My face realizing buzzfeed might get sued into bankruptcy

My face realizing buzzfeed might get sued into bankruptcy

They posted fetish-porn fan-fiction about the President-Elect and his lawyer. The story apparently originates from 4chan, and got into the hands of Harry Reid, John McCain and James Comey, among others.

So yes, 4chan just trolled large portions of the Federal Government.

So, what happens with all of this? The MSM and their followers will be forced to double down on their stupid... otherwise they would have to admit they are wrong, and we know that isn't going to happen. How stupid can it actually get I wonder... I mean, you hit bottom eventually right?

"Were going to keep losing and losing until we've lost so much you'll say I'm tired of losing. Then we will lose some more" MSM

Im a bit out of the loop as of late. So what happen with buzzfeed that they might be sued to death?

Remember when Hulk Hogan sued Gawker into bankruptcy. Yeah it's gunna be worse than that.

Still night here. Laying in bed, can't sleep. You fuckers have me laughing so hard and all wound up. The idea of Trump hating Obama so much he hired Russian whores to piss where Obama once slept is too funny on its own, let alone BuzzFeed, CNN, and every FB libtard group actually believed/believes it!

But the CIA? Oh Kek, release me from thine embrace lest I die!

They will in the morning

10 easy ways to destroy a company you won't believe number 6

Yay its the morning now. My body is ready

do they know this yet?

Published a urine fanfic from the hacker known as 4chan involving Trump and Russian prostitutes... unable to verify any "facts" but they went ahead and ran with it anyways. John McCain and the CIA are now heroes of the left for releasing. CNN used buzzfeed as a source and now it has turned into one gigantic epic troll level circlejerk of FAKE news.... if I'm understanding everything correctly.

If all of this can be verified, the NeverTrump-cucks are finished. Wilson, McCain, even the CIA will have their reputation damaged beyond repair.

I am in a state of ecstatic shock seeing liberals I know who pose themselves as even-keeled, intelligent people believing this "pissgate" fabrication. It's like I died and went to Kek.

Is this real life?

Saying this as someone who used to subscribe to Buzzfeed's cancerous brand of Koolaid, I hope that place goes down like the fucking Hindenberg. I genuinely believe that it contributes to the idiocy of the younger generations.


buzzfeed is already trying to do damage control. Basically tweeting out that this shouldn't be believed.

Going the way of Gawker. Peter Thiel will get to help dismantle two "news" agencies.

How far down does it go? I'm tired of winning... I'm not.

CNN ran a big exclusive story about the existence of the document and that it was presented to the President and the President Elect last week. Interestingly enough, their report did help connect a lot of dots about the various people that were shown this document over the past few months. They suggested some pretty damning implications, essentially that Putin had been controlling Trump for years using his sexual depravity as blackmail material. it started looking like it might be a huge deal that would give them the excuse they need to call off the inauguration and get another O term.

Apparently this report was passed around at least since October to multiple news agencies - reporters who chose not to run it tweeted about this today. But it fit their narrative so well that they all just knew it must be true. But because none of it could be proven no editor was willing to take the risk of being sued out of existence if it wasn't true so it was only hinted about and never written about directly.

And then buzzfeed released the document itself because they felt like the buzz around the story leant it enough credibility to take the risk...

And then the anon that originally made up the fanfic in the middle of the report woke up in England and the whole narrative started falling apart

and in the process practically admitting to defamation(?)

The limit does not exist

Okay guys i just got back from that sick cancer megathread and contracted 3 different types of std and advanced to stage 7 dyslexia

I just can't believe /sub/redacted has a megathread about this bullshit. And they are taking it soooo seriously, except for the piss jokes of course.

kek, fuck buzzfeed

We may be witnessing, in real time, the death of MSM. Your grandkids may ask: tell us again how they used to have news organizations grandpa?

The "report" is disproven beyond reasonable doubt, whether 4chan had a part in its creation remains questionable.

If it's true, the anon who allegedly sent it to Rick Wilson could provide the emails as proof that the conversation happened, and when it happened. So, it'd be up to the source of the hoax to verifiy it.

Trump supporter here. There is only one thing that doesn't add up for me in all of this. The 4chan post is dated from November 2016, but this report has been circulating since June 2016. Can we absolutely verify that the /pol/ack assuming ownership of this hoax is talking about the same report as the one disclosed to Buzzfeed?

Yes, but I have to wonder. Are we really in the best timeline?

Somewhere out there is a universe where Trump really watched anime with Russian whores he paid to piss where Obama slept. That just might be the better timeline, no?

Supposedly the guy who did it was doing a long con, and even posted guides on how to convince the lefties you were really one of them. So he basically was doing it for months in advance, which gained him enough trust (by trump bashing) to give them this info.

It's still 4chan, but it seems legit to me. The story is so ridiculous it reads like green text.

4chan is a danger to our democracy. Vladimir Putin himself worked hours and hours just to help 4chan.

Please lord make this happen

We live in a magical time, my friends.

A magical time.

I have to go shower now.

"The allegations are unverified, and the report contains errors."

How does? I just.... I just don't...

They've... they've broken the Bekenstein limit... Kek


What about your assburgers rating? Are you a lvl 21 Baconator yet?

Unclear. None of the mainstream outlets have updated their stories to show any awareness of the 4chan claims yet

The parts concerning the lawyer can be. The dates he was supposedly in Russia or Prague or wherever he was in CA and has witnesses to prove it/was in a public place and can document that fact. He's also offered his passport to prove no stamps from those countries/never been there. The rest of the stuff, I'm absolutely sure, DJT will be addressing in his press conference this morning. It's going to be a crazy one for sure.



It was a long con; as revenge for calling them "childless single men who masturbate to anime."

As someone who worked with intel analysts, we had a saying, "Intelligence is the name of the field, not a job requirement". Intel folks essentially just take information spoon-fed to them and spit it up like birds into their officers mouths like mama and baby birds

Don't laugh; that's a likely reactionary outcome to all of this.

"This timeline is best timeline."

-Malik Obama

I'd love to see Cuckfeed go the way of Gawker.

Double down?

At this rate they are all in, with the car keys and house deed.

Holy fucking shit LOL

It's their plausible deniability tweet that they were trying to be honest about their unsubstantiated bullshit hit piece.

Yeah. We live in a time where we need hulk hogan to take down Gawker and we need Donald Trump (literal President) to take down the other scum of the internet. The time we live in

The bears.

We are just humble pedes, tending to our memes.

CNN is still peddling this bullshit as of right now.

I am interested in the outcome.


C'mon, someone update me. Has Trump said anything about going to court? I've only seen the 'political witchhunt' comment.

Fucking destroy buzzfeed, President Trump. We need to make an example out of this fucking left fuckers.

*The Berenstein limit

We must BAN 4CHAN

Holy shit! That's their "proof"? If that's the case we got Pizzagate in the bag!

Certainly Not News

Has meme magic gone too far? The world's foremost cucks say yes.

Seriously.. who even believes this? You must be brainwashed, full of hate, completely blind.

Would they publish such a story about OBAMA from an unverified source?

Hopefully the ensuing investigation and lawsuits will end the era of MSM Soros Media

why is it so hard for people to fact check or verify sources?


oh right, my bad. and why the fuck are people taking literal trash tier journalism like buzzfeed as a source of authority on politics?

whats next, cosmo political articles?

I feel like I'm going insane. This can't be real life. I feel like I've lost all foundations for truth and value. Nothing and nobody can be trusted anymore. It's all fucked. God is dead. There are no authorities. They're all frauds and charlatans. Everyone is just making it up as they go. Where do we go from here?

Welcome to modern journalism right? Like holy shit this wouldn't even fly in a fucking classroom. My highschool teachers did a better job at making us verify claims and source the information for fucks sakes!

yup then someone starts and things get really wacky

They do now.

They're done. I hope Trump brings the Justice Department down upon them. Pieces of shit.

"Please MSM, I'm so tired of losing! It's too much"

"No it isn't! We have to keep losing! We have to lose more! We're going to lose more! We're going to lose so much!"

well for every winner theres a loser. and we win ALOT so i guess they are just embracing the losers role


Any links to articles from CNN or BuzzFeed on this? I could use a good laugh.

"You'll never believe Trumps reaction!"

I now understand the expression, "I can't even..."

Even though I live on the other end of the planet I am so grateful to be part of this most glorious event in human history.

Kek be praised for these abundant gifts!

this "intelligence" doesn't have to come from just one source. The document was clearly a compilation. But the fact that part of it suggested something as outlandish and, well, 4chan-y as this is beyond suspicious, its just retarded.

Goes back before November

Goes back before November

Apparently the 4chan trolling dates back to October, but this tweet says the report from former MI6 invesigator dates back to August:

I don't know who kebinato is, but is there something I've missed? Not saying I don't believe 4chan trolled the media, just confused on this one aspect.

They were grand lie peddling wind bags little Tommy. President Trump burned everyone of them to the ground. It was the great MSM downfall of 2017.

beye gawd that cuck's bull has a family

Bernstein's constant? Or the cartoon bears? Too tired to tell

My god.... If this happened... I will be so happy, I can't even put it into words, please... Sue the fuck outta those SJW cucks.

Heh. Unrelated: I think Hogan has publicly supported Trump, but even if he didn't, can you imagine Hulk Hogan voting for Hillary Clinton? kek

i need to invest in popcorn stocks again

How did this clickbait site even get popular to become MSM? Nothing of value will be lost.

you know they must be all kinds of messed up if that didn't raise any red flags.

This is the reason Rolling Stone and others were wary of the Muh Russian Hackerz narrative and compared it to Iraqi WMDs

I don't know pede, I've wondered that question since Pennsylvania went red.

Cognitive dissonance... they can't believe the truth so they have to keep doubling down on their own brand of stupid.

Remember this day, the day 4chan killed the MSM... can you imagine that sentence a year ago?

The Atlantic and even the fucking Guardian are now denouncing Buzzfeed. They are fucked.

Stick a fork in them. They're done.

Can someone mock up an MSM most wanted hit list so we can cross them off as they die/are killed off over the next 8 years? EDIT: Something like this?

Can someone mock up an MSM most wanted hit list so we can cross them off as they die/are killed off over the next 8 years? EDIT: Something like ?

Links? Going back past June?

Edit; to clarify I voted for the Don. Doesn't mean I need to blindly support.

ok thanks.

the funny thing if this is true and it is made public no one can claim the Russians can blackmail him. You know since everyone already knows.

Archive link:

They still has tendies right?

Pretty sure they lost the Tendies when they went all in last time during the election and hedged their bets on Hillary.

someone just tried to argue with me that if you "look into trump's background this is entirely part of his persona". IF THIS WAS TRUE BELIEVE ME ACTUAL MEDIA OUTLETS (which im starting to doubt exist) WOULD HAVE REPORTED IT WHEN IT FIRST BECAME AVAILABLE IN OCTOBER

Pence switched us to the BerenSTAIN time line.

Look up berenstain and the Mandela effect. Kek us real.

Mmmm and memeing our tendies...

big question, has this been officially debunked?

This shit is even the news opener in The Netherlands..

Perhaps now we can get that law changed that allows the MSM to print fake news.