My brother and his fiancé left me their house for the weekend. So I made a Terry Crews shrine in their entryway.

My brother and his fiancé left me their house for the weekend. So I made a Terry Crews shrine in their entryway.

Emptying several cans of Old Spice body spray throughout their entire house would complement this well.

The candles actually smell really nice.

Edit: Shamelessly using this comment to see if I can manage to get a workout in with Terry Crews. My life would be complete.

Reminds me of when me and my brother were house sitting our parents house. We printed out and hid pictures of Vladimir Putin around the house. They quickly spotted the 4/5 throughout the week. We took one framed picture of my brother at dinner in a restaurant and scanned it, photoshopped vlads face as the face of a guest in the background and reprinted it. Haven't found it and probably never will.

What scent are the candles?


Imagine that picture being passed down through the generations of your family, the face of Vladimir Putin present but forever unnoticed, just there. Watching.

Terry loves Terry shrines

Terry loves pomegranate.

Unfortunately no. They recently moved in and there was nothing there so i helped them out a bit.

It would be great if a future relative was running for office and the picture hit the press. "BREAKING NEWS- Pro Russian ties? The potential undermining of democracy? Here's presidential candidate x's relative seen breaking bread with Vladimir Putin back in the 20's."

Please tell me that you moved family pictures to make this happen.

Shoutout to /u/TheTerryCrews

If I know anything about anything, this will be there for all time.

The pomegranate is the fruit of fertility, and every girl in Hollywood probably wanted to make a baby with him. Coincidence?

Terry loves people who love Terry shrines!

!Remindme 70 years

I love how he's a moderator of /sub/asianladybonersboo

Have every screen in the house play old spice commercials when they arrive as well. And maybe add that scene from White Chicks.

I would have no problem with this.

My goodness, all of his comments seem so passionate and happy. I want to grow up to be just like him.

Terry Crews.. a man that deserves many views

I certainly wouldn't take it down.

"Today I will be teaching you how to grapefruit your man."



Basically he puts his penis in pomegranates

He also takes care of his massive amount of 4 children, is an artist/football player, and does a lot of charity stuff if I remember right. Everyone wants to be Terry Crews.

Edit: apparently I'm thinking of someone else and he only has 4 children, why the hell did I think he had more.

"the 20's." Such a cool phrase

Candles will burn the wall

Adds at least 10k to the appraisal value.

President Camacho approves

I'm interested to hear this conspiracy so let's say it's not a coincidence...


You're not the wife. That's the true test.

That's classy AF. As Frasier.

Love that show.

I, too, would not take this down. Source: wife

Everyone SHOULD be like Terry Crews. Just don't be him, Terry wouldn't like that.

Leave the house better than when you arrived. Good man.

Until one day it is in a history book as:

Source: Unknown

Vladimir Putin sits down to dinner with an unknown family, 21st century

A friend of mine likes pulling innocent pranks on people. So one day he goes out and buys two garden gnomes and hides them in his parents' yard while visiting for the weekend. After the whole shenanigans of finding them along with the culprit he asks, "So, did you find the third one yet?"

Just put White Chicks on repeat. All of it.

Needs more Doomfist.

Well that wasn't what I was expecting. I have to say I'm a little disappointed



Yeah /u/TheTerryCrews

i love that movie unironically.

They must bring him yogurt offerings to appease him.

Terry loves his yogurt

Emptying several cans of axe throughout your brother's house would likely start a bloody family feud that would reverberate down the generations though.

Best just to keep it at the shrine, to be honest.

Mean, I hope Mr. Crews see this. Does he have a Reddit account?

Chx like Axe, tho.

Source: Am player.

They do look close....

This is a lot less impressive than it looks. /u/BiPolarBear911 is actually Terry's brother, so all he had to do was add the candles.

Another horcrux for Putin.


So you put nails into your brother's wall for internet points. Got it.

It's true.

Source: Panties are suddenly SOAKED!!!

And the last post there was 12 months ago and was about him

It's all good. According to OP they smell "really nice".

Okay, so you spackle the hole and sand it down. If you are lucky, you still have the same paint used to paint the wall. You then apply paint in that small spot and it will look slightly off because patch jobs never look perfect. Even if it did look perfect, what the fuck, don't put three holes in my fucking wall.

!Remindme 4 years

I was going to register the username /u/KelseyGrammerNazi and tell you that it should be a colon after AF rather than a period, but the name was already taken.

I also love that show.

Axe makes you pee!


who deserves

Terry Crews. Weren't you paying attention?

Yeah but I think it's been used before

He also takes care of his massive amount of children

Wikipedia says he has 4. TIL my dad has a massive amount of children.

Don't worry, by the looks of it, Russian ties and potential undermining of democracy will increase your relative's chances of winning.

Agree with this guy, putting nails in someone else new house walls is slightly dickish.

It was the full-fat Greek kind! With a dash of honey! THAT'S A ONCE-A-WEEK TREAT!!

Terry tries to be humble. But sometimes Terry enjoys recognition.


Maybe he used Command picture-hanging strips. It's all I ever use anymore.

And now there are 800+ people online that sub. Neat.

Didn't realise until recently that lots of people on the net didn't like the movie. I thought it had rush hour/ mean girls status.

Oh. Wait... yup... yup... definitely piss!

Who needs proof when you have unyielding optimism.


*who deserves

"Who" refers to people.

It has Electrolytes...

I once waited on him and he drank so much juice. Like, cups and cups of it.

Don't spray old spice into the candles.

Source: Had a house.

Right now Op outside.. firefighter inside rescuing fiancé cat

And cacao nibs.

It's also easy not putting holes in a wall you don't own

Great great grandson takes picture of Putin to Pawnstars to sell in 2068. They bring in the experts. They find it's from "photoshop". Your great-grandfather was fraud boy.

Reminds me of the pranks my grandmother used to pull. They weren't actually pranks but when she was younger and much more mobile she'd come over to our house when I was a kid because we were out of town or something and rearrange our furniture to fit her liking. She'd get our grandfather to switch chairs and move things around. She'd even sometimes get him to swap a chair of hers from her house a few miles down the road with ours because she probably didn't like the chair and thought it fitted with our house better. My dad always halfway joked about changing the locks, but have might actually to prevent this from happening.

I'm the houseowners wife. We're leaving it up!

Only through conflict do we evolve.


/sub/squaredcircle is leaking

I checked it, not sure what I was supposed to find.

Like burnt drywall.

Yeah. Because it's cool

I can't tell how I should think of this. If the title is accurate, then OP's brother is gay, and the shrine is pretty funny. Otherwise, if "fiancée" is misspelled, then it's slightly less funny.

Are you implying that Terry Crews is on juice, because if so you take that back right now!

lol that's so random XDD

but have might actually to prevent this from happening

You're welcome:


That would be a scene in a movie level perfect. They had pictures arranged exactly like that, and come home to all Terry. Likely a goof from Brooklyn 99.