My step-dad bought me a keyboard and I just noticed that the letters c and v are there twice

My step-dad bought me a keyboard and I just noticed that the letters c and v are there twice

There's a copy-paste joke in here somewhere...

There's a copy-paste joke in here somewhere...

There's a copy-paste joke in here somewhere...

That keyboard can S a D

Wow, thic ic actually kinv of cav.


Two questions, how long did it take you to notice that and where is S and D?



Wow, I spent way too long trying to figure out what the fuck "cad" meant before I realised that you'd changed the "s" as well. I'm not smart.

Well I only got it today so not very long and I don't know. It's a cheap keyboard so not as much time would have gone into making sure it was made properly


It's a Buzzfeed keyboard.

Be nice, hic ctep-vav bought that for him. Evit: Corry about the mictake

Keyboard will register they keystrokes as the right letter. What's typed when you press a key is decided in the operating system, this is why if you forexample change your input language in windows or even the layout from the standard qwerty to something else, thats whats going to be typed on your screen even though you are just typing normally on your english keyboard.



It's this a way of telling you to get a job and submit your CV?


So you're saying it's not going to read the sticker.

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Well it hope it's just a messed up lable and that the keys still line up as S and D, then all you should need are a few stickers

Don't feel too badly, I'm right there with you. It took reading your comment to realize the last word was supposed to be "sad".

The guys at work replaced some letters on my keys and took me like 2 weeks to notice. Some people wouldn't even notice that or care.

P shouldn't be V

It's jokes like this that make me unsure if I love or hate reddit.

Oh, get a job? Just get a job? Why don't I strap on my job helmet, and squeeze down into a job canon and fire off into job land, where jobs grow on jobbies!

Looks like we found it

We can't actually see the P, so we can't be sure there is one..

That's what the webcam is really for, watching your fingers while you type.

V... Shit, my control button is broken!

Looks like we found it


Looks like we found it

I've used a QWERTY keyboard with a QWERTZ layout (in software) for a long time. If you're not looking at the keys anyway, it really doesn't matter. Only the symbols were a bit difficult.

Shrodingers P?

Looks like we found it

To be specific, most of the time keyboards will register proper keycode, which is a number, that is translated to a proper key by your OS. Numbers sent by different keyboards, especially for function keys, may slightly vary - this is why there can be some issues while using Mac keyboard with Windows and vice versa. It's possible though that for some completely messed up or foreign keyboard the sent keycode could be completely wrong.

WACV to move.

Do you write Trump's tweets?

No, you're not cmart, but in your vefence it'c kinv of cubtle.

I probably wouldn't notice.

My keyboard at work is over 20 years old, most of the letters have worn off. I had a guy training me on some new CNC router software and he had a hard time finding the keys. I said, "ya know, in all the time I've had this keyboard, the keys have never once moved--I guess I just learned where they are."


True but he said there was only 2 V's so while the P doesn't have to be a P it can't be a V

Wow, t h i c ic actually kinv of cav.

Well, you're still here, so I think the former would be more accurate :)

Holy shit how do you guys manage to rotate the letter V??

There's a get-a-job-and-move-outta-my-basement joke subliminally in here somewhere.

Huh, this makes sense but for some reason I've never thought about it before. Pretty cool, thanks for the knowledge!

That’s the official Covfefe keyboard!

Europe here: Last employer gave me a belgian keyboard to work on an american mac to remotely work on german virtual machines...


Edit: I was more than speechless

Looks like you're not getting any D

Actually... I don't think it can!

My keyboard has blank keycaps, drives people nuts trying to use it.

Thanks, NSA. Because knowing is half the battle.

I'll go get it replaced


Its been an hour and he still isn't here. He hates it.

If you're not looking at the keys anyway, it really doesn't matter.

I don't look while typing, but if the keys were mislabeled it would totally mess me up because I glance at the keyboard occasionally to make sure my hands are in the right location since they float above the keyboard instead of anything like using home row.

I used to have this friend, it was literally painful to watch him type. He would go down the keyboard row by row to find each letter, then start all over. It took him 5 minutes to reply with "hello" in AIM. He would look for the L twice!