most honest verizon rep ever?

most honest verizon rep ever?

Loophole due to the fact illegal was spelled wrong.

"dear customer service, please note that I am typing this with my middle fingers"

now, I don't know how data works, where it comes from, or why it is apparently in limited quantities, but I think we need a larger working force of data miners to harvest more data from data mines so we can get the precious data we deserve on our falsely claimed unlimited plans.

Right, and advertising

There's probably a small print when advertising unlimited data that fair use policy applies. This means you can only use for instance 300% of the average user before they can block you. I had this on my mobile phone data plan a couple of years back.

Edit: the 300% was just an example (hence the words "for instance") so please don't base your arguments on this value. It was only meant as an explanation of how the fair use policy worked in my dataplan.

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Edit, I'm banned now because I "advocated for death"

God damn censoring mods. This is a valid political view. IN FACT, it's called "TREASON" and it's ALREADY the fucking law, and it carries a DEATH SENTENCE. But apparently talking about that is "Advocating Death".

Look, there just isn't enough data in the world for that.

It's not a matter of how many people we have mining, hell, half of china's children are born in the mines these days, its simply a matter that there isn't enough data left for us to mine. I've visited mines where they are just sitting around waiting for the data to be made and harvesting it right away, its more of a data farm then a data mine at this point. We simply consume far more data then data is made in the world. I for one, applaud Verizon for taking the brave initial to limiting the amount of data that we consume in a day, before its too late.

Ah Canada. I pay $80 a month for literally 1/100 of that data.

So we just need better average users who know how to consume data...


That'll happen when thrown into rage mode.

yah i had a lot of typos in the conversation

Wait, are upvotes anonymous? I don't want to d--- OH GOD BEES

You could fairly easily use that much data if you were to, say, replace the internet in your house with an LTE hotspot.

Just wondering how you managed to use up 200 Gigs of data. I struggle to use 5, even with constant videos and downloads left and right.

You think we need to mine more data? You need to wake up and take a look at peak pixel. we passed peak pixel back in 2005 when high def became popular. We started upping the pixel density in everything, and black Friday sales of LCD TVs further exacerbated the problem.

Now, with all these 4k displays coming out we will run out of pixels by 2030, at a conservative estimate. Some are saying it will be as soon as 2019 if Trump gets rid of the big Pixel Expected Normalizing Initiative Sanctions of 2010.

If we do nothing now we are damning our children to a future of low res black and white.

We can't stand for this and need to find alternative sources of pixels.

2GB. WTF I literally go through that surfing reddit in the morning. Wow. First world problems are real.

can't say I blame him, it was the fastest way to end the conversation.

Illegal, ill eagle

You're goddamn right, Sean.

As a fellow Canadian, I'd suggest porting your number over to the off brand subsidiary of your provider, if possible (go to Virgin from Bell, Fido from Rogers or Koodo from Telus), since they all seem to have better rates for single users. I'm currently with Virgin, getting unlimited Canada wide and 2GB of data for $55.44 + tax. Rate plans are consistent across all three, and each subsidiary uses the parent network, so you don't need to worry about unlocking your device.

Does this guy want us to end up like Pluto and shrink to non-planet size?!

Is it illegal for an ill eagle to kill an ill league gull?

haha, yeah.

Technically calling it unlimited and only allowing 200GB isn't an eagle, so admitting to it being ileagle is not an admission of guilt.


You won't know the average anyway.

I hate this distinction.

By slowing my connection, you have effectively made a limit on how much data I can now consume. So the term "unlimited" no longer applies.

True, you could say I was limited before by my maximum speed, the difference is that limit is placed by either my contract or current technology/infrastructure and not artificially created by my ISP.

It's blatant false advertising of the word "unlimited."

"only 200gb" Jesus people what the fuck are you doing on your phone?

I live in NJ and I have a 2GB plan. I have a discount that I'm not willing to get rid of. I just religiously use WiFi, and don't stream when I'm not on it. Most months I don't go over 1GB.

How the fuck do you use 200Gb on a mobile device? Are you torrenting or some shit?

Here there's a distinction between "Unlimited" which slows you down if you're a heavy user and "Truly Unlimited" where you always get roughly the same speed, though if the network's under load everyone will obviously slow down anyway.

Especially with grandma on a flip phone who doesn't know she has a data plan. Plus they wouldn't disclose the truth anyway.

No, it grows in mines, didn't you listen?!

how the hell do you pay only $35 for 200gbs internet with comcast??

We need PENIS to be bigger, harder, and more penetrating than ever before to solve our pixel deficit.


Is jus game why you heff to be mad

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See I watch midget porn for this very reason it uses way less data

After all President Obama did to push PENIS 2010 through the House and Senate, I am appalled at Mr. Trump's proposal.

I heard there are asteroids out there just brimming with data of the highest quality. Hopefully one day we will be able to harvest data off world and stop scraping the earth clean.

But until that day; reduce, reuse, and recycle your data folks.

"Your honour, Riley was under the assumption that the so called "You" made a spelling mistake and meant, quotation marks open, isn't it a wonderful policy, quotation marks closed, when he said ileagel and false advretising."

"Sounds reasonable, case closed."

I use my T-Mobile hot spot instead of $50/mo for internet

Edit: it is good enough to watch Netflix and Youtube. That's about all i use it for

If we continue with that line of thought, there are no unlimited plans.

You can't download infinite bits with any plan and neither can you drive faster than C, there is always some limit.

They probably count the 250MB people twice for good measure.

Using it for wifi.

He must mean 200 mbps, not gbps. There's no cell phone carrier in the world that goes that fast. I pay $65 a month with Suddenlink for 200 mbps as well.

Probably downloading typing/spelling lessons.










Tons of


A single video game can and often is over 50GB.

You can't even drive equal to c because you have mass.


My dad would just respond "what does a sick bird have to do with anything?"

That's yes, Sean.

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Gotta set the tone.

I assume electricity is some sort of acronym for profit margins and dividends?

200 hours per month.

No job: 6-7 hours per day.

Job: 5 hours per weekday plus 10-11 hours per weekend day. Or, 4 hour per weekday plus 13 hours per weekend day. Could be a challenge.

Edit: Could be more easily accomplished if they're tethering their mobile plan and sharing it with another party.

A good portion of it is based on network infrastructure. Throttling on unlimited is also partially regulated by the FCC, under the fair usage act. Basically if we're both on unlimited data, paying the same, and I use 90% of the network infrastructure, wouldn't you be pissed that you can't use 11% now. Mostly someone is always going to be unhappy, but why should you suffer if you only use 10gb and I use 200?

He must live a happy marriage

Not talking about mobile games.

"It's OK, Sean. I understand."

This actually made me laugh out loud. Everyone looked at me like I was crazy. Thanks for that man! 😂

It's the illest eagle.

It's just a game!

That's right, Sean!

Data does not grow on trees!

Your saying it's not a sick eagle?

I pay $35 a month for 200Mbps internet with Comcast. Tmobile 4G maxes around 12Gbps.

Edit:M not G

Don't be an idiot! Data forms in clouds, but then when it rains it gets soaked into the ground and collects into nodes which we then mine.

Is it even the average for all unlimited users or all users? Because if they include people with 250MB a month then that is fucked.

It's like giving someone free unliminted gas for their car, but after 100 miles a month you throttle their max speed to 25 mph. It's not really unlimited gas (or data) if my speed is limited, since my speed determines how much gas (or data) I am actually allowed to use.

Black Mirror

Thanks, it's nice when people notice.