My office continually overworks its staff and then wonders why morale is so low

My office continually overworks its staff and then wonders why morale is so low

Delayed pay equals delayed work. I had a boss once say that my check wouldn't be processed and ready until Monday (I was suppose to get paid on Friday). I said I was "sick" faked a cough, and that I would be feeling better on Monday and left. This was at a BBQ joint when I was 18.

I had the owner calling me on Saturday saying my check was ready and I could get a couple racks of ribs to take home if I came in and worked that evening.

How delayed is the pay? I know in MA that withholding pay can result in a judgement of 3x the owed pay + expenses.

Just happened to me in MA. Under payed for 6 months. The process to actually get to court is lengthy. You need to file a complaint with AG. They review it and decide within 90 days if you have the right to action (sue). Then when you get the right of action letter you proceed to small claims court. Which is another 60 days out. I got paid when I forwarded my right to action letter to the company. I assume I could still pursue damages, but I'm not sure I would prevail. The process took about 3 months. I also left the company. If you stay you are legally protected from reprisals. But let's be honest. There's not a piece of paper in the world that can truly keep you safe.

Yeah. I loved that place. The "manager" was an ass, but the owner was super nice. So I didn't mind going back and working my normal shift if the check was ready.

And yes, I took two slabs of ribs, a pint of baked beans, and a pint of Mac and cheese home for a family dinner that night. The sides were getting thrown out so I put them into To-go containers instead of the trash.

There's not a piece of paper in the world that can truly keep you safe.

It's not about keeping your job, it's about being able to tack retaliation onto the lawsuit.

Delayed pay is not a thing that should be happening. If you can't rely on a scheduled paycheck, I would start looking for another job.

Did you go to work? And if so, did he actually give you the ribs?

Agreed, getting paid on time is non-negotiable. Missing paydays is a sign your company doesn't have the cash it needs to stay afloat and you should bail ASAP before they go under.

I have had 2 jobs in my life that missed a payday. One was a small company where the payroll lady had a death in the family and her back up was on vacation and the owner admitted he dropped the ball and he didn't get payroll submitted on time. So we had to wait until Monday instead of Friday for a paycheck. That being said he was willing to write anyone who couldn't wait until then a personal check.

The other was a restaurant that changed owners and motifs. They were late with the first check and no real explanation was given. I demanded my money before I continued work and was paid in cash. I quit at the end of the day. They went under <4 months later.

Damn, back when I was 18 that meal would've taken a full 8 hours of work to buy. Score.

Yea, that's one thing that's a hard stop for me. I'll put up with a lot of bullshit, but if the paycheck doesn't hit the bank when it's supposed to more than once in any given year, I'm out, end of story.

That was half of my paycheck if I paid for this meal. A solid 12 hours of work.

Tell that to the US government. They like to threaten military and any federal employee pay every September.

Actually it was Republican obstructionism that caused the 2013 shutdown because they were more interested in fighting a program that had popular support than in maintaining the government and paying its employees.

I want to print this meme out and post it all over the walls at work. My job overworks the shit out of us, then gets mad when we don't meet production numbers. (When 10/10 times we don't meet production, it's because of machines breaking down.) We all just want to scream, "We're here more than were at home with our families!!" Still zero respect for us. If the machines stay running all night we can easily get the number for the night. One night 4 different machines went down through the night (overnight shift) causing 4 hours down time. In the meeting the next day our supervisor said "Come on guys we're better than that."

I wanted to punch him in the throat.

That's kind of what I was hinting at. If they can't pay you on time, it won't be loong until they can't pay you at all.

Which is why you switch to another company and then sue the pants off the old one.

I can't even fathom tolerating that once a year. I guess I've been lucky to work at a large company, but getting paid every two weeks is a fundamental part of my relationship with my employer.

That's the secret to good managers/supervisors/owners. If your employees respect you, they will put in extra effort/time if you ask them to. Respect is generally earned through being pleasant (not a massive tool), and being competent. Extra points if you roll up your sleeves and tough it out with the employees when shit hits the fan.

Bean counters never have any idea what the fuck goes on in operations. They look a number on a computer screen, see that it's lower than it should be, and pick a manager to call and scream at. Shit rolls until it lands squarely on your heads. Rinse and repeat ad infinitum.

I don't think they wonder why morale is low... I think they know, and they just don't care. They may pretend they do, but they don't.

They did it years ago. You get the back pay yes but they did legit not pay out one month.

Well, the way I see it is that no matter how big or small the company, sometimes, shit happens. I work in IT and I've see things go weird all the way from an ACH issue with banks to somebody dumping coffee on the check printer. Occasional issues irritate me, but I can live with it.

If it happens more than about once in any given year, then it starts being habitual and fuck that, I'm out.