MRW when they think I've given up

That bird needs lessons in take down defense.

Not to be the kill-joy but cat saliva is really bad for birds and you should never let your pets interact like this

Edit: I guess the saliva alone hurting the bird is up for debate but as you can read in the comments, there are numerous other reasons as to why this should not be allowed

My joy is very much dead now

Step 1: Have arms.

Birds have two modes:



Source: I have two adorable budgies at home.

Haha, you saw the gif too?

The dangers of mammalian saliva:

Cats, dogs gerbils, humans…all mammals… carry a type of bacteria in their bodies that is referred to as “gram negative” bacteria. It is present in our body fluids and we are equipped to deal with it in normal amounts. Birds, however, do not carry gram negative bacteria in their bodies and are not prepared to battle it.

Saliva is the most common way to transmit gram negative bacteria to parrots (who, hopefully, do not have access to any other body fluids from ourselves or our pets.) This means we should be careful when we kiss our birds and we should never let them eat from our mouths or our utensils.

The claws of mammals are often coated with gram negative bacteria. That means that if there is an attack, it isn’t only the bite that is dangerous to a bird. Any scratch, no matter how superficial it seems, must be tended to by a veterinarian immediately.

The bird plays dead until the kitten turns it's back and then goes straight into "Let's do this!" mode.

So you're saying that I should STOP licking birds?

Birds also don't handle blood loss well, and kittens are sort of notoriously made of sharp.

polly pulling guard *

MRW when

Plus kittens don't know their own strength and could easily crack a bone in a bird. Similarly, birds don't realize how hard they bite sometimes and can take a chunk out of that kitten.

Don't intermingle your borbs folks

Is Joy the bird or the cat

Step 2: don't not have arms

Step 4: Profit

How do you teach the kitten not to murder it's bird friend? Seems like natural instinct would take over at one point

Step 1: Ensure the kitten is too small to actually kill the bird.

This is also why your adult cat does not kill you.

How do you teach the kitten not to murder it's bird friend? Seems like natural instinct would take over at one point

MRW when we go to the ATM Machine.

Prolly pulling guard.

It take some practice and patience. This is the 3rd parrot. /s

Step 3: ???


She's the lady with the mop

I don't think an article from bird tricks. Com, which was published in Jan of 2013 is a suitable source for micro biology.

Gram negative bacteria, from the cdc website is listed as things like staph, e coli, and meningitis.

Gram negative bacteria simply means it does not respond to the crystal violent stain in gram staining.

There is nothing harmful in cats saliva naturally that will kill an animal. Now. If it was just munching on feces or a dead animal it could pass on an infection, that's about it.

You are spreading false information and a non reliable source.

No more french kissies ok?



Mhmm, also the bacteria on the cats claws can be deadly to the bird.

Thanks for describing the gif, I'm blind.

made of sharp.


This is adorably cute. I love it. That said, this video makes me think that as different as we all look, all life wants to play fight.

Birds, however, do not carry gram negative bacteria in their bodies and are not prepared to battle it.

This is statement is patently false. Another gram-negative organism, Chlamydia psittaci, is endemic in psittacine birds (i.e. parrots).

Birds also have the TLR4 receptor, a molecule present as part of their innate immune recognition of lipopolysaccharide (LPS), which is specific to the cell membranes of Gram-negative bacteria.

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No, kittens that age are hilariously weak and clumsy. The bacterial infection issue mentioned elsewhere in this thread is concerning but the kitten can't really kill anything.

Source: I've been mauled by lots of kittens.

This whole gif made me nervous.

1) the cat saliva thing

2) i have a conure. Their bite force is insane. I wouldn't trust him around a small kitten. I've endured a bite from him once, and it drew blood and left a scar.

This makes me cringe so hard....if that cat breaks skin on the bird, the bird is dunzo. This is an accident waiting to happen.

Aww budgies are great. My dad had one he loved. When the budgie passed away I've never seen him overcome with such emotion. Such great birds.

There it is. The mandatory comment that confirms at least one animal in this thread suffered horribly or died shortly after.

Never thought I'd see this autocorrect anywhere else but here we are

So Sylvester was playing the long game with Tweety every time he tried to eat him... :O

So Sylvester was playing the long game with Tweety every time he tried to eat him...

I took it too far.


Who's "they"?


So if I went back in time to the Cretaceous, I could kill a dinosaur just by licking it?

Gram negative means a bit more than that, it's dealing with cell walls ain't it, peptidoglycan or somesuch. I agree with you though, this saliva thing is farfetched.

And koalas have syphilis

If that bird actually bit, that kitten would flee, howling.

And be sure to ride there in your BFF friend's SUV vehicle.

Rip in peace

Wow you are radiating negativity

Different species of Chlamydia. Chlamydia is a genus. Chlamydia trachomatis is the STD . Currently getting a degree in Clinical Lab Science and this whole thread is like nails on a chalkboard to my eyes.

Me too...not safe for either animal.

Step 5: realization hits, go back 3 turns and give the person on your right four hundred dollars.

And the ones in the bird's peak can't be too good for the cat's eyes either.

We did it, reddit!

Those sources say that if saliva gets into a wound it could cause an infection (which is true for all creatures, not just birds) - but it doesn't provide any real reason for not allowing your bird to preen teeth or eat after you. Haters gonna hate, saliva is always gonna be gross from a bacterial standpoint. So yeah you took part of a real fact and made it into fake news.

There is no science or research that has proven that cat or dog saliva is harmful to any other animals. Saliva is actually antibacterial, to some degree.

It's an old wives tail that gets perpetuated constantly.

They haven't. The kitten is too small and the parrot too happy to bite for now.