My new sock didn't get fully woven in the toe area. It's only one set of thread.

My new sock didn't get fully woven in the toe area. It's only one set of thread.

Truly socking.

Even in the fully woven areas those socks are thin as hell.

Lol what kind of stupid fucking argument is that? Is everyone in Reddit supposed to be working 12 hour shifts in factories now?

This post blew my socks off.

Socks aren't woven, they're knitted.

Socks aren't , they're knitted.

Yeah, and walk uphill both ways through the summer snow.

Try using that knife in a 12 hour shift at a butchers factory and tell me how you feel afterwards.

And? It's summer. Nobody wants overheating feet.

Well that socks

That's a stupid argument. "This bread knife can't cut through bone so it's FUCKING WORTHLESS GARBAGE"

mildly infuriating? More like toe-totally infuriating.

Wear those for a 12 hour shift at a factory and tell me how your feet feel afterwards.

Keep it, it's going to be trendy in 5 years

Sock it off guys.

Also, it's technically yarn, not thread. Gotta pull out the pedantry when I can.

You should never skimp on anything that separates you from the ground- not tires, not shoes, not socks.

They look like really cheap flimsy socks.

Yeah, I hear Starbucks has air conditioning.

Just because those socks won't work for a factory setting doesn't mean they are shit. It's almost like different things are designed for different settings, and they probably won't always work for something they were not really made for.

There's definitely someone turned on by that...

I'm Australia, legit 90% of people walk around barefoot or in flip flops most of the time

Being on your feet all day, especially if wearing heavy footwear wears out socks like no tommorow. Worn out socks means skin on material contact for hours everyday resulting in blisters, bruises and generally shitty days.

Source: Work at a natural gas plant, wear heavy duty steel toe boots all day everyday, if I wasn't wearing the thickest sturdiest socks I could find, I would be sble to work with how bad the foot pain would be.

Yeah, and walk uphill both ways through the summer snow.

I hope you weren't stocking up on these

Dem toes

No way, that feeling of a big seam on cheap socks pushing against your toes in your shoes is the worst thing ever.

Hi Australia! I'm Dad.

*Am also Australian.

You know how they talk about thread counts when it comes to luxury versus cheap sheets, and they have like 200, 400 or 600 count sheets?

The thread count of your socks?



Ah, no need for socks when you're unemployed.

Nice toe color😍

Put a sock in the puns mate.

Can't believe I'm the first to comment this but. Nice feet =)

Puns sock

Rankles me to the ends! Why aren't they towing the line?

I work EMS - smart wool socks are the shit.

Yep :)

All socks, stockings, etc. are knitted, not woven. Anybody know more about modern, mechanical hosiery knitting? I sure don't. But the same is true for T-shirts and a lot of underwear, anything made of stretchty cloth. It looks like the toes of these socks have thinner yarn than the rest on purpose, maybe to increase ventilation.

Got curious and also read your history. Yer a troll, Harry.

What does that mean? I wore socks like that everyday to school. No problem.

I read some of your comments. You dont seem happy. Also, youre a troll with upvotes. That's pretty admirable.

I'd love to just find whoever is responsible for that and sock them in the head.