My cat thought I should calm down during a session of GTA

My cat thought I should calm down during a session of GTA

"Gerald, this is an intervention"

Holds your finger on W

"Kitty? What are you doing? We're heading straight towards that crowd of pedestrians! I need to turn!"

Maintains eye contact and presses harder

"Gerald, if you paint that thing chrome, I'm calling your mother"

"Its only game, y u have to be mad"

"Gerald? GERALD?! His missions are 2x $ & RP right now!! I'd be insane to miss that!"

Cats really do this. One time my cat pressed her paw on my hand when I was singing obnoxiously loud. It's like a "Hey, you need to shut the fuck up."

Too much click, not enough pet.

They are very old and sound like they need to be replaced

"Gerald! Gerald!! And don't forget the 25th the mini races are coming."

"Gerald, Gerald! And don't forget to put the green tire smoke in your elegy its 50% off today in celebration of 420!! GERALD!! 420 GERALD!!"

"Gerald, it's my turn now - you promised."


"Gerald! Remember you gotta grind up enough money for the Gun Running DLC dropping anytime now!"

ah look at it's little pink nose!!!!

Don't be a pussy


it's my turn meow*

Why does everyones cat look like my car

Edit: I mean cat, my cat.


... why does your car look like a cat?

Gerald is his slave name

Well if you were trying to drive with a keyboard I bet you were angry.

Holy shit thank you for making my day