Moscow denies having compromising information about Trump: "[Kremlin] does not engage in collecting compromising material."

Moscow denies having compromising information about Trump: "[Kremlin] does not engage in collecting compromising material."
Moscow denies having compromising information about Trump: "[Kremlin] does not engage in collecti...

I'd honestly be surprised if there was a government or political party anywhere in any country that didn't dig up dirt on rivals.

The KGB has a long history of (trying) to blackmail political leaders through the use of compromising material though.

It however, failed quite spectacularly with Soekarno, who had some fun with KGB flight attendants on the way to Moscow. When confronted with the tape, he simply asked for copies to take back home.

Moscow denies being in Russia.

Hah. That's like saying they don't have spies at all.

"This is an evident attempt to harm our bilateral ties," Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov told reporters in Moscow. "The Kremlin does not engage in collecting compromising information."

This is such a weird lie to go for. Instead of saying they don't have anything on Trump specifically, they opt for saying they don't have anything on ANYONE.

The KGB has a long history of (trying) to blackmail political leaders

...and, let's see: what did Putin do before becoming Most Fearless Leader of Glorious Motherland?

"[Kremlin] does not engage in collecting compromising material."

Speaking as someone with industry knowledge on the business of spying, the above quote is an astonishingly bold lie. If that is what they are going to lead with (an obvious fabrication that flies in the face of decades of experience of their specific foreign intelligence practices), I'm personally just going to go ahead and assume we should not and cannot credibly believe a single word they say. I'm so affronted by it, I think I'm going to assume they just confirmed that they did attempt the collection of compromising material.

Next he'll tell us the Kremlin does not engage in political assassinations.


Think he was carrying Sobchak's luggage

I mean they did invade a country while saying the soldiers were all on vacation.

And they said this with a straight face? Seriously, this is one of the jobs of every country's intelligence agencies, to dig up and hold on to dirt on leaders of other countries that might be useful as leverage. If this denial is true, the Kremlin had better get better intelligence chiefs.

And they are champions of freedom of the press!

my point was that blackmailing of political leaders has been a standard part of the KGB book, and i don't think its unreasonable that the FSB draws heavily on its KGB roots.

I doubt Trump is being blackmailed with a simple sex tape of him and some hooker or helper. It's probably underage girls.

Probably because the Kremlin is basically a glorified courthouse.

The FSB is the one who would have the information.

meanwhile back in 2009

Last month, the Russian-language website Komsomolskaya Pravda posted footage of a man it claimed to be American diplomat Kyle Hatcher paying a call on a prostitute. In an interview broadcast late last night on ABC, Ambassador John Beyrle said the video was “clearly fabricated,” and said a complaint had been lodged with Russia’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Some patterns may be discerned here. Earlier this year, British diplomat James Hudson (pictured here) was forced to resign after video footage of him enjoying champagne and a three-way with Russian call girls was posted on the internet. Three years ago, Russian television was blanketed with footage of a British diplomat using a fake rock to plant spy gear. Like Hatcher, the accused British diplomat was a liaison to human rights and civil society organizations.

Of course, diplomats are well aware of — and are briefed on — the dangers of the “honey pot”: seduction as a tool for recruitment or entrapment. And Russia has a rich tradition of political blackmail. The Russians even have a word for it: компромат (kompromat, a contraction of the phrase “compromising materials”). One of the more famous incidents in recent Russian history involved Yury Skuratov, the country’s top prosecutor. In April 1999, Russian state television broadcast footage of a man resembling Skuratov in a three-way romp with a couple of prostitutes; the incident cut short the career of Skuratov, who had been investigating high-level corruption inside the Kremlin.

The head of the FSB, the successor to the KGB, held a press conference claiming that the man caught on tape was indeed Skuratov. The FSB chief at the time? None other than former President (and current Prime Minister) Vladimir Putin.

Moscow denies being Moscow.

he looks like a slavic Alan Partridge here

I think I'm going to assume they just confirmed that they did attempt the collection of compromising material.

Yes I think that's the correct way to read this.

The Kremlin has no dirt on our new glorious leader, it is Pavel down in records who has the files. Sort of like it isn't Langley reading our e-mails just that guy in room 24-A.

That's like saying "Washington doesn't engage in foreign wars" because the Pentagon is actually in Virginia.

They still do. Source: I live [t]here.

I don't see why people get so worked up about it. When I go on vacation I always annex a small part of the country as a souvenir.

Knowing Me, Knowing State Secrets


Bad example, since he is seen as a useful weapon against the US hegemony.

More fitting examples:

Timur Kuashev

Alexander Khodzinsky

Akhmednabi Akhmednabiyev

Moscow denies existing.

The FSB is just the KGB with a name change and for most of its life has had a smaller operating budget and the collection of technical and financial information had had a higher priority than it did during the days of the USSR.

"What kind of person would throw out a perfectly good lamp?!?”

They are telling the truth. The Kremlin doesn't do any of the collecting of compromising material...nor does the KGB.

The fact is that the body in charge of gathering compromising information in Russia is the Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation. They have a building in Lubyanka Square which is at least 2km away from the Kremlin.

Kremlin collects only positive facts about their enemies.

Akhmednabi Akhmednabiyev

That's the longest but still most uncreative name i've ever read.

It's also the job of the country's intelligence to not announce what they have.

What are they supposed to say? "Yep, you got me!"

Old Soviet joke:

"What is the tallest building in Moscow?"

"Lubyanka. Because you can see Siberia from the basement."

"Mr. Putin, VP Biden beat his own 5K record" "Good...good"

I pissed myself laughing.

Yeah exactly.

It's akin to "I didn't drink and drive. I stopped and took sips."

I genuinely laughed out loud too. Not in a mocking or smart ass way, that quote almost just sounds sarcastic.

It's not just that everybody does it. It's fucking Russia. There's practically no government on Earth that has gotten more use out of the tactic of collecting compromising material on economic and political enemies than they have. There are myriad examples of ths tactic in action.

This and Conway saying that Trump has never been to Russia this morning are just blatant affronts to any kind of truth.

When confronted with the tape, he simply asked for copies to take back home.

Like a boss.

This is insane. The audacity to claim they don't do this stuff has to be a joke...

They are making it obvious that they are lying to fuck with us all

He's made Russsia Soviet again!

"[Kremlin] does not engage in collecting compromising material."

lmao. kompromat

You can deny it, but please don't add laughable bullshit to the denial.

I mean seriously? You would have to be mentally challenged to believe that they don't collect compromising material.

It's weird how the American right-wing used to call people on the left "pinkos" and Communists as "Reds", but nowadays are often very fond of Russia and are themselves associated with the color red.

History is trippy.

Republicans went from telling other countries to tear down their walls to wanting to build walls.

my favorite KGB joke:

a man and his three companions are staying in a hotel far from home. the three companions talk far into the night, and the man, who is trying to sleep, has an idea. He walks down to the front desk and says "in 15 minutes, send up a pot of tea." He heads back to his room, looks at the men, and says "hey, you guys want a pot of tea?" they agree, and he leans into the ash tray and says "hey, KGB officer! send us some tea!" shortly thereafter the tea arrives, and the men, frightened, quit talking and they all go to sleep.

The next day the man comes back to his hotel room, and there's a bottle of vodka waiting for him. He goes downstairs and asks the front desk, who replies "the KGB officer thought your joke was very funny, so he sent over the bottle as thanks."

expect us to believe anything else near that statement?

Perhaps they don't?

If Trump gets power despite this, they win: they have a man on the inside.

But if Trump is ousted out over this, they also win: they've undermined the US election process as a whole, having moved the US to a place where all the democratic voting frippery can be ignored if you can just make enough dirt stick to your opponents afterwards (as happens in much of the rest of the world, natch); this infighting US is a much easier one to interfere in and likely a weaker one as well.

Relations are already frosty, and they are already roundly vilified in the media, so they don't have much to lose. Shouting "TROLOLOLOL" from the rooftops is absolutely a win-win strategy for them at this point, whether or not they actually have anything to deny.


Works very well for their Not-A-Puppet.

How many times has Trump denied saying/doing somethimg there was plenty of recorded evidence that he did?

Has 24 hours passed since he denied mocking a disabled reporter?

Lubyanka was the headquarters of the KGB. Supposedly, maybe, perhaps, allegedly, they would """interrogate""" suspects there and many enemies of the state were then sent to gulags in Siberia.

Hence if you were in the Lubyanka being interrogated, you could already see yourself in Siberia (figuratively).

Careful, the russians probably have it on camera.

"You Americans with your sense of humor! 'Spies' implies we have enemies, and Russia is beloved everywhere! We are all friends here! If you hear of place that is not friends with Russia, you will please tell us now. They will be friends soon enough."

It's not the specific denial that is odd, it's the assertion that they don't do this in general.

Have you ever heard Russia admit to ANYTHING before they absolutely had to? I wouldn't be surprised if the soup of the day at the Kremlin was "There is no such thing as soup" every day. Even when something is confirmed, they will deny it even happened. This is 100% consistent with their past behavior.

edit - Changed would be to wouldn't be surprised.

No, a sex tape would be embarrassing, but not necessarily disastrous. The allegations of shady financial dealings and collusion with a foreign state to influence the presidential election--those would be disastrous if they prove to be true.

If Trump has a really small dick, and someone had picture or video proof, he would probably do ANYTHING to keep it a secret.

Yet there is a Russian word for it

Kompromat (Russian: компромат, short for компрометирующий материал, literally "compromising material") is the Russian term for compromising materials about a politician or other public figure. Such materials can be used to create negative publicity, for blackmail, or for ensuring loyalty. Kompromat can be acquired from various security services, or outright forged, and then publicized by paying off a journalist.[1][2] Widespread use of kompromat has been one of the characteristic features of politics in Russia[3] and other post-Soviet states.[4][5]

The Kremlin probably has a video of him saying he'd like to grab women by the pussy. That would totally ruin him!

The Kremlin doesn't, but that's because it's mainly a function of organs housed at locations like Lubyanka…

Ahh yes, "technically correct". The best kind of correct.


If they went back to USSR, the Republicans would hate them again, because unions...

Yep, Kremlin denying this is just lol

That's exactly it, how can they lead off with a giant lie about how they don't do that at all, and expect us to believe anything else near that statement?

The soldiers were on vacation. In Ukraine.

They had surf boards, jet skis, frisbee, surface to air missiles.

Seriously, the Kremlin actually said that? Dang, that's less believable than the average Trump tweet.

I really just wanted an opportunity mention the word Panopticon, to be honest.

I laughed out loud when I read it, it's such extreme BS. Attempt at the very least. Obviously collecting compromising data is what the Kremlin does for a living.

Gotta agree. Pretty sure everyone everywhere tries to collect dirt on their enemies. The higher profile they are, the harder you try. To say a government won't collect dirt "just in case" is silly. They might not have plans to blackmail everyone, but to hold it as security is just prudent. Isn't this like spying 101?

For some reason I am imagining Bernie going through his neighbors trash.

Taken into account everything that was mentioned by Kremlin previously, I personally dont see any reason to believe a word they say.

When confronted with the tape, he simply asked for copies to take back home.

Reminded me of this.

Assassinated journalists.

Also Russia - "we do not dope our Olympic athletes"

Somehow I don't believe them.

People who watch Black Mirror in ten years are going to say its lame because it just copied the headlines.

Interestingly, this is also Trump's M.O.

So much gaslighting going on here we're going to outshine the sun.

Nah Putin sided with the Federalists and resigned from the KGB when the GKChP staged their coup in 1991. He also described communism as "a blind alley far away from civilisation".

Putin isn't a convinced Bolshevik, he's an authoritarian chekist. Soviet Russia was filled with those types, which had nothing to do with the actual communist ideology.

Moscow denies existing.

This reminds me of an old sketch by the Norwegian comedy group KLM. It is in the form an interview with a major in the Norwegian intelligence service called Dølje (which means to hide). He is completely unable to hide any information and blurts out with locations of secret installations and then denies that they exist. He goes on to deny that the service and he himself exists. It ends with him repeating "major Dølje", as if he was interrogated by the enemy.

My description is crappy, but the sketch was funny. If you understand Norwegian you can enjoy it here:

Do you always forget to partially leave the country after vacation? Because Crimea is not the only region that got invaded.

Russia needs to tweet their response, it's the only way we'll believe them. /s

Wut? Having blackmail material on the President of the United States is worth more than a million dollars. It wouldn't get revealed for a $1 Billion reward, unless someone wants to actually gamble their life against a Russian intelligence manhunt for $1B, and I assume anyone who had access to the tape is a little bit smarter than that.

Did she actually state Trump has never been to Russia? Cause Trump was literally just on tv and mentioned being in Moscow fairly recently for Miss Universe.

Don't say that so loud or you might get published on buzzfeed!

More examples:

Anna Politkovskaya Alexander Litvinenko Boris Nemtsov Natalia Estemirova Sergei Magnitsky ...

Isn't it a coincidence that vocal critics of Putin's regime all seem to end up dead under mysterious circumstances.

No, in the video Trump gets pegged.

More like The White House has no dirt on your leaders, but the CIA do.

ask Snowden!


"This is an evident attempt to harm our bilateral ties," Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov told reporters in Moscow. "The Kremlin does not engage in collecting compromising information."

Yeah I did a spit take when I read that. It is a statement so outrageous that they can not expect anyone to take it seriously. It is the kind of excuse you would hear in a bad sitcom episode.

"Never believe anything until it has been officially denied" -Otto Von Bismarck et al.

Yeah, right.

And taking photos of Reagan at Red Square as a "tourist".

In Soviet Russia, joke gets you.

The playbook for dealing with Russia included the advice that, when visiting, if you return to your hotel room and there is a sexy lady stranger in it waiting for you, you should just exit and go tell the front desk that there is someone in your room.

"[Kremlin] does not engage in collecting compromising material." ... Right.

I am struggling to find a reason why anyone would think that Jagr would care.

That's why he tanked every campaign appearance, like those Olympians trying to lose in badminton so they won't have to play China. But people just kept eating it up. He was like "WTF do I have to say now?"

And he's blindfolded. And he only thinks he's getting pegged.

And we will soon live in the USSA!! Oh, yay......................

"My opponent is lying and you shouldn't believe anything he says."

But not for evidence of anything incriminating, just to see if there was a half eaten sandwich.

His loose hairpiece flops up and down with every thrust. And he never stops sniffing.

No, to keep the Russians from publishing the materials.

Black Mirror casting a long shadow.

"Shoo! Shoo!" sprays with garden hose

I think it's kinda like picking your nose. Everyone does it, everyone knows everyone does it, but nobody wants to admit it.

Opposition research. It's so common that had to give it a banal euphemism. Hell, the Kremlin probably has compromising information on you and me.

Obvious lie is obvious.