My entire team left in a Comp game, so they let me get a POTG as mercy!

Should have knocked everyone down to one shot and gotten a sextuple kill

Still, kudos to the other team

When the other team does a bigger solid for you than your team did.

(In all seriousness, that was nice of them!)

Shit like this restores my faith in humanity.

Ah yeah, that would have made it perfect

Don't worry, if you're anything like me you were panicking and shooting because you didn't know if you could trust all of them.

That was a surprising amount of damage you did!

Why didn't you wallride for floor is lava wtf

it's bound to happen at some point

note on that: i have absolutely no clue how i managed to do this. i usually record any crazy or stupid stuff i come across but there is nothing for this one...

note on that: i have absolutely no clue how i managed to do this. i usually record any crazy or stupid stuff i come across but there is nothing for this one...

I tried to do this for other team lucio, my teammates were dicks and kept shooting him :C

Was fully expecting that POTG to end on a rein charging her into a wall after the first three kills.

Haha yeah, I really wasn't expecting them to do this!

He's a Mercy main, btw.

Found the leaver

And then you lose a game and it's "You fucking suck"

"No you suck, you dropped to diamond, pure trash"

"Choke on a dick"

"Choke on my li-jang tower"

This happened to me but they all just sat outside spawn to kill me except for one 76 who waved at me and ran off

You only have to do a little damage to each hero before your teammates blow them up.

I'm not sure actually, the only proof I have is that when you look at the top of the screen it shows they have 2 points and our team has none. Maybe they changed it?

Competitive players restore a surprising amount of humanity.

I love the Rein who is like I AM NEXT.

We all do buddy, we all do.

In all seriousness though, the lack of communication between teams makes this impossible sadly.

This is my favorite thing to come out of this sub. Whenever I get a kill with Mercy's pistol, I always type "SURPRISING AMOUNT OF DAMAGE" into chat. It's my battle cry.

It's a bug if you go to highlights after the game to record it?

I had situation when entire enemy team leave, except 1 guy, he asked us to give him a potg and bastion achivment. My full team did this to him. I think he was happy. I play overwatch mostly because of this small happy moments.

That doesn't count towards eliminations, only towards offensive/defensive assists.

I wish the ps4 overwatch community was more like this.

Ran into a guy who decided to pick Widow when we needed a healer. I was Reinhardt because we were on Dorado. I politely asked him to pick a healer. He told me to play healer. I said I would if he would be a tank so we could have a good team comp. He then called me a nigger and a faggot for two minutes before switching to Mei and walling us off in spawn, and walking around in front of the exit so he didn't get kicked.

yet you still have to tag 5 people within 3ish seconds of each other which is what confuses me as i usually only pick out a single threats at a time.

Quickplay keeps replacing leavers so this would never happen in QP.

We just had this. Half our team quit and 2 on theirs wouldn't cooperate

it was popularized by not this sub but /sub/overwatchcirclejerk.. a tribute to the gigantic support/mercy circlejerk


Me too, exact same thing this morning. They all voted for me after the match though.

Then you could cap A before they respawn

I'd do this if I was ever good enough to make another team quit.

implying The Floor is Lava and Rapid Discord are easy achievements to get

This is why we need a kick player function in Overwatch

as i've responded to the other guy: it's likely i shot into one, i just can't recall the instance. also that's the kind of stuff i'd record.

i'd like to strike out the possibility of meleeing into a friendly grav surge, i tend to think my positioning as mercy isn't this bad.

It's a bug with viewing your highlights. It was comp.

everytime im on the opposite side of a half / almost entire team leaving i always suggest that we "help them get an achievement or something" to which my team says nothing to and then proceeds to spawn camp whoever was left for the duration of the match

competitive main btw

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Where the hell are these teams when i'm playing? Teams of 1-2 people always get spawncamped and killed over and over...

Maybe you meleed into a graviton or shot into one?

Agreed. I'd have rather had an empty spot than someone who was hellbent on ruining our game because we wanted a good team comp. I wasn't the only one who asked him to change.

Edit: It sucks, because I'm a PS4 player and AFAIK I can't report players on PS4.

That sounds right!

I'd kill for the Lucio one, it is the only support one that eludes me

That is a very good point

That weapon does a surprising amount of damage!

I swear it was in comp, but this is me loading a highlight, so there 2migt be some glitches with that

He's right it is a bug, I'm with you OP

Don't you mean 99%? :c