My wife and I have a sidekick on the way

My wife and I have a sidekick on the way

That Batman costume looks like an investment!

Edit: Thanks for all the karma, guys! /u/ocularis01 congrats on the new sidekick!


Edit: Gold!?! Holy cosplay, Batman! Thank you kind Redditor!

I'm not sure.

Some of us take our bedroom role play seriously.

OP, don't lie, How many times have you had sex in those costumes?


All that latex, except where he needed it the most.

I did my best!

Full album:

We had fun with this.

I read that in batman voice

Always a good answer

Treat yo self.

Someone photoshop the background and chair. This needs to be in a cave in front of the computer.

if this is anything like the comics. batgirl will lose the baby

I tried. Couldn't find a good cave/computer background I liked.

The Killing Joke was that inspiring, huh?

Well he tried using the bat-condom but the wings kept getting in the way

Ha that's pretty good. Thanks!

I read that in BatDad voice

An early version of my current capes

Actually I made the cape myself. It's the only piece of my suits that I personally make from scratch. It's solid latex. I roll several layers of liquid latex on a giant mold in my garage.

Here's an album of a few I've done over the last couple of years

My capes

The cicadas were bad that year

Edit: I got so excited at your praise for my handiwork that I forgot to thank you for the kind words. So, thanks!!


not going to look unless its porn

"For her pleasure"

Canonically, I have a lot of problems with this.

It has a double zipper that runs down the cod. It's frickin sweet.

Uh-oh, batman's crying.

I got halfway through photoshopping Seal out of his own music video when the guilt set in.

I love watching How It's Made too!

She said she was surprised anyone noticed those and is very happy they did

Cute idea... why does batman look like he's thinking about faking his death?

Congratulations. Tell your wife those are freaking sweet boots, by the way.

It's a quick job, but it works.

Edit: I walked right into those comments...

Edit: I walked right into those comments...

We all do. But it's aiight.

Should be the only real answer

"I was conceived by a man in a batman costume, and I have grown to be okay with that."

For reals though congrats. Dank costume.


This is kind of a weird situation from a Batman lore perspective. Dick Grayson (the first Robin) and Batgirl hook up.

Thank you...I really needed this.

That's awesome, but now it definitely looks like a porn parody.

Oh, I'm sorry, I thought this was America?

why so serious?


shoulda used a latex

so you don't get that late text

that "I think I'm late" text

-- Alfred J. Pennyworth

Not even going to pretend that wasn't a consideration when you bought it.


God I fucking hate pregnancy announcement photos. If my wife does that I'm divorcing her ass AND the baby.

Thought this coat hanger joke was gonna turn a bit dark knight.

There's been like half a dozen different robin's so far man.

"I fight crime all day in a rubber suit. Really seals in the flavor"

First off Congratulations to OP - 2nd thing: That costume is AMAZING. I work at a Spirit Halloween Superstore when they pop up come Fall time and we have NOTHING that resembles this. Your cape alone looks like it costs more than any complete Batman set we sell. Where did you get it and if you don't mind me asking how much did it cost? It's probably the best Batman costume I have seen since nineteen ninety eight when the undertaker threw mankind off hеll in a cell, and plummeted sixteen feet through an announcer's table.

u/shittymorph self-deleted due to the comment not taking off, preserved here for prosperity.

that was my thought too...he's probably depressed about the impending drop in disposable income, and impending increase in disposable diapers.

I know. We can only hope.

Why do people insist on doing this embarrassing shit?

'Cause he is.

Find a roof top scene with a bat signal

Just stay away from areas you could get mugged in.

Tell your wife that's a fucking amazing coat hanger she's holding there. I've got a couple of those things myself, and let me tell ya, when they break, they make excellent back scratchers.

The image that gave me cannot be unseen.

Or go clubbing...

If that's supposed to be Bat Girl then Dick Greyson is gonna go extra ham. 2nd breach of The Bro Code is punishable by death!

Getting seal out should be easy., just increase contrast....

Didn't Robin's parents die?

Wanna know how I got these scars?

I want you to go ahead, treat yo self to a good cry

It's rubber and I don't see easy dick access.

Speaking as someone who is also asked that question about all of my/my wifes suits all of the time: Very likely never or very few times.

Your child is so lucky to have such kind people helping him out before he's even born.

Arresting? Arrestin' me for wha?

The fact that you were just so straight and blunt with your answer made me lose my shit.

Holy condom Batman.

a c-section?

I do not cry, I leak drops of excellence from my face.

i watch them... sometimes from a chair, sometimes from a closet. almost always dressed as superman

Why is it funny for a dad to be upset about a baby on the way? It's 100% preventable.

why is he sad/mad?? I get the concept of this but really don't understand men acting like they aren't excited/happy for the baby for announcements.

Pics or it didn't happen

I love how they have to highlight the fact that minus is Not Pregnant while plus Is Pregnant.

Didn't Dick Grayson's parents die?

There was a storyline where Bruce slept with Babs then told Dick about it.

Hole-y condom.


Silk shirt, cashmere sweater, silk scarf...I'm a comfy sandwich. TREAT YO SELF

I hope you find it.

Hahahahaha girls love babies but guys hate them! Hahahahaha!


But I thought in the killing joke, he just shot her and paralyzed her? Her getting knocked up by Bruce was a separate storyline.

Why were you pretending to be displeased?


this is the lamest, most cringe-worthy shite.

Oh god, had a Killing Joke flashback for a moment.

Anyway, congrats, man.

Did you even notice that you got shittymorphed lol. I do think his congratulations are genuine though cause shittymorph is a cool person

Well some people could see a negative as a good thing.

".....Darkness....No parents....." :D

Batman reading a book is just such a funny image in my mind. These are amazing pictures, OP. You should be proud! Congratulations! Just don't name that little boy Dick.

Could be an elseworlds and Talia al Ghul is Batgirl. Who knows, anything is possible.

bet thats what the wife said too!

Wanna know how I got these scars?

In the animated movie adaptation, there was an extended portion of the story where Batman and Batgirl had sex. In the Batman: The Animated Series continuity, they also had sex. Barbara got pregnant in that continuity and had a miscarriage.

Boner goes in pussy

I mean, Damien Wayne is the son of Batman and the leader of the League of Assassins. Both alive, afaik. And the female Robin's parents are so alive they're background characters.

jesus christ

how fucking cringey is that

This is just solid advice

And her smile looks like no more costume investments.

You have a strong chin bro, congrats. Oh and congrats on the baby as well.

Now now maz, your left hand isn't your wife.

Batman is dead on the inside, so it still counts.