My favorite bit from HarmonQuest is from this episode where Kumail Nanjiani guest stars as a lizard janitor

My favorite bit from HarmonQuest is from this episode where Kumail Nanjiani guest stars as a liza...

For anyone confused, this is all improv from the characters. The only thing planned out is the quest details by the Game Master, Spencer Crittenden.

Every episode they've got some new guest star and then they all improv their way through the quest like a normal RPG but with looser rules. After the live recording (it's not a laugh track), the artists animate the whole thing.

So this whole exchange is even better because it's just on the fly between Dan Harmon, Erin McGathy, Jeff B. Davis, and Kumail.

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For those asking, all ten S1 eps are free right now for anyone in the US here:

This clip is from Episode 8, "The Dragon's Temple." If you're going to start the series, stick it out through episode 3, I didn't really like the first two.

If you're not in the US you may have to use a proxy or find a different 3rd party streaming site, VRV doesn't have anything outside the US yet.

Can we talk about how Jeff fucking carried them in every encounter.

My favorite part from this whole thing is in one of the first episodes, Jeff tries to cut the enemy cultists while running by but fails and just ends up running by with the knife being short of making contact

Dude, that riddle they got with the twin guards that either always lie or always tell the truth?

He fucking aced that instantly. Jeff is a legend.

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I don't think anyone could confuse this for scripted comedy.

Have you seen Brickleberry?

This clip is better than that whole show, and they actually have writers for that.

And he just keeps running, not knowing he missed.

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My favorite bit is where the put everything on Seeso and I stopped caring.

Shit, if that's your favorite bit then I'm sorry to tell you it got sold to VRV and all the episodes are free if you're in the US

Though they don't have any non-US option yet sadly.

God Brickleberry is a terrible show.

Dude I know. I feel like I hear that riddle all the time but never remember it so thank god he did cause I'm sure they would've fucking blew it.

He just always did more damage than everyone too it seemed like.

New season in 2 days!!!

Even more amazing about this show is that it just came about by happenstance. Dan Harmon and Jeff Davis were filming their podcast one day when they had plans to begin playing DnD on the show.

Spencer Crittenden being a fan of Harmon, knew he enjoyed DnD and brought. When Dan Harmon asked if there were any Dungeon Masters in the crowd, Spencer's hand shot up. Jeff Davis had never played DnD prior to this. This began the framework for Harmon Quest, and it still continues on in their podcast Harmontown today. None of the group knew Spencer prior to that day, and they became fast friends even inviting Spencer into their podcast tour weeks later.

::Edit:: I mistated that Spencer had the equipment to start the show immediately which was not the case. He volunteered and had a campaign read the next episode.

The episode with Thomas Middleditch as Dildo Bogpelt is the best episode. Kumail's episode is a close second

It got 3 seasons.

Because comedy central is desperate

One guard always lies, one always tells the truth, and the other guard kills people who ask tricky questions.

All 10 S1 eps are free right now


for anyone in the US.


Bit? This is almost the entire episode. And if you like this Dan Harmon and friends play D&D on his Harmontown podcast during the last 20 minutes of each episode. And I also strongly recommend The Adventure Zone. Hilarious D&D podcast with a strong story.

Kumail Nanjiani is soo good!

You missed one of the best parts at the end where Kumail says "Your greaattt" and walks away.

Or bring Futurama back, again.

They could do us all a favor and just pick up this show.

IIRC Rick is just Roiland's impression of Harmon, yeah

Close, but not quite.

Spencer had been preparing some of his own D&D stuff that day, but didn't bring anything to the show. Then in the show they asked if anyone knew how to DM and he shot up his hand, but he didn't have any dice or character sheets until the next episode.

“I’m really antisocial,” Crittenden says. “I had been to one concert in my life at that point. I very rarely do anything. But Dan Harmon had mentioned D&D on the show before, and he’d also talked about how after the show they’d go to the bar and talk to people, and I thought I could maybe talk to them about Dungeons & Dragons like human beings.”

He didn’t even have to wait until after the show.

Toward the end of the fifth episode of Harmontown, Dan Harmon asked if anyone in the crowd has ever been a dungeon master before. Crittenden raised his hand immediately, and went onstage to field questions. Eventually, he agreed to generate first-level characters for Harmon and cohost (aka comptroller) Jeff Davis and come back for the following episode. He also ended up going out for drinks with the crew that night and learning about their plans for D&D on the show.

Loved the on-the-fly camouflage he was slowly getting on as he flanked them

So wait, he was just a dude in the audience, and now he's a regular on a TV show? That's pretty badass.

Not only that, he's Dan Harmon's personal assistant, has had a guest appearance on Community as Annie's brother, Brooklyn 99 as a guy who likes giggle pig, and he was one of the two leads for a Dan Harmon series on the History Channel.

The episode with Thomas Middleditch is really fucking good too. I normally don't like his stand-up, but love him in Silicon Valley. He's a damn good roleplayer.

Kumail is actually coming back for Season 2 apparently, which I'm fucking hyped for!

All four of them are hilariously awesome people. Do they animate all of their sketches? Or only the good ones?

It sucks their website is restricted in the UK. When the fuck are we going to unify ourselves as a race with 99.99% similarities except skin color and dick sizes and GET OVER REGIONAL RESTRICTIONS HOLDING US BACK? We can explore the universe, and watch any show we want.

Just let me dream.

That last puff of smoke shapes was hilarious. The animation really enhanced that experience.

Didn't want to post too much of the episode. And ending it on the "You can just take it" high note felt like a good end to the bit.

So does Dan Harmon just naturally kind of sound like Rick. And is Justin Roiland kind of just impersonating his voice? Because they sound identical.



I need this in my life OP...

From what I can tell, /u/thesixler (Spencer) plans out the quest and all of the locations and structures and enemies along the way.

Then /u/DanHarmon and his friends along with a special guest sit down in front of the audience to play it. This recording gets cut up in editing to make it quicker (probably) and then they get it animated.

He did a precursor to this on his HarmonTown podcast, but didn't have those animated. Some guy on Youtube fan animated them though.

Check out this streaming site if you're outside the US:

And for those in the US, it's all free on VRV right now:

Cough cough.

Common Boob, you know how it is by now. I didn't download these exactly legally myself.

Check this site out, they've got some good streaming links:

They do, but mostly when it becomes the actors talking and not the characters.

It makes for some great humor, cutting from a character doing one thing and the real actor doing a similar motion, like when Dan put his finger to Kumail's lips.


/u/DanHarmon people want to watch your show man, think about the people!

Relevant xkcd:

And here I feel that her messing around made the episode hilarious.

Ah his flanking maneuver that was gonna take 5+ turns.

I'm gonna go re-watch these

It's actually /u/thesixler's show... but I don't think there's much they can do short of saying "Hey. Our fans outside the U.S. would really like to watch the show."

Given that they're playing Pathfinder, the bog standard manticore has 57 HP. So after 58 points of damage, it's down and out.

All of the Pathfinder rules are available for free online.

To be fair, his character was working for the villains. It makes sense he'd be scummy.

It wasn't a big "no" to everything they said, he helped them but was a roadblock. I personally really didn't like the first episode.

I feel like I'm in the minority, but I thought her episode was the worst

That show was expensive and nobody watched it on comedy central. The real money is in syndication, which I believe fox still owns.

Aubrey Plaza looked like she had no idea and couldn't give a shit at the beginning, but she got pretty into it by the end.

Not much rule following in that episode though.

Don't forget Critical Role! D&D with a bunch of amazing voice actors (the voice of McCree from Overwatch, Ellie from The Last Of Us, Illidan in World of Warcraft, Lust and Roy Mustang from Full Metal Alchemist, etc.) playing 5e. I've laughed until I cried, I've cried until I laughed. Highly recommended.

He take like half the episode to get there and keeps building it up. So goooood. I started listening to harmontown after that because I love Jeff and Dan.

So stoked for season 2.

You only get one question, and you still need to know which door to go through. Asking a math question to figure out who is the liar and who is the truth teller is a good first step but won't get you the right door.

At least HarmonQuest would be cheaper, since it's essentially half live-action and there's no long writing process behind it.

I loved Aubrey Plaza's episode if only for the payoff to her getting her potion stuff.

Season 2 was supposed to be in July or something, but then Seeso folded their original division (i think) and sold a bunch of shows to VRV.

VRV is premiering S2 on Friday! I'm not sure if it's going to require a subscription though, or if they'll use it as a draw to their website by putting it for free.

Follow along with us at /sub/harmonquest!

And check out this behind the scenes of S2 production. The guests they have lined up look amazing!

In Pathfinder and DnD, players almost never know total enemy HP. There are some times where in certain editions enemies will become "bloodied" (less than half of total hp remaining) and the gamesmaster will tell players, but as someone who runs pathfinder games, players aren't supposed to know.

Life is about getting out of your comfort zone!

And I think I read that Morty is Roiland's impression of drunk Dan Harmon. It's pretty spot on.

She has pretty bad anxiety afaik, and stage fright. Which is why she was quiet and slower to join in. It's the same reason she's so awkward on chat shows.

IMO she was the worst guest of Season 1.

Massive upvote for The Adventure Zone! I haven't found any D&D related shows/podcasts that come close to how awesome it is. I'm a total sucker for almost everything the McElroy's do though, so I'm a bit biased. But the fact that Griffin crafted such an engrossing and detailed story out of what started out as a goof/joke is incredible to me.

Go to 24:12

His rambling stutter goes to 11 here. Roiland actually tones it down for Rick


Dude that something like 40 damage he did to the manticore was killer.

I wish they gave you an idea of the enemies' total HP though, since the numbers don't mean much without a scale.

That manticore probably had something like 1000HP , right /u/thesixler?

He was a great team player and Aubrey Plaza still cursed and shrunk him for no reason. Totally unfair.

So we get even MORE seasons that are completely phoned in? Futurama didn't get cancelled. It ended. There was closure and everything.

That's awesome. What a cool dude, /u/thesixler.

No you're right. She really didn't fit. She didn't understand how to play or what she should be doing at all. It wasn't fun to watch, even a little uncomfortable at times.

Also Spencer is Dans co star in 'Great Minds' where they (briefly) reanimate famous dead people to interview.

Yes. But it's not exactly a table read, they are actually playing a DnD style roleplaying game at the table so the players are all essentially improving.

The beginning intros and ending are always at the table. Then during the actual gameplay the cut back and forth - I would say during that chunk it's probably around 2/3 animation or so.

Oh, really? I saw it as a "wow I can't take this seriously" but if it was just anxiety I understand.

Weird that she'd opt in to a live-audience improv show with bad anxiety.

I remember hearing it on the Ricky Gervais show and thinking why not ask a simple math question.

nope, 100% agree with you. She looked uncomfortable and out of place, so her jokes fell flat. Really couldn't pull off the quirky improv jokes well at all.


They do cut it down, but not by a lot. Usually there is a intro how-to for the guest we don't see.

New season in 2 days?! I heard nothing about that! Where will it be available?

Isn't that same riddle in Labyrinth?

Simple answer, go to a guard and ask, "what would you ask to go through the right door." When the guard responds with a tricky question the third guard kills him.

If you listen/watch Harmontown you can see where all the stuttering comes from. Somehow Rick and Morty is a long ass rib on Dan Harmon.

I thought Spencer had made something up to stay away from DnD lawsuits.

Nope! Here's a little history lesson:

Back in the olden days D&D 3.5 was published under the Open Game License (OGL) meaning all the rules were free to use, copy, and modify so long as they were also shared under the OGL. That meant anyone could publish new content for D&D 3.5 without having to pay royalties or ask permission, and Wizards of the Coast could ensure that there was a steady stream of supplementary content without having to hire teams of new writers.

Then in 2008 Wizards of the Coast released the 4th edition of D&D. Not only did it use a completely new rule set that was incompatible with the older editions, but it also dropped the OGL for the Game System License (GSL). The GSL didn't allow the free use or distribution of the rules, allowed Wizards to unilaterally change the license after the fact, and would have required licensees to pay Wizards' legal costs if they sued. It was a massive "fuck you" to all the 3rd-party publishers that created content for D&D 3.5.

However, there was a silver lining. The new edition of D&D might be under the GSL, but the OGL is irrevocable. That meant anyone could pick up the 3.5 rules set and continue publishing new content for it. And that's exactly what happened.

Paizo, the publishing company that Wizards licensed to produce the Dragon and Dungeon magazines during the D&D 3.5 era and then dropped with the move to 4th edition, created an updated rules set based on D&D 3.5 called Pathfinder. Since it still uses the OGL, all the rules can be redistributed at will on sites like d20pfsrd and Archives of Nethys. It's also backwards compatible with D&D 3.5, so old content can easily be converted to the new system. On top of that, because Paizo started out publishing supplementary content and dungeon modules, they continue to release an absolutely staggering amount of new adventures and the rules to go along with them.

The result of all that is Pathfinder significantly outsold D&D 4E, and, for the first time since 1974, displaced Dungeons and Dragons as the best selling roleplaying game in the world.

For the supremely lazy

I love when Jeff conjures up a fart that's reminiscent of Dan's lost father

Dude actually knew how to play, like rolling his own dice for his actions. I love when Spencer tells Dan "That's how everybody does it."

wait you thought Aubrey Plaza was one of the worst guests? Her whole thing was hilarious, hers is actually one of my favorites.

This is a terrible way to learn arithmetic.

I agree I'd love more futurama but the ending was really good and bringing it back would just feel cheap imo.

She looked uncomfortable and out of place

That is like calling Jim Carry loud and wacky. It is how she is.

When will they come out with a 2nd season?

Pretty sure he doesn't have control over it. He encourages people outside the US to pirate it

Dude, hell yeah. The simple act of raising his hand changed his entire life. Never say no to a good opportunity, I suppose.

I didn't know so many other people hated it!

That show is garbage. I stopped by my friend's house and he and his girlfriend were watching it, busting up. I could barely stand to politely sit there and watch along. I thought maybe it was one of those things I was just a little off center on.

The difference is that the people here have talent

You just made my whole day! I used the free trial on Seeso to watch the series and just cancelled, but I've been dying to watch it again. I had no idea it was available!


The caveat here is that you may only ask ONE guard ONE question. So you will know which is the liar, but still won't know which door to take.

That's the name of the history channel show I couldn't think of. Thank you!

They also have a podcast called Harmontown. At the end of the new episodes they play DnD but it isn't animated and Kumail isn't there.

Edit: Nevermind that first link! It's currently free here:

I feel like suggesting fans out of the US be able to view the series would go a long way towards it gaining traction like Rick and Morty has.

/u/danharmon and /u/thesixler

As someone who knows little to nothing about dnd, her episode appealed to me.

Seeso had a month free trial. Everything of value I wanted to see I got in before cancelling at the end of that month.

It's his natural comptroller instincts.

If you're going to start the series, stick it out through episode 3, I didn't really like the first two.

Personally I liked episode 1 the best, but then again I'm a huge fan of Paul F. Tompkins. But yeah, episode 3 is amazing as well.