MRW I learn that the CEO of the Girl Scouts makes half a million dollars a year

MRW I learn that the CEO of the Girl Scouts makes half a million dollars a year

Although I feel like half a million is not as much in the grand scheme of things. But wtf do I know

I was curious so I looked it up.

Boy Scouts has 2.7 million members

Girl Scouts has 1.8 million members

2.7 vs 1.8 doesn't quite make up for the triple salary, but BS actually seems to make a shit ton more money though.

CEO of Boy Scouts gets paid $1.6 million. Something something wage gap?

I don't see that salary as out of line. A CEO running a for profit of the size and scope of GSA, and doing so scandal free would easily be making ten times that. Yeah, you can live on a tenth of that salary but if you have the skill set to do the job and GSA only paid 50k their CEOs wouldn't stay long. 500k is enough for the CEO and his/her family to live very comfortably and take pride in representing a company that does good. It's enough to not be tempted by head hunters because you've got one kid in college, another about to start, and a third who needs braces. If the CEO is all about money they can go work for Dewey, Cheatham, and Howe selling rubbish made in China or dodgy investments or whatever.

Boy Scouts is probably a larger organization.

Yeah, the brains and dedication to competently run a national organization in nearly every city and town in the US is totally not worth a paltry half million.

I sure as he wouldn't do that job for a paltry half million.

Than girl scout fucking cookies?? I dunno man

People don't get this at all. Cheaping out and getting an incompetent CEO potentially cost the Girls Scouts in much more than $500k due to mismanagement

I'm a low level corporate employee, but even I recognize the value in getting great management even if it cost money

ITT: people who have no idea how supply and demand for highly skilled executives works.

Relative to CEOs. Not what some random Redditor can live on.

I dunno why you got downvoted lol ty for doing some googling

When I was younger we did sell things but it was mainly camping trips, volunteering with elderly people, and going to different events to work on stuff like relationship building and life skills.

That's all I can really remember. I am still friends with some of the girls I was in gs with. It was a lot of fun even though I was thrown from horses a lot.

Honest question, because I don't have any kids, what do the Girl Scouts actually do besides sell cookies?


That is not a lot of money for such a large org.

They also have some of the best youth camp facilities on the planet, and the largest youth camp in the world. I've seen and heard about graft, dishonesty, and bullshit in my time with BSA, but it's absolute nonsense to claim that money isn't going towards worthwhile goals. It's not like there's some magical money tree that will make all the things they charge for cost nothing for the org, and frankly there are plenty of camps and programs that do not cost much money to go to.

I mean, as far as CEOs go, that's pretty fair.

Check out the 10 highest paid CEOs of nonprofit organizations.

some people hate learning. it makes them angry.

No source = downvote

A lot of the Boy Scouts members are LDS (Mormon) who automatically enroll. They run their own program, have their own camps and basically use it for their young men's program. BSA is basically a fundraising organization that runs on the backs of their volunteers. Paid BSA employees spend most of their time raising money. They charge the districts and the troops for everything. Individual troops make their entire program happen with little to no input from the organization. BSA charges its members every chance they get.

I know nothing of the girl scouts, but I imagine it is massive organization to run with a lot of expenses to manage. Paying for a great CEO is probably cheaper than a less capable person costing the GS money through poor management

I think that corporate executives may not always justify their pay, but for where the market is set, $500k for a good CEO of a large organization would be a steal

That seems like a pretty low wage for such a big organization.

The thing is, someone with actual CEO skills doesn't really just grow on trees. If the organization is well managed and has the right culture, $500k is a bargain for a large nonprofit. I know people making a shitload more than that in non-ceo roles in biotechs, where they are managing FAR fewer people.

In our council camps are $350 per kid. And adults pay something like $150. So they take a week off and pay to supervise other people's kids. Ok, I understand that. And they do have great camps. My spouse earned the Silver Beaver award. Their dinner at awards night was "free." Mine cost $45 for BBQ chicken and potato salad and the venue was donated. So they used a volunteer award dinner as a money-making opportunity. They charge for the district to use their own camp facility for camporee. Philmont and Sea Base and their other high adventure camps are expensive and not possible for many of the poorer troops

I've been involved as a volunteer with BSA since 2001. I have two Eagle Scouts. I have paid hundreds of dollars for myself and my spouse for the privilege of being an adult volunteer at camporees, summer camps and other BSA events. All of this separate from what troop and scout expenses were for my kids to participate in activities and outings. Girl Scouts sell cookies. Boy Scouts sell popcorn for $20 a bag and we are told that this is a donation and the popcorn is more of a thank you for donating not an actual product with value. So kids are encouraged to go out and beg for BSA. All of this separate from the joy of trying to recruit and thanks to their 2010 reaffirmation of "no gays allowed" and then they backed off somewhat we had a great time trying to recruit at public events where all in one night people would come to our tables and yell at us for being anti-gay and others would come by and yell at us for being pro-gay.

I love the scouting program. It is great for kids and also for adults. But as a parent and volunteer it feels like the organization had their hand in my pocket and I think that money was better spent on program for kids at the troop level.

Travel together, learn cool stuff, form lasting bonds with other girls from diverse backgrounds, teach each other, support each other, serve the local community together, and grow into from awkward and unsure into badass, confident leaders together.

I know that sounds like a lot of marketing BS, and part of the challenge in answering "what do girl scouts do" more specifically is that there isn't an established list of "things girl scouts do." There are guidelines, and there are paths to follow, but each girl scout troop has a large amount of autonomy in how they function and what activities they participate in.

For a more concrete example, this past year my troop built robots, held a supply drive for infants in need, went camping and learned some basic woodscraft, studied bugs, participated in a science experiment expo, conducted a flag retirement ceremony, went to a play and a couple of movies together, delivered meals to folks in the community, experimented with the physics of motion, took a trip to Walt Disney World, learned about the US legal system and participated in a mock trial at a local courthouse, and threw a couple of parties.

All this and more, and this is a troop of Dasies and Brownies (6 - 8 years old).

As the girls get older, they take more responsibility in the choice of activities and the leaders are more there for support and logistics.

There are older girl scouts working with state legislatures to enact better legislation for their communities (abolishing child marriage laws, for example,) restoring historical artifacts for museum display, or developing anti-bullying programs for schools.

What girl scouts do is as varied as the girls who are members. The thread that binds it all is an environment of support, encouragement, and mentorship.

Source: am a girl scout troop co-leader.

Edit: and we do sell cookies. And we use that as an opportunity to teach the girls the fundamentals of customer service and running a business. At my troop's age group, that's mostly counting cash and change, and how to interact with people in a positive and professional manner.

I'll always cringe at the name, but it is what you say it is. This is a TED video about the stigm... If you want to argue about inequality thats fine another story, but non profit vs profit.

Doubt it

Seriously. $500k salary for CEO of a large corporation isn't that much in the U.S. My company's CEO makes a little over $16M annual salary. And we're not even a Fortune 500.

Older, more members, definitely better bigger budget


I mean I can live on less than 10% of that... So that's like a fucking ton more than I'll ever make on a yearly basis.

Average income for a household, not the average American. That means multiple people in one house totaling a bit over $50K, not $50K for every American.

Half a million for a CEO is really not much at all. Turnover is high, but if you stick and are good, you're worth a half a million

One of my favorite ted talks is by Dan Pallotta where he talks about how the way we view charities is wrong. He makes pretty much your exact point about how just because an organization is non-profit means their CEO must make "standard" salaries is ludicrous. These CEOs graduate top of their class at Harvard, Yale, etc. and could have gotten jobs paying a shitton more in the for-profit industry but they chose something that helped people instead.

Fair question.

You don't run a giant organization.

This isn't a lot of money for a CEO

Someone doesn't know what "non-profit" means

I like how this guy thinks he’s uncovered a huge scam. Scouting, assuming scouting in America is similar to scouting in Canada, teaches you interpersonal skills, survival skills, how to make stuff with your hands, etc.

Go on trips (Traveled across the country multiple times all paid for by said cookies and various fundraising), volunteer, learn things (We went to a dude ranch and learned to ride horses, take care of cattle, etc.), work on projects (we raised Guide Dogs), hang out... depends on the troop, really.

Learning that angers me.

siphoning profits into her own private organizations.

I couldn't find a source for this. Where did you learn this?

Ive seen you bring that up like 30 times on this post and never post a shred of proof.

The CEO of a a group that large has a lot to do. The options are to pay them enough to attract someone competent or pay them what you think would be fair and not find anyone who would take the job. Your choice.

Sure it does. /u/TheNumber3 said he's a former boyscout dating a former girlscout. Clearly girlscouts sell cookies and then grow up and bang former boy scouts.

If that's the case blame the leaders of the troop/committee. I have seen weak and strong leaders in both groups and the national organization doesn't have that much influence on what a given group is doing