche throughout the Fun Spot scenes, he came off as most unlikable person in the movie.

We're totally not robots


Aha. Well that's cool! And on a related note, Up Down does not have a color cabinet then.

Guinness World Record. Guinness Beer. Bartender artwork on the side of the machine. All the pieces are there. Somebody make a joke with that. I'm too high.

Holy shit I went to high school with her! Congratulations!

How does it feel to be the SO of a superstar?

Where did the title say that?

It's when old school games, with their limited computing power, can no longer handle calculating a player's score and shut off or hit what is called a kill screen.

Some games don't have a predetermined amount of levels to beat the game and go on faster and faster on a loop infinitely. Donkey Kong is a popular example of this because for decades it was assumed there was no 'kill screen' because no one had ever gotten far enough to see it. That is until someone did and they made a documentary about the guy.

A lot of games have endings, some don't because their creators assumed no one could ever play so perfectly as to reach a point where the game couldn't handle it. So they just programmed them to get faster and faster forever which would in turn eventually kill the player enough to end the game.

I'm pretty fucking good at old arcade games and have never even come close to accomplishing what is necessary to kill any of them.

Who is this? Asking for a friend.

They all dispersed after the jacket ceremony, this is just the picture of her hugging the machine goodbye

Edit: upon further inspection she's defacing the machine with her signature

you's is just jealous!

I wonder if there's a like a single moment in someone's brain where something clicks and a person's like "Yes, yes this is my thing now. This is what I am meant to do".

I understand liking a thing, I even understand having an unhealthy level of obsession that borders on a crippling addiction (looking at you, WoW 2006-2008). However, to dedicate oneself so wholly to the point where you're literally the best in the entire world (or at least matched for among the best), that's gotta being some other kind of thing.

For some of these games there's just like an algorithm or six to memorize, and after that it's just about putting in the time. Still, there's gotta be something in people that drives them to be at their absolute best at that one thing.

Billy's on the mooooove

Chicago's got 2 or 3 of them.

skip to 1:40

Basically it's the end of the game. It's like the game runs out of memory or something and Mario automatically dies

An entire sit-down restaurant attached to the arcade.

Wait that's just Dave and Bustets

There are multiple sources verifying the record.

Asking the important questions

I usually do Galloping Ghost in Brookfield. They don't have drinks, but they have unlimited gameplay for $15 admission. They actually feel pretty strongly there about no drinks, because they don't want drunk idiots to spill a beer on a rare game and fuck it up.

Billy Mitchell is an ass.

helpful tip: if you right click on the video you can make a link to the current time. alternatively you can add ?t=xx to the end of the url (where xx is the time in seconds, ie ?t=39 links to 0:39, ?t=130 links to 2:10)